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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wow, it has been almost 3 weeks since I last updated the blog! I am not even sure if I have readers anymore... Oops.

Well, life IS indeed different when you have two kids in tow, a house to maintain, a (small) business to run and stuff. Everyday involves waking up - breakfast - send kids to school - work at home - lunch (sometimes working past that too) - do a bit of housework - prepare dinner - collect kids - dinner - shower kids - play time - put them to bed - work a little bit more - chill with the husband - sleep.

There is really not much time I have in between to sit down, edit pictures and blog these days anymore. Sigh. I haven't even been touching my hobbies for quite a while too, like I've been trying to make a felt owl for Dylan and Alexis, I haven't been touching the felt for the past week after I've cut them!

My Hong Kong-Taipei scrapbook is also done halfway, no time to complete. :(

Then recently Dylan went for his first dental appointment, I wanted to do a milestone poster for him, ALSO NO TIME T_T

I really need to be more efficient I suppose? Or split into two. Or four! Four Jacs are definitely more efficient than one!

On PastaMania's New Seasonal Menu
Nian and I attended a media preview for Pastamania's SG50 'Singapore Meets Italy' launch last week and I MUST share with all of you because this is probably one of the special menus I am anticipating to start, so that I can go back to eat them again.

This is the Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab pasta that was so creamy and delicious,  I can have 3 tasting portions. *burps*

The Prawn Sambal-Pura Pasta took Nian's breath away. The ikan bilis at the top added an extra crunch to the pasta, giving it a distinctive twist from the usual Italian fare. Oh my god, this one.

They also have other interesting dishes like Goreng Pisang Gelato, which is essentially bananas coated with crunchy cornflakes, and then topped with a creamy scoop of ice-cream. So decadent! The range is available from 28 June all the way until the end of August. Can't wait for it to start, YUMZ!


On my quest for flawless skin

Also went for my fourth round of laser session at The Clifford Clinic. This is my third Q-Switch Laser and every month, I alternate between Q-Switch and CO2 Fractional Laser. You can read about my Q-Switch experience here!

Fractional CO2 lasers has been in the market for over 20 years. It uses a form of delivery system where the laser does not destroy the whole layer of outer skin. Instead, it delivers laser in point form in a grid formation. This leaves a lot of healthy surrounding skin but still allows the CO2 laser to penetrate into the dermis to produce new collagen and to soften fibroids form under the scars.

Generally, Fractional CO2 is known to have a downtime of about 5 days, but for me, I hardly experienced any because the scabs form are so small, they are barely visible.

I had Fractional CO2 laser done just two days before our previous Sentosa trip. I haven't edited the photo at all, only increased the contrast and yet you can't see anything much, can you?

Fractional CO2 is great for its skin rejuvenation properties - since it encourages collagen production, it can reduce fine lines in the long run.

I get my monthly laser sessions from Dr. Gerard Ee at The Clifford Clinic, located just right beside Raffles Place MRT Station. I think the prime location makes it really convenient for office dwellers to drop by during lunch time or right after work! A lot of my friends also end up having their monthly sessions with Dr. Ee not just because I recommended them, but they really see very significant results after that, they decide to sign up a package.

Besides, Dr. Ee's treatment costs are very reasonable. I have been to dermatologists or aesthetics doctors who charged me almost 3 fingers (a hand an a leg would be exaggerating, so... 3 fingers. :p) for skincare treatments ok.


On Miam Miam & Creamier

Then I discovered Miam Miam and how delicious their pastas are. I also like their french toast a lot, but Miam, can you please change that deceiving whipped cream into actual ice-cream pleaseeeee?

A photo posted by 🌹 J A C Q (@hellomrstan) on
Then Nian and I somehow discovered Creamier, which is pretty slow for us I guess? I am sure this waffles place has been around for quite a while because it actually ranked 2nd in some Best Ice-Cream Waffles ranking.

I had such a great time there. Their waffles are so crispy and fluffy and their ice-cream so creamy! Most importantly, at $8.80 for this, it is actually much cheaper than Gelare wtf.


On Hello Lobang

Work has been really good! We were fully booked in June, and as we move towards July, we are also slowly filling up and recently received bookings in August and September.

I've been secretly having so much fun crafting and making all of these buntings and decorations and set-ups from scratch lol. This one was shared with me by our client who had a bunch of great friends to help her with her dessert table, so she didn't need to engage us on that, but we helped her conceptualised the theme, did her bunting and matching cupcake toppers while her friends did the rest.

It turned out to be so pretty!!!

And then here's one we did for Aurelia. Dylan was bugging me till no end that he wanted to watch Peppa Pig while I was putting the backdrop together, haha! Looks like Peppa is popular huh.

Then I had a really FANTASTIC time setting up Ryan's birthday party in his pre-school. Nian was very excited also because it is in Lego theme, he said that finally he got to see his "interest" coming to live in party hahaha.

It was really awesome, we even brought Dylan's Legos down to act as displays, and there were not only lego cupcakes and birthday cakes, there were also Lego Jello!

And of course, I surpassed my own crafting skills and made Ryan a larger-than-life Lego Man pinata.

A photo posted by 🌹 J A C Q (@hellomrstan) on
At some point of time, I really didn't think my piñata was gonna make it. I was *THIS* close to throwing it away and start all over again, because the internal structure couldn't take the sheer weight of the piñata, and it threatened to tear.

Thank God that we managed to work around it and with 4 days of intensive work on this awesome Lego Man, it did turn out fantastic after all. I'm working on a new piñata as we speak - it certainly didn't occur to me that Piñata are big among children now because I honestly have never whacked one in my life LOL.

I'm so glad this Piñata culture came to Singapore though, have you seen children having so much joy, attempting to break open the piñata, just to retrieve the candies inside? It makes me laugh so much when I watch, seriously!

If you're looking at a party planner, whether a candy bar, or just a simple bunting, or even magicians and balloon sculpturists or face painters, we will be able to help you with it at a really affordable price. Check out Hello Lobang at our Facebook page!


On Father's Day

Father's Day was a simple fare because the papa has to work. So instead of joining the insane weekend queue at restaurants, I decided to take some time out to cook for the family. This was hastily whipped up in an hour because weekends are always very busy for us - Nian works most of the time, while I would be occupied with setting up dessert tables for our clients or hosting.

What's a celebration without a cake right? So I insisted on making one even though I barely had enough energy left in me at the end of the day. Here's a non-baked Ribena Cheesecake for the husband, simply because he loves Ribena lol.

Until the next post, everyone. Stay happy and healthy.

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