Fifth Wedding Anniversary and Happy 7 years together!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Every year during the August-September period, I blog about the same thing. About our anniversary and how far along we have come.

It's funny though, because every single year we celebrate it just like the previous years - it has become some sort of tradition that Nian and I do whenever our anniversary comes around.

If you haven't guessed it, well, we went back to our usual favourite restaurant for a nice, quiet lunch.

We didn't book ourselves any rooms at the hotel this year, and neither did both kids come along. It was just the two of us, strolling around the quaint Changi Village area, slurping down mega cups of sugar cane juice and shared a bowl of super delicious laksa, before we adjourned to the restaurant.

And as usual, this decadent plate of Crab Meat Linguine belongs to the usual boring me. Heheh.

I can never get tired of this, I think. And my hair is really desperate for a touch-up. Urgh.

And Nian, the adventurous one as usual, chose some Marinara pasta that was not too bad, but the squid was a tad too overcooked and the tomato sauce a little too sour for my liking.

I'm still sticking to my Crab Meat Linguine I think!

Because we had a rather filling "appetizer" (i.e. the sugar cane juice that we gargled down and the bowl of laksa), we skipped the usual appetizers that we would order and settled for a serving of Cream of Mushroom instead.

The soup was fragrant and creamy, it was too delicious! This is something I would probably order again when I visit next year. Hehe.

And of course, we should never miss out on a nice photo taking opportunity - not when the ambiance is so pretty and quaint!

Quite a pretty dress isn't it, this one? Everything looks so pretty except for that...... orange cone wtf.

Thank you for the many years of care, love and support! We are very blessed to have found one another amidst heartbreaks and unrequited love. Every time I look at you, it makes me understand why we had to go through what we went through before we met. Because without the rain, you can never appreciate sunshine.

Thank you for being my sunshine and happy anniversary, with many more to come. :)

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