Happy 8th Month, Alexis!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Alexis turns 8 months old today! When I first penned down Dylan's growth progress (which I slowly slacked off after the first year lol), I didn't think it will be of any use... Until today.

Today, Nian and I spent a couple of minutes reading through my blog about Dylan when he was 8 months old, and I cannot believe the joy it brought us, reminiscing his baby times.

Back then, Dylan already had two baby teeth & was already sitting solidly and starting to learn to crawl.

Alexis, on the other hand, has been running fever for the past few days because her first tooth is cutting through.

She is able to sit with assistance, and I think she is getting a little better at sitting independently over these weeks! She hasn't really started on crawling but I don't really care because maybe she is like me... I never really crawled as well. :p

Like her korkor, I am thankful that Alexis is a good eater, though I must say she is slightly pickier. These days, she doesn't like her baby cereal anymore, and she prefers "adult food" from our plates.

Just today, she wolfed down some mashed carrots and ABC soup I cooked, and still shouting at her daddy for more.

Korkor is still her best friend, and at 8 months and 32 months old, the two of them are playing really well together.

I personally like how Alexis will burst out in laughter when Dylan tries to make her laugh! That little girl certainly boosts her korkor's ego a lot. Hehe.

She has also learned how to shout for things - shout for food, shout to sleep, shout to be carried... Just a whole lot of shouting going on this month LOL.

I can't wait to watch her teeth cut out, and her first steps.. Watching our children grow is certainly the most amazing thing motherhood brings. :)

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