Celebrating Dylan's third birthday in school!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

As Dylan turned three almost 2 weeks ago, our family had the first taste of celebrating a child's birthday in school.

What I have learned for the past two years, is that the celebration itself is not the highlight. Most often, it is the packing of goodies bags that take up a lot of time.

Nevertheless, when Dylan requested for a birthday party in his school and we agreed (between Nian and I) to throw him one, I wanted to make the celebration memorable & not just going in to cut the cake and distribute goodies bags. #momzilla #truestory lol

We decided on giving him a superheroes theme because Dylan has been telling us, on a daily basis, that he loves Superman and Spiderman. His classmate, Hadif, likes Spiderman while another classmate, Whisy, likes Ultraman.

I thought having a Superheroes theme will not only brighten up Dylan's day, but all other children's too.

With that idea in mind, I worked on a design that will apply across everything. And I came up with something like this!

We ended up selecting yellow because it is one of my favourite colours LOL but in all honesty, dont you guys think it gives the entire set up an additional punch?

It is also amazing how a simple backdrop and a table cloth can instantly spice up a party!

I am usually not a fan of giving children tidbits and sweets and all, yet I thought of giving them some snacks to go with the cake, so I made some Milo agar agar and cookies for them.

The Superman cake is from Polar. So thankful they have the Superhero series because we need the cake to be halal, delicious and match our theme. And it fits all!

Most importantly, it was not expensive. We spent $30+ on a 1kg cake, i think?

Photo credits to Dylan's teacher

Bringing the birthday boy to his designated place before his classmates sing him a birthday song!



A close-up on the labels I did for the snacks. I had so much fun incorporating this design into EVERYTHING I can!

And then when it comes to goodies bags, of course I had to go full force lolol. I packed them a couple of items:

- a set of crayons
- superhero stickers
- activity books
- bubble bottles

And instead of putting them into paper bags or gift bags, I opted for boxes and labelled them individually.

Here is a closer look on the favour boxes!

And Dylan distributing them one by one.

And the kids being extremely pleased with their little gifts. :D

Despite Dylan's request and us agreeing to throw him a party, the little boy had absolutely no idea that we were actually gonna do it! So it was actually a surprise and boy... it is very nice surprising your child.

Check out his surprised face and how he ran to hug me because he didnt know what to do lol.

Happy birthday my dear boy. You dont know how much we love you. :)

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