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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I actually uploaded these pictures a fortnight ago, but I had been so busy, I never really had the time to blog about things as much as I would love to!

Hello Lobang started off in 2013 as a travel agent where our partner dealt with outbound tours, while Nian and I dealt with locals, where we distributed discounted tickets because we enjoyed tour agency rates.

After two years, we decided that it was time to restructure our business and move on to something else, and we ended up in the party planning business because we had so much fun planning for Dylan and Alexis' birthdays, we kinda got addicted to it!

Also because of my decade-long hosting experiences, events planning was almost like a logical step to take next. With the help of our helpful friends and working partners, we grew steadily.

Our first dessert table was for Natasha on 29 March, so we are just slightly over 2 months old now!

Our Peppa Pig set-up for Liam's birthday!

We have since done tens of different dessert table set-ups over these short 10 weeks. (Has it only been 10 weeks? It sure feels like it has been a long while!) Just a fortnight ago, we set up Janelle's birthday party in her favourite Frozen theme.

It was amazing, the number of children around the party looking at the candy bar gingerly, wondering if they are ever allowed to touch all the goodies on it, really made me smile. We saw two little ones perpetually parked themselves in front of the table and stuffed themselves silly with those marshmallows, and that, made me laugh!

Then the following week, we were very busy with Joanna's birthday party. This time, it was Little Mermaid theme and everything was white, blue and purple.

Before I did the Mermaid candy bar, my most favourite one was the Frozen candy bar. Then when I was done with this one, I wanted to hug myself HAHAHA. I was like... "Oh my god, look how this whole set up turned out!"

Subsequently, I did a small scale one for Alexis' godma. This set up is definitely not as grand as the rest because we only had about 5 adults and 7 children, so food was kept to the minimal.

Then the same week, we had a rainbow theme party which I was super excited with! I designed the birthday bunting from scratch, and also made a rainbow poster on the table. More deets on hellolobang.blogspot.com when I update.

Because no party is complete without balloons, we also managed to bring in helium balloon service from June onwards. Whichever type of balloons you're looking at, we would be able to source them for you, with helium included. :D

And here is one for my favourite Lee clan for Ava's baby shower. :)

Just a month or two before we started, I was going around, talking to many different people, hoping that they will partner with us because I was so lacking in confidence. I wasn't sure if my crafting / digital art skills or my eye for beauty was good enough.

But nobody wanted to partner us LOL. I guess many were afraid that because of my (lack of) skills, they will end up doing more work than me, since designing a candy bar really takes up a lot of designing and crafting skills. What can I contribute then, to ask for a "partnership", since I technically can't do much?

My mother-in-law even advised me not to take this too seriously, "Just do it as a hobby," she told me.

I guess God has plans for each of us.. because I thought we blossomed rather well in this few short months. Right now, we are 80% booked for June, and halfway for July. I am still the one doing artwork, crafting, setting up and all, and sometimes, Nian helps me when he doesn't need to work.

It has been a wonderful journey so far, that's for sure. I don't know how this will take us, but I am full of hope and I certainly pray for nothing but happiness in our family, because it is when we are truly happy, then we can spread happiness all around. :) If setting up beautiful treat tables for children and their parents is the way we sprinkle the happy dust, then this is what we'll do. :)

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