Bloom & Grow Catalogue Launch 2015 + Pearhead's Baby's Milestone Cards Review

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This is one of the many series of Hello, Mrs Tan's Christmas Gift Guide for 2015, where I will feature items that I think make really good Christmas presents! If you would like to be part of the feature, do get in touch with me at jaccyy[at] This series will last for a month and end by 20 December. :)

A fortnight ago, I attended Bloom and Grow's Catalogue Launch and boy was it an eye-opening experience!

For the uninitiated, Bloom & Grow is an exclusive Asia Pacific distributor of the world’s major baby, infant and maternity brands. Some of the brands that they distribute include SkipHop, Trunki, Krooom, ErgoBaby and Pearhead.

Here are some of their newly-launched products!

I was really pretty excited when I stepped into the event space that day because it certainly feels like I was unleashed into some sort of 'heaven', with all sorts of products that I would totally buy in a bat of an eyelid for the kiddos!

Here's the first gem that caught my eye that day. HOW ADORABLE?

It's actually Belly Stickers that you can stick on your baby's tummy to indicate the number of months he is in. It's somewhat similar to a milestone card, but I think this is really pretty special and quite different from the usual.

And they have one for the expecting mommies too! We usually buy things for the babies when mommies are expecting, but this is one gift that you can give to the mommy specifically!

And here's another item that made me do a silent squeal when I walked past the display. This is Skip Hop's Forget Me Not Backpack and Lunch Kit. The lunch bag comes as a set with the backpack and the lightning, heart, clouds and sunglasses design are actually see-through, so you would be able to see at a glance if your little one has forgotten his lunch box, again.

Except that you would be able to remind him in time!

Singapore kids don't really have a culture of packing food to school, but I am hoping to do it at least two to three times a week for the kids when they start attending Primary School because I would like to know that they are eating healthy food. Having gone through Primary School myself, I remembered I ate at the same stall every single day, ordering the same food (deep fried fish fillet, 2 nuggets and rice) over and over again.


And of course, last but definitely not the least, I was thrilled to have found the Pearhead's Baby's Milestone Cards in my goodies bags that day.

To be honest, I have been dyinggggggg to get a stack of milestone cards ever since I was pregnant with Dylan, but I never got around doing it because most I saw are rather flimsy so I was really afraid that the kiddos would wreck it and I cannot use them for my subsequent babies.

I know, I pass down a lot of things from one kid to another, haha!

The pros about the Pearhead Baby Milestone Cards is that they are really thick and sturdy! There is also a little waxy surface that would stop saliva from seeping through the cards if you wipe them quickly enough.. and some cards have empty date blanks for mummies to fill in.

There are altogether 15 double-sided cards, which makes up to 30 different milestones.

Unfortunately, they only had 1 to 10 weeks old for this stack of milestone cards, which may not be ideal if you're looking to take pictures every month to mark their first years. (I think the Belly Stickers that I featured above would do a better job for this!) However, I do appreciate that they have other interesting milestones like waving for the first time, eating solid food for the first time, cutting their first tooth etc.

If you would like to purchase any of these products, you can always head on to Bloom & Grow's website to look for Stockists. I was certainly surprised that there were so many stockists listed, I could choose one that is nearer to my place!

If going to a brick-and-motar shop isn't what you're looking for, they have also listed some online shops that you can buy from as well.


I hope you enjoyed this week's Christmas Gift Guide on, do look out for subsequent instalments as we move nearer to Christmas! See you soon. :) 

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  1. So many cute items! I love the Skip Hop's backpack. Would you know where is it sold? Lauren need one for kindy next year.

    1. Hey Michelle! I think you can get them at Mothercare, I saw it on sale before!

  2. Oh I love the stickers =) and the milestone cards that come designed like an ice-cream! Clever because then the kid won't be covering the words when they hold onto it for photography

  3. If I get pregnant again, I would totally buy those milestone stickers for the pregnant tummy!! I like those milestone ice cream sticks you go too. Its much easier to hold for the babies! (The ones I have are the normal card kind). Thanks for sharing!

    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  4. omg, the milestone ones are SO CUTE. almost makes me want to go through pregnancy again. ALMOST!

  5. I got the invite too! But my boy has surpassed the age group lah!

  6. The baby milestone card is so cool! It is going to be a memorable one to take with the little one. Envy envy that there are so many more interesting stuff now compared to the time when I was pregnant. Sniff!

  7. Kids stuffs are really so lovely nowadays. I want them for myself!!!

  8. This list gives me a lot of ideas for kids birthday :)

    cheers, Andy Lee

  9. The newborn child milestone unit card is very interesting! It is going to often be a terrific want you to bring together with the toddler. Are jealous of are jealous of there presently exists so many more helpful information at this moment as opposed to time frame whenever i appeared to be currently pregnant.
    baby follow


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