My First Q-Switch Laser Treatment with Dr. Gerard Ee

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Freckles have haunted me a large part of my life. I had hereditary freckles, which meant that I already started having little spots when I was young. Many people told me that they were cute, because it resembled the little dolls they have at home, with little dots of freckles all over their cheeks.

As I grow older, my sun spots grew together with me. New ones resurfaced from the dermis layer, while the older ones at the surface grew larger. Before I started on laser treatments, I have been using whitening products religiously. While they do lighten some of my pigmentations, none of them are able to fully remove them.

As I turn 30 this year, I decided to put my foot down to get them sorted. I want my flawless skin back!

1. Experience

A woman's face is probably her best asset (erm, so is her figure actually lol) so I really want a doctor who is experienced and have a wealth of knowledge to accurately assess what are the treatments I need, and what I can do without.

It is a fine balance between best results and lowest downtime. A slip of judgement may mean that you have a longer healing time than necessary, or a less-than-desirable results. You need an experienced doctor to know exactly how much 'dosage' to give for the maximum results for the minimum downtime.

If you consider having scabs on your face as downtime, then yes - I had scabs on me for almost a week. However, the scabs barely hurt! I could do what I usually do immediately after the treatment - I could apply sunblock and put on make-up without any pain, so I'd say the down time is extremely minimal.

I could even go cafe-hopping with my hubby and go for a photo-shoot with my family! Nobody barely noticed my scabs by the third day.

2. Comfort

Having seen many different aesthetics doctors and dermatologists with my friends and family members, the reason why I never set my mind to do any procedures until now was because I was not really comfortable with the doctors. Some of them started by bashing my skin condition, how 'ugly' my freckles are and how I must 'get rid of them as soon as possible', whereas some, started selling me all sorts of other products that I wasn't even interested in.

Being with Dr. Ee is very comfortable because he is very casual, but professional. It's very hard to describe with words, but Dr. Ee has a demeanour that will put you at ease easily.

Whenever I need to excuse myself to go outside to carry Alexis, or feed her halfway through our consultation, Dr. Ee always told me to go ahead and we will continue our consultation later. He has never once rolled my eyes at me for being troublesome, or bringing my entire kampong down to his clinic.

And he really, really treats you more like a friend than a patient.

What is Q-Switch Laser?

Q-Switch Laser is one of the most technologically advanced lasers. It is FDA approved and clinically proven for the removal of both superficial and deep hyperpigmented lesions. The laser works by delivering clinical light quickly with intense energy. The pulses are absorbed by the treated area, breaking down the pigments into smaller pigments, which are then eliminated by the body's natural lymphatic system.

Dr. Ee shared with me that Q-Switch Laser, coupled with CO2 laser (that I will be going through later in my treatments), will remove my freckles permanently. In fact, just one session alone had already given me very positive results on my freckles elimination:

Right side of my face - Day 1, 3, 5 and 7
You would realise that when the scabs drop off, the particular spot disappeared as well. In just one treatment, 50 - 70% of the spots can be eliminated. Subsequent sessions will then neutralise the pigmentation until I finally have flawless skin.

Another thing I like about Q-Switch laser is its downtime is very, very minimal as compared to other types of laser technologies in the market. You can continue to go about your usual routine without any disruptions. There is also no compulsory medication to take/apply.

What else, apart from freckles?

The Q-Switch Laser technology is actually very amazing and fascinating. Apart from freckles removal, you can also use it for skin rejuvenation to get rid of fine lines, acne scars and reduce large pores. Dr. Ee also shared with me that you can use the Q-Switch laser to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy, or a successful weight loss! Q-Switch is also useful for tattoo removal, birth mark removal, spider veins removal, dark eye circles and acne control.

What is the pain scale?

I'd say it is about 2 without numbing cream.

Dr. Ee ordered numbing cream on my cheeks where he would blast the freckles, so for that, the pain scale was only a 1.

All in all, I would say that it feels a little uncomfortable, especially towards more sensitive areas like the top of your lips, the cheeks and the area around your eyes but I could still talk and didn't think about punching Dr. Ee, so I think it is bearable.

I think what scared me most was the burning smell when I went through the laser treatment. When the laser runs through our face, it stings our facial hair. It doesn't hurt at all, neither did my face catch fire . It's nothing, really. No rising smoke, no darkened face, no nothing. Just a scary burning smell that would probably scare all first-timers, like me, but it is greatly reduced by the jets of cold air delivered on the skin during treatment.

Here's how my skin look immediately after the session. I had treatment for my entire face, but with stronger pulses to target my freckles.

And this is me now:

Zero edits and no make-up. Now scroll to the top and see my polka-dotted face and compare it to me now!

Even though my freckles are not entirely gone yet, I'm already so much happier with my complexion. I am still in the stage of disbelief actually... most days I would look into the mirror and scrutinise my face, and then beam happily that the bigger spots are gone from my life. I cannot wait for the day when I finally achieve the perfect skin!

If you're in the quest towards clear, porcelain skin like me, Dr. Gerard Ee will be able to help you. You can give The Clifford Clinic a call at 6532 2400

The Clifford Clinic is located at Clifford Centre, just right beside Raffles Place MRT Station. Its prime location is perfect for working ladies to pop by during lunch time, get some treatments done before popping back to work.


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    1. Hello! You might want to give Clifford Clinic a call at 6532 2400 as they may have promotions and all time to time. :)


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