5 Things I'd Like My Kids To Know About Me, Before I Became a Mummy

Monday, July 13, 2015

This post was inspired by this post on Scary Mummy.

Dear Dylan, Alexis, and maybe the other kids that are coming along in the future,

As you grow older, you will tend to realise that your mommy isn't as fun as you hope she is. I will probably nag at your results a little too much, snap at your attitude when you become a little too rude, or insist that you tidy up your mess.

As you move into your teenage years, you'll probably realise that I worry a little too much, I frown at your boyfriend/girlfriend whenever they come to our place, and sometimes, I may just nag at you for sleeping in too much.

"What? 11AM already still don't want to wake up?"

Perhaps you may think that this mommy is such a stick in the mud - she probably never knew what was partying, what was staying up late talking on the phone and which boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't stay over at each other's place? Do daddy and mummy really fell in love? Or were they arranged to be married wtf?

These are the five things I'd like you to know about mommy, before I became YOUR mommy.

1. I can drink

Unlike what I am now, your mommy used to be able to drink... a whole lot. I also used to look quite slim and am able to let my hair down because I didn't need to do any housework. Also because there were no babies to yank my hair.

By the way, I chose this picture because I met your daddy sometime later that week and we fell in love with one another. Nothing to do with the alcohol though, just to be clear. *ah-hem*

And this was in Brisbane. Partying all the way to Brisbane. If your mom doesn't rock, I don't know who is.

2. I used to model

Enough said. No? :p

This was taken in 2007 I think. I was only 22. Look at that youth on my face! I was once young and pretty! Although I wouldn't say I am old and ugly now, but you guys get the gist.

3. I used to swear a lot

I guess this is an age thing? Before I became your mommy, I was generally less patient, less tolerant, and I blow my temper really quickly. I have a lot of f-words in my mouth and it is generally my noun, verb and adjectives all rolled into one.

I cursed so much, one of my classmates actually covered her ears when I talked to her one day. She told me, "OMG Jac, I cannot bring myself to listen to you anymore."

But after I became your mommy, I stopped gradually. I didn't want any of you to learn your first bad words from me and you should see how shocked I will be when I hear your first bad word. I may just smack you for that but hey, you started off being such a cutesy, I really cannot imagine any one of my kids swearing like how I used to. :(

4. I did a whole lot of things

Like being on the radio with Rozz when she was in 98.7FM..

Took part in a pageant for the fun of it... and came in second. LOL TOLD YA YOUR MOM IS COOL.

I travelled alone,

Got a huge tattoo just because I turned 21,

LOL - those big hoopy earrings were in the rage back then. Don't judge me ok kids.

and had a tongue stud that freaked your grandmother out... Thankfully I only had it for 3 months? I hated it because it kept hitting against my teeth. Hahahaha silly moments. And yup, another hoopy earring on me.

Acted in Channel U (seriously LOL) & other short films,

played a lot of netball and dated a whole lot of people.

I was probably just like what you're gonna be when you grow up. Freaking your mother out for no reason, and then I'd probably worry so much that I'll miss sleeping. Seriously.

I used to party until 3AM and your grandfather used to wait up for me and nagged. I didn't really bother about it and I think I wouldn't be surprised if none of you cared much about my nags too? Really what goes around comes around lor LOL.

5. I was reckless and lived only for the moment

There were days when I drove too fast, drank too much and slept too little. There were days when I would dance on the bar top at Devil's Bar.. and there were days I would starve myself because I thought I was getting too fat.

I lived for the moment, I didn't care anything about health, about money, jobs, my piling clothes.. But after I became a mummy, your mommy, I drive a little bit more carefully. I eat better, I exercise more and I sleep earlier.

I lost my f-words except for my occasional wtf, wtf. But I never said it in front of any of you.

I became more tolerant, more patient and even though I still live for the moment, I look forward to more wonderful moments.

I learned how to fold clothes in record time, I started cooking, learned to sew, make little scrapbooks just so that I can keep some of your memories for you while you have none.. Dust is my biggest enemy because I cannot stand seeing you picking them up and attempt to taste it.

I start to take care of myself because I wanted to see where life brings you and me. Everything starts to fall into place when I become a mother and before I know it, I find myself repeating a whole lot and worrying a whole lot more.

Do I miss the old me? No, not at all. I was glad I had fun and I experienced so much. Even though I lost touch with all these partying and drinking and little nonsense I used to do for the fun of it, I gained so much more. You guys.

So, yeah. Your mom's not a stick-in-the-mud. She has been there, done that. So, listen to me when I said no, because your mother ate more salt than you ate rice. (Erm, a Chinese saying, just in case you don't get it wtf)

Love you,


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