Dylan and Alexis' Birthday Part 2: The Actual Day!

Monday, August 31, 2015

As we close the August chapter with much reluctance, here is a recap of the birthday party that I took many months to plan!

Before you read this, you should read a very lengthy post on the preparation of Dylan and Alexis' birthday celebration first, because after that intensive preparation, the day has finally arrived for the actual deed.

I must admit that even though I have had the experience of setting up so many different parties of different themes and layouts, doing up our own party is an entirely different ball game because you really need to get down to the nitty gritty, like liaising with the buffet, choosing the dishes, then actually remember that you left your cheque with your hubby, who was actually collecting the cake some 20km away....

And then when I wanted to set up my backdrop, I realised the backdrop stand was in the boot and..... the car is with my hubby, 20km away also. OMG *sweat*

Thankfully, I have a bunch of very good friends (cum assistants) who came early to help me to set up, and the people from Neo Garden were all very nice!

Men with long arms are god-sent. I would have to stand on a stool to tie the bunting if not for them!

To keep the kids busy, I set up an activity corner for them! There were stickers, temporary tattoos, bubble bottles and colouring sheets for them to doodle and play, while the adults hung around eating and catching up.

Very busy kids at work!
To make the entire area even more festive, I also prepared Mickey and Minnie ears for almost everyone, especially the kids!

Everyone, we've got ears!

Didn't let the adults get away either. 

Balloons at every table!

Bought a little container just for the cutleries wtf #obsessed

And then when the time was right, we inflated the bouncy castle! 

This is the smallest size we can get but it works very well because we only had 12 kids so we didn't really need a huge one. Besides, this small one alone was enough to unleash the Kraken in the kids, trust me.

There were so much screaming and squealing! But most importantly, all mommies reported that the kids went home and knocked out promptly. #MissionAccomplished

We also set up a table right at the entrance for our guests to deposit their gifts. There were so many fun things, I cannot wait to do up another post just to feature some amazing toys my clan gave!

BTW, check out the mega present on the floor, from my god-sis. It was so huge, normal wrapping paper couldn't suffice. She had to use her leftover wallpaper to wrap it up wtf. #truestory #epic #winalready 

And then my friends took the time to prepare these pom-poms and dressed up a white board in the function room as an impromptu photo wall.

AND OF COURSE, the highlight of the entire set-up was the dessert table!

From L to R: Red-Yellow Ombre agar agar, Mickey Marshmallows, Chocolate Eclairs, Mickey Oreos, Minnie Marshmallows, Cream Puffs and Cookies
Set up by Hello Lobang Candy Bars
Dylan looking super pleased with his dessert table. Check out his Mickey ears!

I opted for a fresh cream cake instead of a fondant one because I think fondant cakes are too overhyped? Besides, people don't really eat the fondant because it is really too sweet I feel.

Here is a close up on the dessert items Nian and I prepared the night before! Sometimes, I think recipes can be pretty misleading lol. Like this one, I could tell you it was merely melting chocolate and then dipping Oreos in them, but nobody would tell you that it is very hard to make the chocolate very, very fluid. Most of the time it is very viscous and very hard to coat.

So even though the chocolate coating is uneven, I think the husband and I did a pretty neat job at it. High-five, hubby.

If you'd read the previous entry on our preparations, you would see that the marshmallow turned out slightly different from what we initially wanted. Initially, we opted for all red for the Minnie marshmallows, but we thought it doesn't look as sweet? 

So we changed our minds and made them in pink instead.

The Mickey marshmallows required more work because we needed two different coats of chocolate, which needed to be done on separate occasions.

After a hearty dinner, it was cake cutting time!

I did a party set-up a couple of months back for a little girl, and she had this sparkler-candle for her cake! I was so infatuated with it I actually searched high and low for it and I was so stoked that I found it just in time for the party!

The bad thing about this candle is that.... you really cannot blow it. LOL.

Time for the mandatory photo taking with everybody in the house:

I prepared lots of photo props for everyone too!

Oh my gosh all these yellow lights are making our white balance go haywire!

And so, this marked the end of the epic party that I had been planning since February LOL. To be honest, party planning is very addictive! While I kept saying that Dylan and Alexis will not get such a huge party next year, I catch myself looking out for themes that they may like in 2016. *gulps*

Thank goodness that in the meantime, I can channel all my energy and obsession towards other children! If you like what I did for Dylan and Alexis, check out our Facebook page for many other tables that I have styled for other children too.

Till then, we'll see you again!

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  1. A very lovely dessert table indeed! And I prefer fresh cream cakes too. Happy birthday to Dylan and Alexis!

  2. I've always wanted a themed party with matching backdrops and dessert tables. But I just can't see the need to actually do one their past two celebrations were mostly adults. Maybe I should do a simple one this year since we'll be having more kids guest. So what's the theme this year for your little ones? Look forward to seeing your work of art!

  3. oooooh it's a Mickey theme and you had hats for everyone! So cute! I like that touch. When birthday months are drawing near, I always feel a tinge of fatigue hahahah

  4. What a party! Well done for putting it all together by yourself!

  5. I love parties and used to plan it too but as they get older I get lazier...oops! haha a

  6. Such a beautiful setup and plenty of memories to revisit when the kids grows older. :)

  7. What a lovely birthday party. I think you have put in loads of effort and am sure it is a memorable one for many years to come.

  8. Happy birthday Dylan and Alexis! Splendid birthday party, I love the Minnie Mouse hats..

  9. Woo! I love it that the party peeps put up a pretty backdrop for the cake table - and that sparkler idea is awesome! Where did you get the sparkler candle from?


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