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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm sure most mothers agree with me that after you give birth, your body just ain't the same anymore. Some have stretch marks that they endearingly call as 'battle scars', while others have excess weight that simply cannot be shaken away.. and for me, my tummy became flabbier than ever after I gave birth to Alexis.

Two months ago, while I was having my regular Q-Switch Laser session with Dr. Ee, he casually talked about Liposonix and I was like, "What? Something to get rid of the flabs? OK HOOK ME UP."

Hey, check out my 3 months old tummy!
Before I go on to show you what has Liposonix done for me, we must first start with the basics:

What is Liposonix? 

Even though Liposonix as a similar name to Liposuction, they are quite different. I've summarised the differences into a table below, explanations will come as we go along!

Liposuction Liposonix
Invasive, GA required
Non-invasive, no GA required
Uneven results
Even results
Downtime is inevitable
because of GA
No downtime - you can even do it
over lunch!
Immediate results
Takes about 8 to 16 weeks for
optimal results


If you've watched through the video, you will realise that the results are actually pretty even throughout your body because they have a template to mark out little squares on your body. Each square will go through about two to three rounds of Liposonix, depending on your voltage.

Dr. Ee using the template to mark out the area where my tummy will get the treatment
I set a record in Clifford Clinic by doing 21 squares at energy level 45. If you scroll up and look at the above picture, you will realise I not only did the front tummy, I did my flanks too. GOODBYE LOVE HANDLES!


What to expect?

I'm gonna be really honest here - Liposonix is painful. Even though no needles are used, when the focused ultrasound is targeted at certain areas, I felt like someone was pinching my fats with all their bull-strength! Certain parts, like the lower tummy, is extremely sensitive so for that 30 seconds I was basically curling up, yet for other parts, like my flanks, was bearable with very minimal discomfort.

I hope I didn't scare any of you here but no pain, no gain right?!

I heard from the therapists there that Energy Level 45 is the average level for most people for the best results. We go for 3 rounds on the same spot, and then we move on to the next one. Dr. Ee will prescribe the best energy level most suitable for you, so let him know if you're intolerable of pain so that he will reduce the level accordingly to something more manageable.

Of course, if you're like Xena the Warrior Princess, you can let Dr. Ee know and he can prescribe you something that is suitable for you too.

Before you freak out and decide that you won't want to do Liposonix ever, let me show you my results. You'd most likely think that the little pain is worth it.

Above: Before, Below: After

Don't know if the results are obvious to you or not but my lower tummy certainly reduced its rolly-polly quite a bit! If you look at the top you can see that I still have the residual baby bump "curve marks" on my pelvic bones but one month later, it is gone!

If you look closely at the upper abdomen, you will realise that it is no longer protruding out and in fact, I have some "line" in the middle. I have an inclination it is a six-pack in the making. (HAHAHA YAH RIGHT)

The love handles on the right (beside my watch) also does seem to mellow down quite a bit. All in all, I lost about 7 freaking centimetres after my Liposonix treatment.

I flipped the picture on the right so that it faces the same direction - the photo on the right actually shows the left side of my body. BUT IT IS STILL ME. Pictures has also not been edited except for the flip
I think the most obvious result is the top part of my tummy. I have a little bit of my flat tummy back now! The lower tummy is also smaller as compared to the Before picture, so I am really pleased with the results so far.

Can you imagine? Just ONE session alone and I get a result like this! I didn't even watch my diet or whatever, I just eat normally and sometimes I still snack because breastfeeding makes me very hungry sometimes. Also, the optimal results is supposed to come in only 8 to 12 weeks after the procedure but at 4 weeks, I'm marvelling at how my pants are significantly looser.

I'm hoping to incorporate Liposonix with an exercise regime to put me back in shape more quickly. I cannot believe it is actually possible to have a nice figure again!

Is Liposonix suitable for everyone?

Most people are suitable for Liposonix. Currently, Liposonix is recommended for people with tummy and love handle problems. If you have other areas of concern, you can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Ee at +65 6532 2400 at The Clifford Clinic.

I have friends who used Liposonix to get rid of their flabby arms too.

Is it expensive?

It is pretty affordable if you compare it to various aesthetics procedures. Each treatment area costs $300 (enjoy it at only $250/square if you quote my name), so if you are targetting at a small area like inner thighs, love handles etc, it is actually manageable. Besides, you usually only need 1 session for one area, so it is a one-time off thing!

What other area will I hope to target next?

As a flabby lady, I am hoping to target my inner thighs next. Inner thighs are such a pain to lose, don't you think so?

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