The week when I went through puberty again wtf

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This is a sad story of my life.

Had to use this picture because Yong Wei's face is too priceless.
Whenever people ask me, "What are your skin woes?" I will always tell them pigmentation, some eye bags and sometimes dark eye circles.

I never needed to deal with very crazy outbreaks and to be honest, those damn outbreaks only happened ONCE back in... 2007 or so, because I had bangs and it gave me a lot of pimples on my forehead.

That wasn't a huge problem because I could hide it (of course!) and they are the tiny kinds that looked more like milia seeds than actual pimples. So they hid well under make-up anyway.

So I lived with pigmentation for many, many years, until I went to Dr. Ee to get them sorted. And I had absolutely PERFECT skin! (except for my forehead, I think. I am forever fighting problems with my forehead)

My god-sis and I, at Dylan and Alexis' party just this August
And then when September came and went, my skin gradually became worse.

It started off with some random pimples on my face, which I pretty much ignored it because these bumps usually come and go without a trace. But this time, it was different. Instead of going away, they applied for Permanent Residency and got it approved.

By my hormones, apparently. My hormones approved all of them to stay. The Indonesian haze didn't exactly help with my pores either, so the problem basically escalated to a point where I just stopped taking selfies wtf.

This was my face by end of September
The lighting was already very kind to me. My entire forehead was basically filled with bumps and dark skin (see the area between my eyebrows). My usually flawless cheeks are also rampaged by the pimples, even my chin was not spared either.

It was like a massive migration of pimples from Pimple-land to my face.

I couldn't stop them from popping out with my usual off-the-shelf skincare products, so I went back to Annabelle Skin to get it sorted.

I had my first experience with Annabelle Skin back in May, when I was invited to their Mother's Day blogger engagement session. At that time, I went through a customised session to improve my skin's elasticity and also pump it up with moisture, since previously I didn't have any problematic skin.

This time, I went through their Intensa Bio-Matrix Collagen Treatment. Putting it upfront, I paid for the sessions that I would be going through.

There are many different types of treatments available at Annabelle Skin and using a strobe, they will analyse your skin and then prescribe you the most suitable treatment.

This was me back in May, at my first visit to Annabelle Skin
Cutting long story short, I am now at my third session of my treatment and I am remarkably pleased with the results.

I can totally use the #IWokeUpLikeThis hashtag this time wtf.

I cannot believe it myself too but I started my first session on 30th September and by 21st October, my skin is 90% cleared up!!!!!! The photo on the right is completely unedited by the way. No filters, no smoothening or brightening. I am incredibly impressed.

I still have a couple more sessions to go so my therapist, Mandy, recommended strengthening up my skin as soon as the pimples clear up. Laser sessions with Dr. Ee had done a great job in minimising my pores, so now we need to work on reducing the sensitivity so that I don't get such crazy outbreaks as and when.

I still have two more pimples, one on each cheek, as I type now, but I am honestly thankful that Annabelle has evoked all of the pimples' PR citizenship and sent them back to Pimple-land! Please don't come back ever again. Go to someone else's face. Like my enemy's or something.

In my next post, I will write about the Dr. Belter's products that I use in conjunction with my bi-weekly facial sessions. Yes, I kinda have to go back rather regularly for the first few times so that Mandy can clear them faster than they pop, sigh.

I have now stopped most of my off-the-shelf skincare products and using Dr. Belter exclusively. I'll run some of my favourite products with you then!

Before I sign off, Annabelle Skin has very generously extended a special offer exclusively for my friends and readers. All you need to do is to quote that you're "Hello, Mrs. Tan's readers" and you get your first session at 50% off, regardless of the price of your session.

Annabelle Studio 
1 Coleman Street
2nd floor
Singapore 179803

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  1. that's a really amazing improvement in the short time period :) just in time for the year-end parties! hehe

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Skin woes are constant struggles. :( It's great that you found something that really suits your skin. :)

  3. Good to hear all the pimples cleared up! So if it is the hormone that caused it, how does an external treatment clear it up? Were you given any medication to consume? I'm asking because I had an episode of acne on my forehead some time ago too.

    1. Hey Mich!!

      Surprisingly, they didn't give me any oral medications or anything. Instead, they treated the skin consistently whenever the pimples popped up (I go back weekly initially, then now once every fortnight) so that it stops getting inflamed.

      They also gave me some skincare products to apply on to slow down sebum production so that the pores don't get clogged too quickly. I still get pimples now, but not as crazy as a month ago!

  4. Skin woes are one of woman's greatest enemies. And an improvement after 3 sessions is very good news!!!

  5. Looks good! There seems to be a good improvement on your skin! Am sure you are happy with the results. :)

  6. Especially with the haze, our skin got the better of us. I realised that I had sudden outbreaks too in the middle of hazy skies! I'm glad you got it all fixed!

  7. Great your skin has cleared up! 😄 it's certainly scary when our skin break up! Whenever that happen, I would be super sad.

  8. Hi Jacqueline, it's the first time going to your website. Nice site by the way. I remembered by younger days when i had loads of pimples and i had it worst when i went to army.. the camouflage cream was terrible. But reading through, i am glad that your skin has cleared up and all is better. Please take care!

  9. That's wonderful! I was looking at the t-zone specially the forehead and it is absolutely clear now.


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