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Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is a super late post, do bear with me as I update my online journal for personal safekeeping lol. During the August long weekend, we had a stroke of good luck that Nian didn't need to work, so just like everyone else, we headed out to have a feel of all the festivities going on for National Day!

Woke up bright and early to head down to Marina Barrage for a day of picnic and also to watch the Black Knights performing. Dylan loves fighter jets and helicopters a lot (believe it or not, he can actually differentiate between an Apache and a Chinook!), so we thought it will be a great chance for him to watch the fighter jets doing acrobatic displays.

Excited people on the train! Surprisingly, the train was not very crowded despite it being a public holiday. We managed to snug two seats and had a comfortable ride all the way down!

But what was unexpected, was the crazy jam at the Marina Barrage area. Because of the public holiday + arial display, many families decided, like us, to spend a day there and it resulted in a very, very bad traffic jam.

People who drove were practically stuck on the road while people like us, who took the public transport, waited for over an hour for the shuttle bus to arrive but it never did because it was stuck in the jam too.

Also, I think that the jam was made worse by inconsiderate people? There was a Mini Cooper that actually parked in the middle of the road and blocked everyone's way. I know a Mini Cooper is well known for being mini, but.....

Anyway, thankfully, we managed to hop onto a cab after an hour of waiting. With Google Maps, we managed to find a road to bring us as close to Marina Barrage as possible and we walked in with the kids in our arms.

We finally arrived after 2.5 hours of waiting/travelling!!!

We got some posters from the RSAF featuring the Black Knights and Dylan was pretty excited about it. But just as we were about to make our way up to the field......


OH GOD, WHY!!!!!

And then just as we were lamenting on our fate, the rain stopped. As suddenly as it came.

So we quickly decided to head on to the bridge to have a better view of the aircrafts, since the field is wet from the shower.

Then just as we reached the first shelter, the rain came back again ohmygoodness!

So we hid under the shelter, along with another thousand people I think. It was soooo crowded. The rain intensified towards 12pm, where the Black Knights will come. Many people braved the rain to stand out in the open to catch the planes in their full glory, while some, like us, hid in the shelter to no avail because the rain was whipping us left, right and center.

Everyone got wet one way or another, hahaha!

After a slight delay, our moody spirits were instantly lifted up by the sight of the Black Knights. Coming in fast and furious, they did a couple of manoeuvres, garnering the cheers of the spectators.

Apart from Singaporeans, there were also a lot of foreigners in the crowd and honestly, when I hear them exclaim, "WOW that is hard stuff! They were flying so close to each other, you see that, mate?" I feel so proud of our Singapore Air Force. I don't know if this acrobatics flying thing is actually a worldwide thing, or exclusive to only a couple of countries, but to have our very own elites being able to do all these and endure very, very high G-Forces is honestly commendable!!

Unfortunately, the rain persisted and ran even harder even after the performance ended. All our picnic plans were dashed and without umbrellas, Nian and I had to use our groundsheet as make-shift raincover for the 4 of us!

Thankfully, the army's groundsheet is super durable and trustworthy - it was very waterproof and the children remained dry (and very excited about running in the rain) and warm. In the end, we decided to cut the outing short and headed back home for some dinner.

What did you guys do over the long National Day weekend? I know this is sooooo late hahahah but it is still worth a mention in the blog because we had so much fun, and it was my first time to Marina Barrage! Sucks that it had to rain. Zzz.

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  1. Hahaha... This was the time I was so clever to hide on Stewords Riverboat to watch the black knights while everyone was getting drenched by the rain! *sniggle sniggle*

  2. Rain must come whenever there are holidays and families are out and about! Nice post :)

  3. Kudos to your family, going all out on National Day! I remembered I watched Black Knights on TV..

  4. oh oh oh! I remember this day too. We went to the steamboat to watch the Black Knights =) Private viewing heheheh

  5. Oh I remember we were there waiting for the black knights and were drenched at the Marina Barrage too! But so glad we brought the kids cos dunno it was such a special aerial display. I feel so proud to be a Singaporean too!

  6. We went there many a times as lovely spot for family outing but only issue is if you dont drive you won't get a cab and not much space to hide in the rain.


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