6 Tips To Bringing Your Kid(s) Out, Alone!

Monday, July 20, 2015

What do you mummies do when the husband is at work, especially on a weekend? Most of the mummies I know stay at home - I do too, sometimes. However, my husband's job requires him to work every Saturday, which means that we'll either have to spend the entire day at home every single week, or man up and bring the kids out to spend a more meaningful time instead of TV, colouring, napping and eating.

With bringing the kids out alone for quite a while now, I thought maybe I can compile some small tips for mummies who would like to be adventurous and bring their kids out alone too. Let's start!

#1. Don't go out for too long

To start off, break the outing into two parts. Bring the children home for their naps before going out again. As children tend to be cranky when they are tired, try not to go out for too long so that they don't get overly exhausted. For me, the first part of the outing in the morning is for breakfast and perhaps a short session of playground.

The first session will end by 11AM, then I will bring the kids home, shower them and put them all for their naps.

The second part of the outing will then start from 3PM to 7 or 8PM. With a longer time frame, we can also explore further!

Us, on our way out to Suntec City for the Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014!

#2. Choose somewhere accessible

This is particularly important for me because we don't drive, so places that require me to walk long distances from the MRT station will mean I have to decide whether to bring a pram or not. 

The thought process is... "If the walking distance is long, then Dylan won't be able to walk. That means I will have to bring a pram to push him along while carrying Alexis." As mummies, we also have to bear in mind that our wretched buses don't allow us to push our prams up so it will mean a lot of walking!

#3 Plan your route

This is very, very, very important because with a kid or two in tow, you cannot be doing last minute stunts like jaywalking when you realise that the traffic lights are too far/overhead bridge is closed for maintenance etc. It is even harder when you are pushing a pram because... just imagine you, at the top of the stairs, with a pram and there is nowhere else for you to go. It happens very often at MRT stations, one wrong exit and you're screwed.

#4. Have a useful diaper bag

LOL to be fair, all diaper bags are useful, but some more than others. In the past, my diaper bag is although spacious, it cannot be hung on the pram. Its short height also meant that my thermal flask has to be packed horizontally.... which I always don't feel safe about.

Now with my new Skip*Hop Diaper Bag which I honestly love to bits, travelling is super easy! I can clip my diaper bag to the stroller and with the crazy number of compartments, I can find my wallet/handphone/keys/ezlink card easily without dipping my hands into the actual diaper bag amongst the wet wipes and all. Did I also mention that it is in perfect matching colour with our pram? 

#5. Allocate sufficient travelling time

That is, adding an additional hour to your usual travelling time. Travelling with a kid or two is very challenging in terms of time management because anything can happen. You can be in a rush when the kiddo wants to drink milk/poo/pee or has soiled his shirt. You may have to stop halfway to calm down screaming kids because he wants to go and play at the playground you have just passed by.

Other times, he may just decide to take his time and walk super slowly, no matter how many times you repeat, "Quickly, quickly, we're late."

I would suggest giving ample travelling time so that there is minimal chance to rush. I hate rushing because that is usually when I'll forget things or mistakes can happen.

#6. Wear comfortably

I avoid ALL dresses/skirts at all cost and only stick to shorts and jeans because bringing the kids out means you will need a lot of movements like bending over to pick up a dropped toy, squatting down to wear your kids' shoes or simply to adjust yourself constantly until the little one is comfortable.

Wearing frilly dresses/skirts makes movement difficult and inconvenient. I also wear nursing friendly tops just so I won't have to tug at my clothes when Alexis wants to nurse.


I hope these six little tips are useful for mummies who are thinking of venturing out with their little ones, without help. Personally, I think that maintaining a positive mindset is very important. There were situations when Dylan wouldn't stop misbehaving in the train (there was once he poked an uncle in his backside!) and Alexis crying for milk at the same time. Times like these, I would take in a deep breath and tell myself that there is no point stressing or feeling angry because it wouldn't solve the problem at all.

Some mummies and daddies are daunted by just thinking about bringing multiple children out. I believe that we are all equipped with skills to manage, we just need to be given the occasion to rise up to it and most of the time, practise makes perfect.

Start by going somewhere nearer, like a nearby shopping center or park. When you start to get the hang of it, you can then start to venture further and further away. The furthest I've brought Dylan and Alexis, alone, to is probably Sentosa. Nian had to work and I brought them to visit Madame Tussauds with our friends. It was a trip all of us truly enjoyed because we didn't need to coop up at home because my other half is away, and Nian doesn't need to feel guilty that we had to give the trip a miss just because he had to work.

Do you have other tips to share with me? Leave a comment!

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