10 useful & inexpensive items to pack in your child's goodies bags!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Dylan and Alexis have been in the daycare center for 2.5 years and 6 months respectively and in this timespan, they have certainly spent many children's birthdays with them!

With birthdays come goodies bags and to be honest, I realised most goodies bags are packed with a whole lot of tooth-decay-inducing tidbits - usually lots of sweets, jelly, some mini packs of prawn crackers etc. The kids LOVE it, but unfortunately, not so much for me and even more unfortunately, these tidbits usually end up in our own tummies because I cannot bear to let them eat so much junk food.

Because we are in August now, it means that it is MY turn to be filling up those goodies bags for the children, and I cannot bring myself to pack tidbits for the rest of the kids because, who knows, it may end up in their daddy & mummy's tummies... like us?

I wanted to pack the children something that is useful for them but it doesn't cost a bomb. And with that, I chatted with lots of mothers and came up with a list of 10 useful items you can pack in your child's goodies bags!

While many mummies find it easier to be packing tidbits and sweet treats for the children, you probably won't be surprised that most of these treats actually end up in daddy's stomach. #seriously #TrueStory

#1 Crayons
You'd be surprise how excited children get when they receive crayons! Give a child a pack of crayons and some recycled paper or a personalised activity book. You would be amazed by the art they churn out from their little heads.

#2 Bag Tags

Image from Rosenberryrooms.com

Luggage tags, or bag tags, are definitely useful for school-going kids. Have you ever had a child who loses his school bag? Well, we have. And the bag tag we attached to his bag was the saviour! A customised one like above would cost much more, but there are a lot of generic designs out there in the market that will hardly cost a sweat. The kiddos' mommies will only need a Sharpie to scribble down the child's name and class at the back and the lost bag will be able to find its way back to its rightful owner.

#3 Name Stickers


If getting a bag tag is out of your budget, then perhaps these name stickers may be a better choice? These name stickers have been in the rage since when WE were young - easy to peel off, easy to stick and these days, they made it waterproof so you can stick it on water bottles even!

#4 Stationery Sets

Stationery sets are also a wonderful gift to give the children if your party guests are between 3 to 9 years old. These pencils are useful for them in school or at home, and if you get it in their favourite characters, we are pretty sure doing penmanship wouldn't be such a dreadful activity.

#5 Bubble Bottles

Well... we have to admit. Bubble Bottles aren't exactly the most useful things we would want the kids to have, but what we are really sure is that 99.99% of the children we meet have an obsession with bubbles and these little bottles will definitely bring them loads of joy at a very low cost. Most importantly, they don't end up in daddy's stomach!

#6 Piggy Banks

Granted that using glass jars may not be such a wonderful idea for children, a homemade coin bank can be made easily using plastic jars as well! If it is difficult to cut a slot on a screw cap, there are actually ready-made ones available for sale.

Otherwise, you can stretch a piece of fabric over the bottle and cut a little slit to fit coins in. The transparent body is a perfect canvas for customisation too. If all else fails, you can buy these ready-made piggy banks from wet markets and mama-shops and doodle away!

#7 Customised Pencil Cases

As you can see, I am super huuuge on customised items and I think it adds a special touch to each gift? A pencil case is an inexpensive yet practical gift if your child is in Kindergarten or lower Primary School, since they need to have their own stash of stationery and having a beautiful one will let them love writing more!

Personally, I am making a couple of these for Dylan and Alexis' teachers for Teacher's Day. It's so simple, all you need to do is to cut out the alphabets and sew them onto the pencil case. If you're bad at sewing like me, you can also opt for iron-on alphabets or fabric glue to do the deed.

#8 Socks

I don't know about you but Dylan and Alexis uses a whole lot of socks! Socks are relatively inexpensive and it comes in a huge range of designs and themes. Children, more often than not, will need socks (indoor playgrounds!) and giving them a pair will definitely be useful for them.

#9 Children's wallet

Children's wallets are also another brilliant item to add in your goodies bags if your child is going towards Primary School. To be honest, 3 to 4 year old children probably wouldn't need a wallet, so you really need to make sure that this gift goes out to the right age group.

#10 Wet Bags

The kids probably won't know what are these for, but I can guarantee you that all mommies will be GRATEFUL for this party favour! A wet bag can cost as low as $5 and comes in all sorts of designs. If you get a great seller, they may be able to source for a specific theme or colour for you to fit your party too!

Wet bags are a god-sent to us and we use it so regularly when we go for a swim, to store our Tula or simply to store spare clothes so that they don't get wet when we accidentally spill their bottles.


Adeline shared this idea with me on a DIY Name Blocks and I think it is brilliant! I buy ready-made blocks for Dylan to teach him how to spell his name. Had I seen this post, you bet I would have attempted it myself. So low cost too! For a tutorial on how to do this, head on over to Growing With The Tans.

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