Family Outing To Sentosa!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Recently, while surfing Facebook, I came across a good friend, Alvinology's, post that Mastercard has partnered with Sentosa to have a one-day only $5 tickets for various attractions.

It does seem like a pretty good deal considering that there were many merchants that took part. Besides, coincidentally, Nian was having his off day that day as well so we decided to go grab a bargain!

The weather these days are just... terrible, don't you think so? Our day started all drizzly and moody, so even though Port Of Lost Wonders were also throwing the promotion, we didn't bother packing our swimwear because.... heck. We think it is probably gonna be too cold all day for water play anyway!

Reached Sentosa with a vengence after a 1.5-hour long train ride. I cannot decide I love Dylan's dino-roar more or Alexis' confused face in the picture. 

We took our own sweet time, loitered around the area, deciding where should we go first - the 4D Adventures, or Underwater World? Or maybe we should go to the Luge. But then again, it's drizzling, so maybe we should go to the 4D Adventures first.

However, when we got to the queue, we realised that probably another 70 people were in front of us, all queueing since 8AM! 

It was pretty terrifying, since it was a Thursday, we thought that Sentosa will probably be secluded or something LOL. Obviously we were dead wrong and by 10.30AM when we reached, most $5 tickets were sold out.

It didn't help that they actually had a limit of 100 tickets in most attractions wtf. So the moment the counters opened, it was wiped out! #TooFastTooFurious

Upon seeing the snaking queue at the 4D Adventureland, we decided to hop onto the bus and head to Underwater World first. When we got there, we were pretty pleased because there was no queue at all!

And then the moment I went to the counter attempting to purchase the $5 tickets.... the in-charge stuck the "SOLD OUT" notice right in front of me. *cues crow caw* 

Thankfully, there was an auntie who bought a pair of tickets but her family was unable to join her, so she decided to sell them to us! And so, we got into Underwater World with the only deal we managed to grab for the day. I don't even.........

Regardless, it had been almost a decade since I last visited UWW! The last time was like 2006 or 2007 I think? So I was pretty glad to be back again even though it pales in comparison to the ginormous Sea Aquarium in RWS. Afterall, THIS is where our childhood was!

Nian and I were talking about how we would have excursions to UWW when we were in Primary School... so can you imagine how long this has been around? For us to grow up, have kids AND bring our kids down. Probably the grandfather of aquariums in Singapore wtf.

Us on the iconic travellator! Edited this picture to death because it was so dark and bluey.

We also managed to catch the live performance of the pink dolphins and sea lion, which I don't really know what to feel because having read about some dolphins having skin cancer and rusty cages and it is considered inhumane to be making these mammals performing to loud music etc.... I realised I was actually one of the demands that results in the supply. 

But that being said, I was really thankful for this show because Dylan wouldn't be able to see a pink dolphin under any other circumstances, and he was really happy to see them swimming and doing tricks. And he learned so much from just this trip alone so... I really dunno what to feel.

Anyway, after spending a good couple of hours at the ancient aquarium, most $5 tickets were sold out by then so we decided to just wander around and finally settle down for some lunch.

The kids were very happy when they hear the word "LUNCH". We were all hungry!

Here is our adorable almost 9-month-old Alexis. She can sit pretty well now and stand with support! Also a very good eater like her brother - she can wolf down half a bowl of porridge, eats chanwamushi with a vengence and loves tofu, carrots, pumpkin, chicken... anything.

It makes me so happy to raise a good eater.

We ended our trip with just a little more walk around RWS, and then took a cab home with all four of us knocked out promptly until we reached home.

We love family outings like these. It's so fun, I really hope we can do this often until they are all grown up... and still doing it!

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  1. I read about the closure too and thought perhaps it's time. We went on a weekend last year and it was really quiet. The exhibits and buffet lunch were uninspiring and we left after spending less than an hour there.

  2. I cannot even remember how Underwater World looks like now. It's been decades since I last visited and I should bring the children because that's the underwater attraction in my time! I do remember that I got stuck on the travelator though. Wat a frightening experience!

  3. I actually prefer UWW to SEA, but the younger ones disagree.
    Will miss UWW when it is gone.

    cheers, Andy

  4. I remembered my primary school outing there too.. My friends and I stacked up little stools provided by UWW at the travelator.. We were busy playing/ stacking and didn't notice much about the exhibits. Lol

  5. Underwater World was such a happy piece of my childhood and at that time, I thought it was the coolest place ever! haha!

  6. Love the photo of you and the kids with the M&Ms. So sweet!! Good thing you got your $5 deal to UWW - whew! And a bonus walk down memory lane with the kids before it closes for good. Thumbs up!

  7. We were there last year too! It's good enough for my son to appreciate marine life although we feel the ginormous one at RWS is better :)

  8. Sentosa really has so much to do n see. One day not enough...Your post made me nostalgic about my own experience when I went there with my parents. Sad that Underwater World will be closing soon.


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