Celebrating A Whale-some Fishmas at Fish & Co

Friday, December 11, 2015

Just three days ago, we brought my mother-in-law and the kiddos to Fish & Co for a leisure dinner. While I see my mother-in-law at least once every week, it is usually because she comes over to help me with the kids while I run out to host/style parties, and we seldom have the chance to eat out with her.

My MIL is very special to me. While most people don't see their mother-in-laws as their second mother, I am quite the contrary. Sometimes, I see her more often than my own mother and being under her household for almost 8 years and counting, I am always grateful for all the kindness she has given me, even during the times when I was only my husband's girlfriend.

Being a typical mother, my MIL usually dines in coffeeshops or she cooks. Sometimes, our family brings her to restaurants, but hardly something so "western", so I was really happy that we could share this experience with her because Fish & Co is one of my favourite places to go to when I need some quick, fresh seafood fix!

On Tuesday, thanks to the generous invitation from Fish & Co, our family of 3 adults and 2 kids enjoyed a sumptuous Jolly Seafood Fare that was made up with a decadent selection of seafood.

There were:

  • Mussels
  • Scallops
  • Prawns
  • White Fish
And all of them were perfectly put together with a decadent Chilli Cream Mushroom Sauce. While it does say chilli, the potful of goodness was not really spicy and rather suitable for our kiddos. Both Dylan and Alexis enjoyed the feast!

The Jolly Seafood Set comes with two fizzy mocktails of your choice, so we ended up with Floral Berry (left) and Blue Dream (right) for our set.  You can see how happy Dylan was because he has never seen so many coloured drinks on our tables before!

Apart from this festive Jolly Seafood Set, we were also treated with their very delicious Seafood Aglio Olio, which I single-handedly wiped it out (*burps) and a delightful dish of Ebiko White Fish with mash & fries as our chosen sides.

Absolutely nothing can go wrong with ebiko - I personally love the little fish roe that burst like happy bubbles in my mouth! These two sets also come with a drink each, which was how we ended up with 4 glasses of fizzy drinks that really brightened our meal up!

I'd also like to give a special shout-out to the staff at Bugis+ Fish & Co, where we dined at. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and being so accommodative even when our kids kept dropping their cutleries, having to change a hundred side plates because of the mountain of shells we've accumulated and always coming back to check on us to ensure that we're comfortable.

So far, we've been to Fish & Co. at Downtown East, The Glass House and Bugis+ and all their service have been impeccable, but I personally like Bugis+'s outlet because it is very cosy, and decorated in a laid-back beach theme, completed with wooden tables and chairs. I love the entire feel of it and it is quite quiet for a great quality conversation with family and friends.

Grab it while it lasts!

The Jolly Seafood Fare is available from now until 3 January 2016, dine-in only, at all Fish & Co outlets.

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  1. I think it's awesome that you have a great relationship with your MIL. I'm pretty tight with my MIL too, I used to hang out with her and her friends without my husband around. The funny thing is their conversation topics weren't any different from my own younger circles of friends!

    Michelle at The Chill Mom

  2. Really wonderful to read that you have a great relationship with your MIL. I do need some family bonding over this seafood fare too. The fizzy drinks look so drinklicious!

  3. thanks for sharing. Happy to know that you have a great relationship with your mil. I am also thankful to my mil who has brought my kids well and taught us a lot along the way.

  4. Haven't been to Fish & Co in ages!!! I remember the one at Glass House.. had a date there once hehe

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. I feel that family time is very important and involving grandparents is a wonderful idea to let them enjoy. Food looks yummy though i havent tried any of their branch.

  6. Ooooh, Fish and Co! They really are good value - the branch at Clementi Mall is fab too!

  7. Thanks for sharing! It's time for a visit soon. I do miss fish and chips at times! And I'm happy with their kids menu really. Only gripe is their poor service.

  8. It's heartwarming to see your family's happy photos at the dinner. Your mil must feel appreciated too by her filial daughter in law!

  9. Good food good company is the best time this holiday season. You have a very happy family and that's so important!


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