Dylan's 3rd Trip To USS!

Friday, October 30, 2015

In September, our friends and us found time to head down for an outing to USS! This was Dylan's 3rd time there, the first was with Amanda back in February 2014, where he was only 1.5 years old! The second time was earlier this year with my good friend (I can't quite believe the two of them went into USS by themselves!) and this time, Dylan went in with us and Alexis.

It was Alexis' first time there!

Saw Stuart the moment we entered and we had to take a picture with him because he looked so sian!  He is officially the most unenthusiastic character in USS that day I think.

It had been a long time since I last went, so I was pleasantly surprised that Sesame Street's performance When I Grow Up has been moved indoors, with a rather grand theatre! Well, at least we won't have to sit on the floor outdoors.

The performance remained the same for the past 1.5 years, with no changes at all. I think it will become quite boring if you hold an annual pass and you keep coming back to watch the same show. 

Took the Madagascar boat ride with Dylan for the 2nd time and he still freaks out like mad! He said he doesn't like this ride because it is too dark and too noisy. Poor boy lol.

Made it up to him by going to the carousel next. I think children always like carousels? I get giddy though... I always don't know where I should focus wtf.

One of my favourite photos for the day, taken by Papa! I love how happy Dylan is. Just look at that smile. :)

Surprisingly though, even though Dylan doesn't like the Madagascar boat ride, he LOVES the Elmo Spaghetti Spaceship ride! We took it like three times the entire day we were there.

Saw a very interesting Puss-in-Boots performance while we walked over to The Lost World! 

At The Lost World, Dy's favourite ride is his "Dinosaur Up-Down" ride! It's actual name is actually Dinosoarin', but I guess all of you get the gist of the ride...

It basically goes up and down when you press and release a button.

Apart from all these rides, Dylan even tried the mini rollercoaster from Shrek! 

Alexis is still too young to fully comprehend anything much, but the Sesame Street characters really appeal to her! Here's us with Cookie Monster - apparently he is super popular and it is very hard to take a picture with him, so we are really lucky that day!

And us with Bert. 

All in all, it was a superbly great trip with our friends and kiddos! Dylan could ride most of the rides now, and with so many adults coming along with us meant that we could take turns taking care of the kids and I COULD GO ON THE RIDES TOOOOO!!!

I took my virgin Transformer ride, which was not too bad! I just felt a little giddy with the 3D glasses.... #weak 

Nian and Raymond went on to take Battlestar Galactica, while Laien and Raymond took The Mummy twice. I ended up with the Puss in Boots mini rollercoaster because I am quite kiasi like that LOL.

Ended the dinner at Marche Vivocity with our favourite crepes and rosti!!!

It was such a great outing I can't wait for us to do it again. Thanks for the great fun!!!!


As you know, bringing two kids out for outings like that is not easy, especially when it comes to packing their necessities!

Now that both kids are older, there are certainly lesser items to bring (like no more milk bottles, thermos flask and milk powder... phew), but they are still quite considerable, to be honest!

On a usual day, we will bring:
  •  extra sets of clothings for the kids (which comes up to two tops, two bottoms, 1 undies)
  • 4 diapers for Alexis
  • 2 x comfort pillows if we are out for the entire day
  • Pacifier
  • Spare clothes for ourselves in case we get wet or the kids dirty us up
  • A spare towel
  • 3 x water bottles
  • umbrella
  • snacks for the kids...
And the list goes on. This means that our bags have to be really spacious! 

If spacious bags + funky prints are your kinda thing, then you should check out what LeSportsSac Singapore has to offer. From a Weekender Bag all the way to a Hobo, to a Sling and to a Backpack, you can be sure to find a design that suits you and your needs!

I personally like this Small Edie Backpack - spacious, with an external pocket for easy retrieval of items, carrying it at the back also frees up both my hands to push the pram/feed the kids/carry Alexis etc. Very convenient!

Shopping for LeSportsSac items on Zalora is also very fuss free because it comes with free delivery (for orders above $40), Free 30 Days return and the option of Cash on Delivery as well! Such convenience really brings online shopping to the next level, man. 

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  1. USS always has something for everyone :)
    Transformers for the older kids, Sesame Street for the smaller one.

    Go again during Christmas for a different experience.

    cheers, Andy

    1. Hey Andy,

      You bet! I heard it was snowing at USS last year, hopefully I can get to bring the kids to see them this year (even though I am not a fan of foam....)

  2. I brought my firstborn to USS when she was 2+ years old, only brought a small bag to put a few pieces of diapers, water bottle and jacket.

    1. Wow Wai Wai, you are super pro lah!

      When Dylan was 2+ years old I had to bring milk powder, milk bottle, spare clothes, jacket, water bottle... it was like moving house lor

  3. Hi Jac, it's so funny how the kids will have their personal favourite rides and shows. We had a 6-mth pass, and the dad loves bringing the kids there on 1-on-1 dates. We just went yest (without kids), and the hubby made me go on the roller-coaster! Urghhh. :P

    June (mamawearpapashirt.com)

    1. My hubby makes me go on the roller coaster ride with him too and I always try to chicken out last minute LOL. He'd be like, "Come on, it's only one minute!"

      What if it is the last minute of my life!?!?!?

  4. Looks like u guys had great fun! :) Thanks for the useful tips on what to bring!

  5. I've always wanted to go USS but not sure if it was suitable for my kids. Bolder one is now 2.5 years old. Did your boy enjoy himself in the earlier trips when he was younger?

    Vivien @ Beautiful Chaos

  6. You must have a great day at USS judging from all the happy faces. My daughter loves the Elmo Spagetti ride too and I'm happy to go on it to escape the heat outdoors :) Haha what's it with guys and roller coasters? My hubby loves it too and over the years I've built a higher threshold for it after going on so many with him.

  7. Ahhh USS! I love When I Grow Up! I'm still singing to it after a year! haha I brought my 3yo there for the first time and tricked him to sit on the roller coaster! The Shrek roller coaster! *hahh* He got a real shock and screamed the whole way! But hey! Now he's crazy over roller coasters and thrilling rides =)

  8. You look very good in that white jumpsuit Jac! I love the rides in USS, esp the dino-flyer. Next time, you can try the character breakfast, v fun too :D

  9. I went there last year when my younger one was one year though she enjoyed looking around. I will visit sometime soon.


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