Christmas Activity Part 2 at Gardens By The Bay

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas is a yearly affair for us where we would make a trip down to town to look at the Christmas decorations and take pictures with as many Christmas trees as we can. While I would LOVE to have a X'mas tree at home, but really, due to the lack of space in our moderate 4-room-flat, we just have to make do with visiting those beautiful ones outside.

I haven't really written a Christmas Activity Part 1 per se, but we headed to town just a week ago for a short trip because the weather these days just aren't holding up well!

Started our first sights at our neighbourhood shopping center, followed by the Swarovski tree at ION. It's Alexis' 2nd Christmas this year!

I have a love-hate relationship with my kids growing up because just last year, Alexis was a mere 4-month-old baby and she had no idea what we were doing at all! At 16 months this year, our yearly trip really became so much more fun because she was so excited about the Christmas trees, the street busking and us just eating ice-cream.

The highlight of our Christmas stroll this year has to be visiting Gardens By The Bay.

The Tan's family were super thankful to have received media passes to allow us entry into the Christmas Toyland and Wonderland at the Flower Dome! As usual, the children were really excited with seeing so many wrapped "presents", Santa Bear, Toy Soldiers and a choir of angels too!

Dylan was so excited, he was imitating the aeroplane!

Alexis joined in the fun as her very loving korkor held tightly onto her. She just started her first few steps by the way!! :D

Papa Nian and Alexis sharing a moment admiring the toy soldiers
A beautiful Santa Bear that attracted so much attention! Everyone wanted a photo with the bear.

An 11-meters tall Christmas carousel that made an amazing centrepiece in the Flower Dome

How can we not take a picture with it, yes?

The Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay is a lovely place to be at, especially when the weather is all cranky these days. In fact, on our trip there, it started raining while we were in the dome and you can imagine how surprised we were when we stepped out and realised it has been raining for quite a while!

While we enjoyed the Flower Dome, it was unfortunate that we had to leave even before Dylan had a chance to experience the blizzard at Spalliera. In fact, he was so disappointed we had to promise him a separate trip, just to make his wish come true!

Personally, I love the Luminarie Light Sculptures the most because it is so magnificent when the lights come on as the skies get darker!

A photo posted by 🌹 J A C Q U A L I N E 🍀 (@hellomrstan) on


Does this even feel like it's in Singapore!? We were so glad that we managed to catch the blizzard in our second trip, even though it started raining (again!) halfway through, so we had to ditch the plans of visiting The Fairground.

There are lots of things happening at the Fairground actually, you can expect Vintage Carousel for the children, Helter Skelter, which is a super tall slide for the kids to slide around with, Trackless Train and Fun with Bubbles.

Apart from that there is also the Ice Palace and the Festive Market, where there is a Santa's Cottage inside which you may want to explore. Personally, I am quite determined to cover the remaining parts of Gardens By The Bay. We'll probably drop by earlier in the afternoon, since we have caught most of the beautiful lights so we can concentrate on the Fairground and the Festive Market.

Most of these set-ups are until 27 December, so if you're looking for a great place to spend this festive period, why not give Gardens By The Bay a shot? 

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  1. The Christmas light up at Garden by the Bay is MAGICAL!! I am just worried about the crowd...

  2. We haven't had time to visit Gardens by the Bay as we just come back from an overseas trip. The decor looks great!

  3. Was it very crowded at Gardens By The Bay? It is the only thing that is deterring me from visiting there this year, with my 10 month old and 2 yo in tow.

    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  4. We love GBTB at Christmas, it really feels we are not in Singapore! :D

  5. Gardens by the Bay is so pretty with the Christmas decorations! Hopefully to make a trip down soon... and please rain, stop stop stop. :)

  6. Wahahah I LOVE going around to take family shots with different Christmas trees too! I really want to go GBTB to see the Christmas festivities. This year looks so epic!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. I had to skip the Fairground too, because there was just so many lovely things happening and beautiful decorations to take pictures with, at the Flower Dome and Spalliera. I am glad your family enjoyed the "snow" blizzard despite the rain ;)

  8. Hahaha no Part one but there's Part two? How did that come about? We enjoyed gardens by the bay thoroughly too.


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