Hong Kong Disneyland!

Friday, March 06, 2015

This is possibly one of the happiest posts I've written because honestly, who isn't happy being in the world's happiest place? (Ok, for this case, the happiest place in Hong Kong)

This is the second Disneyland both Nian and I have been to, but it was our first time taking the Disney train because when we were in Japan, we took a tour bus that dropped us straight to the door step. So as you can see, I'm kinda wildly excited about the Disneyland train with Mickey windows!

The Disneyland gate is within a short walking distance from the MTR station, but still quite a distance away from the actual entrance. Regardless, when you walk through the green gate, you are a mere step away from being a child again!

Misca, Mooseca, Mickeyyyyy Mouse!

Some sights we see as we stroll into the main entrance, after dropping our luggages at the hotel. It was also our first time staying in a Disneyland resort, omg so exciting!

Us, with our tickets, ready to enter! Coincidentally, I found a picture of us back in 2010, posing almost the same way with our tickets. Old habits die hard, hahahahaha.

A classic European house with a garden of flowers forming Mickey's face greeted us the moment we entered.

Walk under a bridge and we will enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy!

Saw Mickey right at the entrance, but we didn't manage to have a photo with him because the queue was tooooooo long (as usual!), so we headed somewhere nearby and took a photo with Pluto instead.

So cute!

Headed to a couple of kids-friendly rides, which is quite aplenty. Headed to Stitch's World or something, and it was so interactive, it was amazing! Afterwhich, we headed to one of our favourites - It's A Small World.

It was Dylan and Alexis' first time in there so we were really excited about what they were gonna see... I was praying that Dylan would like it and not freak out because we were on a boat / the interior is pretty dark.

One of the most iconic rides in Disneyland everywhere!

Headed to the Winnie The Pooh ride next, which was really fun for the kids too! Check out how happy Alexis is. I think she brightens up this picture even though it is blurry. Hehehe.

The queues are generally pretty manageable, none of the rides require us to queue anything more than 15 minutes and some, like the Stitch ride, was in English so the moment they announced, "This screening is in English," 90% of the queue went off because....

They are PRCs hehehe.

Other times, we had to be really vigilant because those mainland Chinese really, really love to cut queue. I dunno why? It is like their culture to cut queue, to squeeze, to push, to be ridiculously kiasu, inconsiderate and dirty.

I spoke to another Mainland Chinese who was surprisingly nice and patient and all (the complete opposite of those we are annoyed with), and he explained that apparently, Chinese from different parts of China have different cultures. People from the Northern (or is it Southern? I cannot remember) are generally less 'barbaric' as compared to their Southern counterpart. Not sure if it is vice versa but you get the gist.

According to him, all the badly behaved ones belong to this certain region and they are not really associated with them. I don't know. I just wished they make the world a nicer place. Everywhere seems to be terrible wherever these people go.

We got ourselves a nice seat after taking a couple of rides to wait for the parade to start!

No one should ever miss the parade when you visit Disneyland, because that is when you get to see almost ALL of the Disney characters!

As compared to the Disney Parade in Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland definitely pales in comparison. While there were the Disney Princesses, there were no signs of their other halves, which was sad la cuz I really like to see them coming out in their individual carriages and their princes.

There were also no Simba, no Peter Pan, yet there was Tinkerbell lol.

Of course, nobody can resist the beautiful, striking colours of Buzz Lightyear. "To infinity, and beyond!"

We didn't manage to take pictures with Chip & Dale when we were in Tokyo Disneyland previously, so I was really stoked to have a picture with them this time. These chipmunks are too cute!

Here's Chip giving a little kiss to Alexis while she was asleep. Sooooo adorbz I can't even.

We missed taking photo with Mickey earlier on, but thankfully, we found him at one of the meeting points so we spent about half-an-hour queueing for a photo with them. Dylan has fallen asleep by then and... check out how much he looks like a dumpling LOL.

Just like in Ocean Park, the best time for Nian and I to try out all the big kiddo rides are when the small kiddos fall asleep. As soon as Dy knocked out, we headed to Toy Story Land for their RC Racer ride!

This is like Viking lah actually... but still very exciting nevertheless!

Nian is actually on one of the seats there hahahaha but I doubt you can find him. Can you?

It was dusk by the time we were done with the rides... We've never really stayed at Disneyland all the way until it closes for the fireworks but this time we can, because we are staying right in Disneyland itself!

The monster (Dylan) wakes up as we were taking a photo with Woody.

Strolled around the area before finding ourselves a good spot to wait for the final parade to start. It was so cold and windy at night, it really reminded me of us in Japan. Such happy memories. :)

Headed back to the hotel at about 9pm and realised that the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel has no room service omg!!!

The dinner buffet downstairs was already closing by then too, so we actually went to bed hungry. :( I still can't quite believe that there are no room service. Why like that one......

To make up for the hungry stomachs, we woke up bright and early the next day for their breakfast buffet. Thankfully, the spread was really good so my enormous stomach is appeased!

Dylan, kungfu-ing beside a Mickey Mouse statue before breakfast.

And that's us, posing with Chef Mickey! Each table is given a chance to take photos with Mickey. Such wonderful marketing gimmicks. It made Dylan so happy. :D

Went for a stroll outside the perimeters and took many photos with random decorations... like this car. And then we headed back to the room for our naps....


Win already lor! We thought that our flight was at 2pm, but actually, it was at 12pm wtf. Imagine our bizarre expressions when we looked at one another and go,

"Eh, not 2pm meh?"
"I thought you checked?"
"I thought it was 2pm leh!"

Lost about $300 for our flight back and had to buy new tickets that costs another $400 wtf -__- so silly of us.

But well, what matters is that we came home, safe and sound. 

When we were leaving for our holidays, there were many plane crashes (MAS Flight 370, MAS Flight 17, AirAsia Flight from Indonesia....) and to be honest, it did scare us quite a bit... especially when the TransAsia plane crashed into the river in Taiwan. We were just there yesterday and then suddenly something so tragic happened.

When we missed the plane, we kinda consoled ourselves that it is meant to be... And then I cannot help but think about those stories involving lucky survivors who cheated deaths because they missed their planes wtf.

Thankfully, both planes, the one that we missed and the one that we were on, arrived Singapore safely. We didn't lose anything, except for the $300! $300 compared to four lives is sup sup suay ok.

Spent all our money on food this time round, only coming back with these + a T-shirt for Dylan but we are really happy! :)

I can't wait for our next travel already.

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  1. I've never visited Hong Kong before! Totally feel like going after seeing your post. Would you consider Hong Kong baby friendly?

    1. Mmmm I think it is still okay if you babywear Aidan, but I think generally, it is quite unfriendly for my 3yo then - the MTR gaps btwn the train and the platform were huuuuge, so people can actually fall through if they are not careful. The crazy amount of steps also makes it difficult if you decide to bring a pram for a long day out..

      No space for you to park them anywhere in the cha chan teng too! I doubt I will go back to HK anytime soon though.. LOL

  2. Feels like so much fun to be in Disneyland again, or Hong Kong for that matter! :p
    This place was our first holiday as a couple too, and it's been awhile since we've been back (love HK food + shopping! Ha!)! Oh my, we had the same experience of *ahem* cutting queues too! Grandma + young boy around 9-10yo tag team and the boy actually pushed me and I nearly lost my balance while queuing for photo taking ! Incredulous. Well, time to plan another trip with 3 kids now, right? Hehe. Have fun!

  3. Whoa! What a way to end your holiday - it's like the stress of having to rebook your flight would negate all the rest! I guess it makes for a great story, though.

    How was the park food? I generally take a dim view of theme park food as it tends to be expensive and lousy, but maybe Disney Park Food is of a different calibre.

    1. The park food... well... let's just say it was mediocre at best. Popcorns were probably the most decent thing you can get, but we can't really choose because they didn't allow us to bring anything else inside the park!

  4. We last visited HK when our daughter was about 2. It's a good Disneyland to intro kids to - small and the rides do not have too much 'G-forces'. We've been to many more amusement parks nd Disneylands after that but HK Disneyland will always be special because it's our daughter's first amusement park. Thanks for sharing.


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