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Thursday, November 19, 2015

This is one of the many series of Hello, Mrs Tan's Christmas Gift Guide for 2015, where I will feature items that I think make really good Christmas presents! If you would like to be part of the feature, do get in touch with me at jaccyy[at] This series will last for a month and end by 20 December. :)

I can't believe Christmas is coming again! Really, to be honest, this year is flying off TOO FAST. One moment we were in January, then Chinese New Year came along, and then our birthday month came along in August... and the next thing I know, the shopping centers are all decorated with Christmas trees and playing Christmas carols already!

If you don't already know, there are only a few festivals that our family celebrate. One would be Chinese New Year and the next would be Christmas! I love Christmas because everyone is in a jolly holiday mood, it is the time where it will be lull season for most of us in office, and it is also the time where we would plan for major gatherings.

While we usually don't buy any Christmas presents for the kiddos in the household, I do shop for my nephews and nieces, friends and family members. This year, I strive to buy useful things for the kiddos instead of succumbing to toys because really..... our kids have too many toys LOL.

Back in October, I had the privilege to work with Stickerkid and they have very generously provided Dylan and Alexis their Discover Stickerkid Set (worth $19.95) which consists of the following:

From left to right:
*14 shoe stickers
*20 clothing stickers and
*60 small stickers

There is a total of 94 stickers to label their daily items. If you have multiple kids like us, you can also mix and match - I gave Dylan the shoe and small stickers, while Alexis took the clothing stickers.

I have blurred out the kiddos' Chinese names in purpose, this is not a print defect
The shoe stickers are really new to me but I think they are simply brilliant because when Dylan attends Nursery, they all have to remove their shoes and sometimes, these kiddos simply cannot remember where they last left it!

Other 'accidents' include children appearing in the same footwear (think popular Ben 10, Peppa Pig kind) and we usually end up choosing any pair because there is no way for us to tell the difference. In the past, I would use a marker to scribble on the sides of the rubber soles, but it often wears out too quickly for it to be any useful at all.

With Stickerkid's shoe stickers, I could label them inside the shoe! Why haven't I thought of that, this silly me!

I also got a great tip from a fellow mommy: instead of labelling both shoes, label only one of the sides. For me, I label the right side so that Dylan will know that the sticker side goes to his right foot. It really helps him to differentiate the right shoe from the left.

Besides, by pulling this little trick, you extend the mileage of your shoe stickers to 14 pairs of shoes instead of 7.

(If you are thinking of purchasing only the shoe stickers, they are also available at $22 for 30 pieces)

Here's a close up on how the back of the sticker looks like. I was expecting the usual sticker that we use, but this is quite different. The sticker is rather thick and the backing is pretty sticky.

The small stickers are slim and exactly because of its slender 'figure', you can practically stick them anywhere - even places where you think there is simply no space.

Of course, I had to use these stickers on Dylan's water bottles even though the teachers should recognise it by now. A bottle simply feels more at home with a name attached to it, you know? Hehehe.

Here are other items that you can use these small stickers on. I am quite impressed that it DOES fit a spectacle frame! I used to lose a lot of spectacles like that when I was in Primary School, to be honest. These small stickers should really come in handy as your child progresses into mainstream school where he would have more stationery items and probably cutlery sets if they bring a lunchbox to school.

These stickers are also very durable for items that require regular washing and cleaning! Just be sure that the stickers are stuck on on flat, clean surfaces and there are no air bubble trapped. Leaving the sticker on for 24 hours before the first wash would be the best.

Last but definitely not the least is Stickerkid's Personalised Iron-On Clothing Label. They come in Removable and Permanent type, so depending on your varying needs, you can choose whichever that suits you best.

As Alexis is progressing up to Toddler class next year and will be getting uniforms, I am planning on saving these stickers for them when the time comes. The set that we have are removable, which is great because if you have another baby that you would like to share or pass down the attire, you can simply remove the name stickers without a trace!

It is also easy to apply, all you need to do is to attach with your iron and voila! Done in a minute or less and it can endure up to 45 washes.

{Specially for Hello, Mrs Tan's readers}

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Look out for the rest of the instalments of our Christmas Gift Guide 2015!

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