A date to Backstage Cafe

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

With so much cafe sprouting up everywhere, I think it is inevitable that foodies like us end up trying to try as many cafes as we can... before our wallets empty.

Recently, Nian and I went for a quiet date to Backstage Cafe, which is located at some really.... secluded industrial area. Times like these I am glad we have a motorcycle to zip us around, especially to places like these!

It was a good day for an outfit-of-the-day post: Nian was wearing his new loots from Zalora while I finally wore a dress out because I didn't need to feed Alexis for that couple of hours. Hehehe.

Mondays are usually a bad time to cafe-hop because most shops will be closed after a hectic weekend. Thankfully, after a couple of rounds of Googling, Nian happened to chance upon a recommendation for Backstage Cafe, so off we went!

Started our lunch with their highly-raved Mushroom Ragout. This was okay... actually, most of their food are average at best. The Mushroom Ragout was overly spicy with too much black pepper, but the mushrooms were crunchy and vegetables are fresh. I wished they used lesser black pepper because really, we couldn't taste anything else in this dish.

Nian had their crabmeat linguine in pesto sauce, which was not bad! Just before we headed over to the cafe, he passed me his phone with their menu. "Eh, decide what you wanna eat first leh, then we can straight away order later," he said.

So I scrolled up and down, up and down for a couple of minutes and *just* before he lost his patience with me, I declared that I was gonna have the crabmeat linguine.

Turns out, he had the linguine in his mind before he passed the menu to me, and I ended up wanting the same thing as him. 

There is absolutely no point if we end up getting the same dishes, since we share our food anyway. So I settled for their set meals that came with ice-cream and a soup.

The ice-cream was so mediocre it feels like those sub-standard ice-cream you get for 50 cents. And we were given a small, pathetic cup to help ourselves to the ice-cream.... but when I opened the tubs in the freezer, most of them were almost empty.

Worst ice-cream experience ever. Made me feel like I was eating at Seoul Garden or something.

The soup was too peppery, bread was too hard. Verdict: I'd rather not have the sides.

The Smoked Duck Aglio Oilo though, was okay. In fact, not too bad! Such a shame their mediocre side-dish has to ruin this otherwise delicious meal.

The entire lunch came up to be $30 odd, which I'd say is pretty reasonable for a cafe, but I don't think we will be back anytime soon because the location is too far out and the food isn't exceptionally wonderful.

Can't wait to try out other cafes with Nian soon!

Are you a full-time working mom?

When I was working full-time, one of the few things to spur me on to complete the week was...

1. Countdown to Fridays

2. Think about what to eat during lunch time

3. Think about what to WEAR

For many of us, the usual shopping in town has been replaced by online shopping - simply because we don't have the time after work (rushing home to the kids!).. and that online shopping can be done during office hours. (*coughs* not recommended)

I hate skipping from blogshops to blogshops because it is very time-consuming, so I always welcome online shops that bring in a huge variety of clothings I can choose from. Also, I try to go for better brands because they tend to be more durable and classic.

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