Tuesday, April 07, 2015

When I was younger, I was never into crafting. I hated sitting down, concentrating on something & working on it over and over. It bores me to death.

Which is funny, because as I grew older, I realised how therapeutic it is to actually sit down for a quiet moment to concentrate on pretty things, like crafting.

I actually love scrapbooking, even though I don't plan any layouts or anything, but I just let my mind go, I cut and paste without any thoughts... Basically letting something in me flow.

Which is really nice! Every time I finish one piece of layout, it would definitely make me happier than I was before I started.

Then I discovered bento-making. It all started with the plan to make Nian lunch every day when he works.

It started with something very simple, basically putting the dishes side by side, ready to go. Then I thought, maybe I can make them look cuter.

I already had the idea of making a bento, but most blogs I follow require a lot of tools and knowledge on the different types of ingredients.. So I was hesitant to try.

Instead, I came up with this:

LOL. It is so ugly, even Dylan couldn't tell I was trying to make a moon! #fail

Nian then encouraged me by getting me a variety of bento-making tools, and a book by Little Miss Bento.

So for the past weeks, I have been trying to play around with bento-making as much as I can! Work has been very hectic, but you know, it is true when people say "if you really want something, you will make time for it. If not, you will make excuses for it."

It's true.

I'm so glad I made time for all these little hobbies every day. It slows me down when I get stressed and upset, it also lifts up my spirit in an intrinsic way that I can't even describe.

I love how all of these individual dishes come together to make the bento look colourful. For someone who is so terrible at art, this is probably the best picture I can paint every single day.

What is your hobby?

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