Mother's Day Special - Getting pampered at Annabelle Skin

Monday, April 27, 2015

When I was young, I never really bothered about my skin condition because hey, when you're blessed with youth, you don't really need stuff like sunblock, or moisturizer, or toner.... or so I thought.

And then when I grew older and I start to see the traces of youth leaving me, I start to panic and then I finally started on a skincare regime at a ripe old age of 21. Sometimes, I wonder how is my skin health like - is it younger than my actual age? Or is it in fact much, much older than I would like it to be? (omg!)

I was invited to Annabelle Skin last week for a pampering afternoon, promised of a relaxing facial treatment and returning the glow to my tired face. As you know, it is very tiring (but rewarding) being a mummy. We all deserve a break....... especially when Mother's Day is coming. *coughs*

But before they can customise a facial treatment for me, they had to understand the composition of my skin. As you can see, we have a light strobe shone directly to my face! Can my seemingly flawless skin pass the test?

The first shot at the skin around my jawline was hm... not bad. Lady Boss told me that I have very fine pores, and very few of them were clogged so my skin is considered healthy and maintained pretty well. I was very stoked when I hear that, to be honest. :p

However, as she moved the strobe closer to the skin beside my nose, you will realise that the pores are bigger. The big moley dot at the top is a clogged pore. Even though it is not visible to our naked eye, or even by touching it, it is magnified into a horrifying proportion with the light strobe. :O

Before we began, we were asked to identify where is our problematic area. For me, it has always been my forehead. I have plenty of tiny bumps on my forehead and no matter how I try to clear it, it always, always come back.

True enough, the moment Lady Boss placed the strobe light on my forehead, she captured a colony of clogged pores staring right at us. T__T

My forehead is pretty dry, and combined with fine pores, the oils cannot be 'released' and thus building up a little volcano themselves.

My nose on the other hand, was what I quote Lady Boss, "Perfect,"

No clogged pores, no enlarged pores, nicely hydrated, no black heads, no white heads... nothing. Like a piece of barren land that I would exactly love on my face.

With that, we have targetted all ammunition on my forehead.

Apart from that, I will also go through a series of treatment to firm up, brighten  and hydrate my face.

All the products I use at Annabelle Skin is from Dr. Belter.

Dr. Belter is a professional skincare brand originated from Germany and are distributed across 24 countries like Britain, Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Taiwan, Turkey, Singapore etc. The products are rigorously tested to ensure of its efficacies and is safe for everyone to use.

My specially-curated skincare treatment is broken down into 6 main steps: Cleansing, Peeling, Intensive Treatment & Massage, Ampoule Care, Second Mask and Finishing Care, but before I begin on that, I'd like to touch a little on the outlet's ambiance, which I think is pretty important isn't it?

Ambiance & Convenience

Located at The Adelphi, it is a mere 5 minutes' walk away from City Hall MRT Station. While it is convenient, I like that The Adelphi is quiet and not subjected to a lot of shoppers. A less hectic place slows me down immediately and ready for a restful session.

While the area may be a little small, the space is well-organised and comfortable. In fact, I thought it felt pretty cosy to be having my facial done in a relatively smaller room. My therapist was also very experienced and had a firm but gentle application throughout every step.

I learned from her that every single staff in Annabelle Skin has to go through several rounds of training, and they would have to wash their Lady Boss' face as their final test to see if they are good enough to work on their clients. "Everyone of us will have the exact technique and steps, you won't find any discrepancies because all of our steps are strictly followed," she told me as she was gently massaging my face.

The Treatment

Alright, back to the treatment. My most favourite step would be the Intensive Treatment & Massage, where you not only have your skin thoroughly cleansed and scrubbed, your clogged pores will also be carefully unclogged using very fine needles. The rationale of using fine needles is so that the pores will not be damaged, and also not enlarged in the process.

After the extraction, I was treated with one of the best shoulder massages I ever had in a long time! The next five minutes was a complete heaven as my tired shoulders were rapidly rubbed down and loosen up.

With reference to my earlier skincare examination, Lady Boss then customised the types of ampoule and mask I would have. She recommended me Intensa Oceanica Mask – Silver Detox Algae Mask, activated with an ultrasonic equipment absorption. This mask is to brighten up fatigued dull skin, and to enhance firming and regeneration.

After getting pumped up with a lot of moisture from my earlier algae mask, my skin was given an additional boost with Dr. Belter's Intensa Ampoule No. 2 Hy-O-Silk containing hyaluronic acid, silk exracts, silk proteins. and then quickly sealed off with my second mask: Hyaluronic Factor 5 – Aquasilk Boost Mask, which is an intensive moisturizing and moisture-binding mask containing 5 factors to boost skin’s penetration of hyaluronic acid, milk peptides and silk proteins - to replump the skin, anti-stress, and immediate radiance.

I came out of the treatment room some 2 hours later with not only a fresher looking face, but also a well-relaxed body that I am very thankful for. Thank you, Annabelle Skin, for pampering me so well!

The recommended price for my treatment is $178 but because it is Mother's Day, Annabelle Skin would like to give my readers all a good deal:


To enjoy a whopping 50% off on Dr. Belter Intensa Facial Treatment similar to the one I had. Prices range from $138 - $198, depending on the types of facial customised/selected. If you bring your mummy love along, she gets to enjoy a pampering Signature Milk White Facial at only $58 (RRP $168) - that is almost a 60% off just for you and mommykins!

If you're looking to find a nice place for yourself and your mom to relax, Annabelle Skin is a great place to go. You get nice, friendly professionals, guaranteed quality products (you will see that all the skincare products they use are from the original Dr. Belter bottles and not some un-named containers) and a quiet time for the two of you to bond at a great discount. Promo is valid until 31 May 2015.

It is really all-win and nothing to lose. ;)

See you at Annabelle Skin!

Annabelle Studio
1 Coleman Street
2nd floor
Singapore 179803

This is a sponsored review but opinions are entirely my own

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