Science Center Outing!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Our outing for the month of June is to the Singapore Science Center!

We try to bring the kids to different places to explore every now and then. in May, we went to the Underwater World, and for June, it is the Science Center. I wonder where we will be in July.

We thought the Science Center is a really fun place for children to be at - there is a very big water play area where children can splash around on a hot sunny day, the Science Center itself, the Omni Theatre which allows you to watch movies in a dome-shape room, making it look like you're floating with whatever you're watching!

Last year, Science Center also opened a children indoor playground, Kids STOP. It is less restricting as compared to the usual indoor playgrounds and it is actually quite affordable if one parent goes in with a child. I'll elaborate on that later. :)

Completing with the super freezer Snow City, one day is definitely not enough to complete the entire adventure!

The Science Center is quite conveniently located at Jurong East, upon alighting from the MRT station, we took a leisurely 15 minutes stroll amidst rows of shophouses. With sufficient shelter and things to see, 15 minutes walk was pretty bearable.

The Science Center was having a dinosaur exhibition when we were there! You can also catch one of them at Plaza Singapura - a pretty magnificent set-up of the T-Rex. This one features an Apatosaurus. Despite its plant-eating characteristics, its sheer size really scared Dylan to no end 

We didn't spend a lot of time at the Science Center this time round because both Dylan and Alexis were too young to fully understand the Science behind a lot of things, like how our brains work, how an earthquake occurs, DNA and stuff like that. They kinda fell asleep 1 hour into the tour, geez!

When they woke up a couple of hours later, we then conquered Kids STOP!

Kids STOP!

Kids STOP is actually pretty affordable if you go on a non-peak day. Adults are at only $5 while children only pay $2. Unfortunately we went during the holidays so we had to pay $10 & $5 respectively..... Which kinda worked out to be more expensive than Polliwogs -_-

Nevertheless, the play area inside was spacious and there were various themes in different corners. As you can see, Dylan was a scientist at one booth, a chef at the other, and he was fixing mega Lego blocks at yet another end.

What's quite different from usual indoor playgrounds is also....

1. You don't need socks in most areas

We had the intention of bringing Dylan to Kids Stop, so we brought his socks. However, this is not compulsory on most area, with only 3 parts of the playground are socks necessary. The pros is that you don't need to miss this place if you forgot your socks, and you don't need to purchase one if you don't want to.

2. There are two time slots for parents to abide by

The first time slot is 9.30AM to 1.30PM while the second time slot is 2.30PM to 6.30PM. Each ticket you buy is only limited to one time slot and once 300 tickets were sold, the play area is considered full and will not admit anymore children, so go early if you must!

Afterwhich, we moved on to the Omni Theatre to watch some space documentaries!


In case you've never visited the Omni-Theatre before, it is located within Science Center itself. The unique feature about Omni-Theatre is, like its name, Omni. Which kinda mean that the entire theatre is a screen!

You can choose between a half-dome show, or a full-dome one, with just $2 difference. It gets even more affordable when you purchase their combo, which is basically a combination of any two locations.

If you'd let me recommend, of course you should go for the full-dome one because THAT is the unique one that you cannot watch anywhere else!

The downside about catching a movie in the Omni-Theatre is that the movie titles are really quite limited. There were only two titles for us to choose from, so we settled for Back To The Moon For Good, a feature movie on Google's Lunar X Prize where hundreds of teams from all over the world compete to make a rocket+robot to blast off from Earth, land on Moon successfully and travel for 50m in order to win a couple of million dollars to fund their research to... well, go back to the moon.

The Science Center is really a pretty good place to bring your children to for a day of outing and fun. I'm collaborating with a group of mummies on a post on Fun in The West! Stay tuned as we compile a list of fun places you can go in the West.

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