Angry. Just very angry.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

I don't know where I should start, but because I am still pretty angry right now and I have some work to do, I am hoping to use this space to vent my frustration a bit, get back on composure, and then continue with my work.

Since a long time ago, I decided that I will not post anything negative on my blog because I want it to be filled with happy thoughts and experiences.. and also because I try not to remember all the sad/angry things that happened.

But what my friends always tell me was right - I AM a drama-magnet. I meet people who will run away when I try to lend them an umbrella when they are standing in the rain, I meet people who talks to themselves sitting beside me on trains, I get flashers flashing their pee-pee in front of me when I am waiting for bus...

And I get people who is probably looking for a quarrel because I think they are very bored.

Yesterday, I shared a post on Netball SEA Games. Singapore was leading for three-quarters, and then Malaysia caught up, pulling them to a draw because one of the shooters was locked down by strong Malaysian defence, while the other shooter has failed to make the shot.

Having watched a couple of games on TV and live, I then shared the post with my personal opinions on my Facebook page.

Of course, while there are friends who like the post and agree with my point of view, it left a bad taste in others. Which I am fine, really. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but you know what? Don't come all aggressive on me like I said the worst thing ever for your ears.

One "friend" added me just to leave me this comment:

You know why I am so mad with her?

Not because she doesn't agree with my point of view. Like I said earlier on, I don't care what your views are - but don't go all bitchy on me like this.

"Oh wait.. can't! Not even asked to go for selection."

Wowwwwww what a level of bitchy sarcasm. Not just bitchy, but annoying and stupid. Not a national player, so cannot have an opinion? So you cannot comment on how bad a plate of char kway teow tastes, just because you're not a chef?

And then she started to talk about grooming my girl and even if she didn't perform to my standard please still have hopes for her.


Where did that even come from? Firstly, I never said that the certain shooter has no hope. In fact, I said that I hope she will live up to the position and convert good quality shots in the following games.

But then again, perhaps this "friend" didn't even read whatever I wrote. She just took it as a chance for a fight - so she fought valiantly, albeit blindly.

Why else will you specially add someone on Facebook, just to have a confrontation? How did my friends-only post be revealed to someone who is not a friend? I could have guessed it, but it doesn't matter in this post.

"Is it just me that you're upset about?"

In our conversation, I asked her if she was just solely angry with ME for expressing my point of view. You know, like everyone else can say that the player is not playing well, but not me. Not Jacq. Because I am not a national player lol.

Judging from the harsh write-up Red Sports did, I asked her if she left a comment for the journalist who wrote the piece too.

Of course she didn't! Is the author a national player, which gave her the ultimate rights to write this highly-fuelled piece of judgemental report?

Instead of going towards her, whose article is out in the public and for EVERYONE else to see, she chose to come to me full of sarcasm and righteousness, because I posted a personal opinion in a personal space. 

I see that she thinks I am an easier target to have a fight with, or she seriously has issues that I don't even know, with me.

"I don't like it when you bring my daughter into this conversation,"

I told her.

In fact, I generally hate people who cannot argue logically. If she is upset that I said that the player didn't play well, then, argue logically. What are her goal conversion rates? Was this part of a strategy that my non-national-level mind cannot comprehend?

Instead of that, she decides to impart me with a worldly advice on grooming my daughter when she grows up. Eh, if I cannot comment on a play because I am not a national player, then who is she to come and comment on how to bring up my daughter when she is not a mother?

Oh, she said that she brought in my daughter because the shooter was like her family. And in order to hurt me back, she decides to bring in my family member too. Luckily I have a 9-month-old daughter whom I love with all my life for her to bring into the topic - that's why she can piss me off so badly that resulted in THIS post.

What happens if I have no kids???? Is she gonna ask me to groom my mother? That would probably be funny and I may just laugh at her joke.

And while I was boiling slowly, my friends who are all kpo-ing, reading silently, are sending me all of these messages:

I guess something about being older makes me harder to lose my temper, but when I do, I still end up doing the same thing - blogging about it. 

This blogging thing ALWAYS works. Now as I conclude, I can feel like I'm much happier, and can finally concentrate on my work without having my brains devising plans on how to murder teddy bears.

To the friend who shared my post to non-friends, I don't blame you and I am not angry with you.

To this "friend", I don't know if there are anything that you and your "family" dislike about me, but even if there was, it was a good SEVENTEEN years ago. We never had the opportunity to be friends, but despite that, I never had any issues with you or anybody else in your group. To me, you were all my schoolmates and I would extend my friendship to anyone of you if we have a chance to cross paths again. Maybe you wouldn't, but I would.

BUT after this incident, I am really grossed out at how this entire fiasco turned out. It was uncalled for and certainly didn't require to escalate to such a dramatic level. With that, I wish you all the best and I hope that we will never cross paths again.

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