Tan's Chinese New Year 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A month ago, we celebrated Chinese New Year!

This year of the goat sees our youngest baby, Alexis, joining us for the celebration. We decided on a matching family wear this Chinese New Year, simply because I always see Malay families wearing matching baju and I really like it!

However, to make things more casual, we didn't go for matching traditional costumes. Instead, we opted for something from the same fabric, but different cuts. Long sleeved shirts for my boys, a sexy peplum top for Alexis and a convenient romper for me.

What do you think?

Personally, I LOVE this beautiful shade of yellow on all of us. It makes us so bright and cheery!

Before I got married, Chinese New Year was not a huge event for me because my family hardly celebrate it, but right now, I can tell you that CNY is probably my 2nd favourite celebration, just one spot shy of our birthdays.


Right from the reunion dinner, we'll head over to Nian's maternal grandmother's place for our first round. Nian's maternal granny is a Hakka so we are always feasting on traditional Hakka cuisines like Abacus Beads (OMG my faveeeeee) and Hakka Yong Tau Fu that is handmade and stuffed with fish+meat paste that is manually prepared by Nian's popo.

Did I tell you guys that she makes her sambal chilli from scratch too? Salivating as I am typing this!!!

Visited her again on CNY Day 1 to continue my feast and to hang out with all the kiddos.

Whenever I see XX, the eldest of the lot, I think time really waits for no man. When I first joined the family 7 years ago, she was only 1 year old and now? Primary 1 already wtf.

How did that happen?

And slowly, over the years, the baby gang grew bigger and better. We had 1 kid back in 2009, then 2 kids in 2010, then another in 2011, Dylan & Peyton came along in 2012, Chloe came in 2013 and with Alexis joining the group in 2014, we officially have 7 members in the baby gang!

Both other mummies 'close shop' already, so it is really up to us to increase membership. *coughs* I want another 2 more babies, even though they drive me crazy most of the time. 

Visited my mom and my mother-in-law in Day 2 - both sides of the family cooked sumptuously and we ate heartily. I can never be happier! And the kids had so much fun!

Our outfit for CNY Day 2 - black and gold!

The good thing about having CNY falling over Thursday is that we have a reallyyyyy long weekend and by the third day, we were scooting into JB to visit our other relatives. Usually, most of us had to go back to work by the end of the 2-day holidays and have no chance to head into Malaysia to visit the rest of the relatives.. So this year is pretty special I'd say. :)

Daddy and Dylan were wearing matching Polo tees that day!
Heading into JB was very smooth and fuss-free. While some of our relatives drove in, we took public transport in (the beauty of living only 5 minutes away from the customs wtf lol) and arrived way faster than any of our car-driving relatives!

Coming out was a nightmare though... we hitched a ride from one relative because we were quite far away from the Malaysian customs, hoping to just hop off after we clear the immigrations and take a public transport back home.

Turns out, the jam was so horrifying, we were stuck in it for 3 hours! This was after we used the less congested Tuas checkpoint, so they had to drop us at some ulu parts of Bukit Batok to take a cab home. Really so near, yet so far. 

We wanted to visit River Hongbao after our Malaysia trip, but guess what time we all reached home that day?

11PM! We left for home immediately after dinner at 7PM you know..... 

Sunday was CNY Day 4 and YES! We were still in a celebratory mood. Invited our family members to our house this time and the kids had a great time in our toy room. I could say this another hundred times but changing our study into a toy room is one of the best decisions we have made for our house!

We also spent some time to visit my God-sis, Kevin and Amanda... doing nothing important but gossiping.  To be honest, we really don't have many people to gossip about. Every time we gossip, it is always that handful of shitheads.... but they bring us so much pleasure and topic to past time over gatherings. With that, I am thankful for their existence LOL.

Also took the chance to collect our post-dated Christmas presents!! Haven't got around trying my Mini Pops mould but I think I am going to start trying in this week or two.

And of course, we finally made it to River Hongbao after planning it for many days but got canned because of unforeseen circumstances (traffic jams, mostly. Or we ended up rather playing BlackJack/mahjong than to gather everyone out hehe)!

The theme for River Hongbao this year, is unsurprisingly, based on SG50. Every single event/decoration is based on SG50 this year. I think I'll give Dylan and Alexis' a SG50 themed birthday party too.

#notreally #justkidding

Had a blast-from-the-past moment when we first got in because they got the Fun Fair in, complete with haunted house rides, bumper cars, that UFO thingy that you stand and it rotates round and round until you get all giddy... it really reminded us of the good ol' times when pasar malams were way more exciting when we had fun fair together with it!

A family picture to end off all the festivity. While some of us cousins still meet up on normal days, it is till the next Chinese New Year, folks!

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