Mother's Day Special - Dinner at Fish & Co

Friday, May 15, 2015

About 3 weeks ago, our family was invited to Fish & Co to celebrate Mother's Day in advance, so as soon as Nian knocked off from his work, the whole family trooped down to their iconic Glass House for our early dinner!

Meimei's posture is too awkward lol.

We had a great time there, mostly because a lot of old-time (ok, to be more accurate... old wtf) bloggers were there! Like Smith, who says that more people have read his shirt than my stupid blog wtf.

Alexis couldn't decide whether she likes him or not yet. But enough to let him carry, so I guess he is a lady-magnet regardless of age.

And Alvin, whose son, Asher, had a great time hanging out with Dylan. And of course, I get to see my Good Folks <3

Kicked start our dinner with this Adoring Barra-Mummy Combo, of course, specially for the mummies! The mountain of clams drenched with a specially concocted curry-butter sauce was probably the star for the night - we love how it tastes authentically 'curried', yet not too spicy.

As for the barramundi fillet, we felt that it was a tad dry, and unfortunately, the paella rice failed to impress, so I will rather recommend their limited Crustacean Combo & Omega-3 Power Up instead.

Served with grilled mussels with curry butter sauce, snow cod and salmon fillets on top of fresh greens and mashed potatoes, the Omega-3 Power-Up is the dish to go to if you're a fish fanatic like us. Dylan loved the snow cod that was done superbly well, while Nian and I attached the mussels and the very flavourful mash.

The Crustacean Combo is another dish that I rave. At only $25.95, you get to enjoy a medley of grilled prawns, slipper lobster and juicy scallops in delicious tomato sauce. The slipper lobster tastes sweet and crunchy, it is definitely a meal that you would want it for yourself and not share with the family!


The Crustacean Combo & Omega-3 Power-Up is available from 17 March to 30 June at all Fish & Co. restaurants. These are seasonal items so grab them while they are available!

The Adoring Barra-Mummy Combo is available until 17 May 2015 - last two days!

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