Look who's got a new diaper bag!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Roughly a month ago, Alexis came home to a surprise package waiting for her in the living room:

Thanks to the generosity of Tollyjoy, Alexis was blessed with a lot of useful products for her daily use!

For mommies who have (quite impossibly) not heard of Tollyjoy, it is one of the biggest brands in baby products for the past 40 years! Apart from retailing baby products, Tollyjoy is also a manufacturer itself to ensure the highest and most stringent quality in baby care and mother care products.

Amongst the huge variety of baby products we received - Wet Wipes, Portable Drying Rack, 2-in-1 Hair and Body wash in Camomile fragrance, Breast Pads, Warmer Packs etc, this Nursery Bag has to be Alexis' favourite!

Happy Alexis all happy to go to school with her new bag!

We used to use the one we got from Thomson Medical Center - it was sturdy and has got quite a bit of pockets, so it was very useful for Alexis when she heads to Infant Care.

One thing that it lacked was space, though. During the start and the end of the week, Alexis would bring her bedsheets and blankets home for a wash and that always means that the bag will "explode" with all these additional items, which was why the Nursery Bag was the first thing we used the moment we unpacked the generous hamper!

Here's a on-the-go shot for you to take a peek into Alexis rather messy bag. 

Spacious bag with side pockets on both sides of the bag for ample storage of diapers
The pockets are also lined with elastic bands so it is really stretchy and easy to retrieve in a hurry. The bag is spacious enough for more than 6 diapers, milk bottles, three sets of clothes, bath towel and comfort pillow. These are the standard items we pack for her on a daily basis.

The other side of the pockets that I put tidbits and toys when I bring her out

There is also a back pocket where we use it for Alexis' Communication Book for school. It is also big enough for a standard size diaper mat (not included).

Be prepared to be even more impressed with the sheer number of compartments at the sides too. Each side of the diaper bag is also a pocket lined with elastic sides for convenient retrieval of items, but snugly restricts back to seal the opening when unstretched.

I usually use the side to store Alexis' pacifier for easy retrieval. All I needed to do is to slip my hands in and the pacifier will be out without much tugging, as compared to pockets with rigid linings.

If you are looking for a sturdy yet cute diaper bag, the Tollyjoy diaper bag is a good choice to go to. It is not too heavy on its own, so it is not straining to be carrying it when it is filled. There are also adjustable straps to suit varying heights so it really fits both daddies and mommies!

The adorable designs stands out from the otherwise boring diaper bags in the market and most importantly, it doesn't cost a bomb!

Tollyjoy products are widely available at major departmental stores and kiddy stores.


I still have a lot of products from Tollyjoy that I cannot wait to review! If you're a mommy, look out for it. I am so glad I found these items to make my motherhood more convenient and stress-free.

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