July's Outing: A Trip To Jurong Bird Park

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Last month, we brought the kids to Jurong Bird Park. Located at the extreme West of Singapore, I must say that the Bird Park is not exactly very accessible to get to! Thankfully there is a specific SBS bus that specially runs to and fro the park and its berth is located right at the exit of Jurong Point.

It has been almost two decades since the two of us visited the bird park and honestly, we were as excited as Dylan and Alexis! We were greeted by a huge flock of Flamingoes at the Flamingo Pool as soon as we enter. Such cheerful sight to begin with! Everything pink!

We attempted to take a wefie together but it was a bad decision because it was very, very crowded and the sun was shining directly onto our faces!

Thankfully, as we moved along, the crowd dispersed into various directions and the rest of the journey was more comfortable.

Along with the first few birds exhibits were the penguins. Previously when we were in Australia, we tried showing Dylan the Emperor Penguins in Melbourne city, but he fell asleep.

Then we went on to Philip Island to look at the Little Penguins, but he was down with HFMD, all he wanted was milk and sleep! So finally, Dylan managed to see some penguins some one year later lolol.

Dylan and Papa with Emperor Papa and his little nestling

Moved along to see some cranes and all fishing in the water and Alexis was surprisingly excited to see the birds! We didn't think she would understand much of what's happening because when we brought Dylan out at 18 months he is usually zoning out looking at everything else but the subject LOL.

However, she proved us wrong with her incessant pointing at various birds and even clapped her hands when we went to watch the animal show. We were both pleasantly surprised and happy that she didn't need to zone-out the day away hahaha.

Cranes on the tree

Snacking on biscuits as we waited for the Birds of Flight show to begin!
 The Birds of Flight show was more interesting and exciting than we thought. With precise choreography, the show started off with different birds flashing across from one end of the stage to another.

The trainers will then come out with their respective birds and while they do the usual "drop the ball into the tree trunk" trick, they had a lot of segments that involves the audience too. We really like the ones where members of the audience had to hold up their arms for the birds to perch on, or they had to hold hoops for the macaw to fly through.

A macaw demonstrated its abilities to count to 10 in both English and Mandarin, and could sing various songs as well! In fact, it sang so well, I actually wondered for a moment if it were lip-syncing wtf.

Apart from parrots and macaws, they also feature the toucans as well. What I really liked was that apart from performing, these shows actually educate the audience on the birds habits - like how toucans build their nests in tree trunks and they would cover the entire opening until there is only a slit left.

Mama Toucan will then stay inside, with only her beak protruding out, while Papa Toucan will fly around looking for food for the family. :)

The finale was also very spectacular with all the other birds making another grand entrance again! Check out this flock of young flamingoes that are specially born and bred in Jurong Bird Park. They are only barely 8 months old... even our Alexis is older than them LOL.

 Another family shot before we went out for lunch. We ended up at Bongo Burgers for lunch, but on hindsight, I feel that Lunch with Parrots at the Songbird Terrace would have been a better value-for-money lunch because both are roughly the same price (about $50 for us), Lunch with Parrots is a buffet spread and we would actually get to watch some private performances with the parrots.

My husband's poor photo taking skills are making all of us giddy eh? LOL
However, if you have a bigger group, then perhaps Bongo Burgers will be more affordable as Lunch with Parrots are priced at $25 per adult and $20 per child. I don't know what you think, but I think $20 per child is very expensive?

Dylan won't even eat $20 worth of food at 3 years old!

That aside, Bongo Burgers are actually pretty tasty. I had an interesting Fish Otah burger, which is like a Western rendition of what I usually eat at home - otah + bread. Nian had the Teriyaki Chicken burger to which he commented that the chicken was flavourful and not tough.

After a fulfilling lunch, we headed back into the Bird Park to bring the kids to the water playground - Birds of Play.

Image source
We were pretty excited about the water playground because the last time we went to the Zoo, they had a spectacular water play area and the kids went mad!

This time, the experience paled in comparison because I feel that the playground was poorly maintained. You see, the flooring at Birds of Play is made from those rubbery material and because the mat was laid after the draining was done, some holes had to be cut on the mat to allow access to the drainage system to allow the water to flow.

When we were there, the wear-and-tear of the flooring was obvious. There were little bits of rubber floating about everywhere, accumulating at the sides of the playground. The colour of the mat is also no longer the vibrant blue you see above, but a sad pale of blue that has seen too much sunlight.

It doesn't help that the "No footwear" sign was not visible enough - or perhaps some parents simply do not care. They would walk into the water playground with their shoes on. A particular PRC mother even wore her platforms in - I don't even.........

Overall, I liked the variety of play area over there. There were wet playgrounds and dry ones, complete with swings. I wish they would give the flooring a makeover and they would be as good as new. The current one is too old and dirty.


All in all, the Jurong Bird Park is a great place to bring our children to, but do take note on a few things:

  • If you're travelling on public transport like us, you may want to consider babywear your child instead if you have a bulky pram because you would be required to fold up your stroller when boarding, which can be quite a hassle.
  • It is cheaper to pre-book your tickets online (30% off) than to buy them at the door
  • They are having a 50% promotion in celebration of SG50 from now until end August.
And of course, do remember lots of sunblock, insect repellent, snacks and water for everyone!

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  1. I agree with you on the water play area, it's really poorly maintained. On a brighter note, we go to Jurong Bird Park because of the cutest penguins which the kids can't get enough of. We availed the annual pass promo last year and it was really worth it.

  2. You just reminded me I have not been to JBP for a long long time. Thank you, you rekindled my interest.

  3. Penguins and Lori (feeding).
    These are our favourite birds at JBP.

    cheers, Andy

  4. It was wonderful taking kids to bird park and especially the water park is so much fun.

  5. I didn't go to the water play cos too troublesome to change my boy. We stayed mostly in the penguin area cos that's his favourite.

  6. Grrrrr! I get so mad when parents don't respect the signs in the water play area! I can't believe they just walked in there with their dirty shoes on. NOT COOL.

  7. haven't been to the bird park in ages.. must. go. this. year. hahahah

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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