Being part of Beijing 101's charity event

Saturday, April 04, 2015

2 months ago, while Chinese New Year was around the corner and most of us were busy buying new items for our friends and families, I had a good opportunity to take some time out to care for the elderly. I've always wanted to be part of a charity drive and two months ago, my wish came true because we went around Commonwealth Close Residents' Corner to visit some uncles and aunties, gifting them some provisions for the upcoming celebration.

Apart from the enthusiastic staff from Beijing 101, we also have Taiwanese actor Hong Yan Xiang, Xu Hui Xin, Li Qian Yu, Lin Si Tong, Wu Han Xing and Huang Tai Li joining us!

Holly and I having a picture with the artistes before we set off to deliver the provisions to some elderly who have problems moving around.

Let's go!

My favourite singer, Jay Chou, mentioned this in one of his songs <<外婆>>

大人们始终不明白 她要的是陪伴 
而不是六佰块 比你給的还简单

Essentially, it simply means that an elderly often does not need us to splurge on them. Instead, all they need from us is a word of concern and spend some time with them amidst our busy schedule.

One auntie was exceptionally memorable because she just fell down recently, thus making it difficult for her to move around much. When she saw us bringing her bags of provisions, she repeatedly thanked us.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" she said in her dialect.

Geez, it is difficult not to feel emotional, looking at how happy she is with our small gesture of love.

Really, sometimes, all we need is to take some time out and bring love to as many people as we can.

Thank you, Beijing 101, for inviting me along for this meaningful event!

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