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Sunday, February 01, 2015


I've always been thinking of writing some posts but these days, ive really been crazy busy.

- produced content for my various clients
- schedule them to be published
- send out my invoices
- clean the house multiple times because of our paintworks
- pack the luggage for 4 people
- draft out my advertorials

Thank goodness everything went smoothly & I'm here, lying in bed in 新北投, between my hubby and kids. It is our last night in Taipei and we just had a great dip at our private en-suite hot spring and one word: SHIOK!

The trip actually started because Scoot sent us a promo email stating that we will get 1-for-1 tickets if we travel between September 2014 to March 2015.. And gave us a list of countries to choose from.

Turns out, it was only some SELECTED flights that had the promo & there was supposed to be some indication of some sort (which I never saw on any flights to Taipei, despite being listed on the 1-for-1 list pfft).

Somehow, we got tricked into buying two tickets thinking that they will refund us one when the payment goes through. On that note, i dont think we will ever fly Scoot again. We don't like marketing gimmicks like these.

We were not the only ones who got tricked too, many unhappy customers left complains on Scoot's Facebook page regarding this, but they never replied. One even spent thousands of dollars on tickets to Seoul wtf. Thousands of dollars can fly SQ already why Scoot? -_-

Thankfully, apart from this small hiccup, everything was exceptional! We found this chic boutique hotel along 中正路 - the room was super comfortable with heaters in the toilet, which means no more stepping into a cold bathroom in the middle of the night!

They also make individual sets of breakfasts for us, with a different menu each day. Our first morning was Chicken Burger, much to Dylan's delight. ^-^

We kept our itinerary short & simple this time and kept to a maximum of three places each day so we didn't need to rush. First day was to Taipei Zoo, Mr. J's 藤原豆腐店 & 师大夜市.

The zoo is a pretty good place to visit if you have children in tow. Kids below 6 enter free & adults only pay a mere S$2.50 per pax. There are a wide variety of animals and animal shows, including an Insectorium where they show an array of interesting insects and have a butterfly garden.

These butterflies are extremely friendly and would sometimes stop on you!

Left the Zoo as soon as the kids fell asleep and went 忠孝复兴 to stroll around since we were too early for dinner at Mr. J. We were supposed to head to the Hello Kitty cafe but upon really serious consideration, we decided to skip it because 1) the food is bad, 2) the service is bad and 3) there is a min spending that is quite high.

So you can say that the only saving grace is their Hello Kitty deco wtf. #nopoint

忠孝复兴's SOGO is one place I like to go because I not only can lust over all the Versace, Balenciaga and Hermes, I get to eat all the good food at the basement!

Nian bought this yam swiss roll for me that is made from real yam pulp omg wtf and it is SO YUMZ, we went back the next day to get 2 more lolol.

And then it is the strawbies season so we bought a variety of strawbies pastries & all of them were super!

Mr. J's 藤原豆腐店 was average. I had a fan-girl moment when I stepped in because the entire restaurant was revolving around Initial D but the food is so-so.

We ordered a chicken katsu curry and some salmon roll, but my favourite is this mentaiko potato wedges.

Then again, i like anything mentaiko lolol.

Planned to go to 九份 and 十份 on our 3rd day and prayed for good weather, but like every Taiwanese we met told us - it rained in the mountains so we left pretty quickly after conquering 九份. It was freeeeezing!

Thankfully, 瑞芳 is a good place for food too so we settled at 永和豆浆 and slurped down a huge bowl of steaming hot soya bean milk.

Waaaaa warms the tummy.

Since we skipped 十份, we also skipped 基隆庙口夜市. Made it up with 士林夜市 that is near our hotel & gorged down all sorts of egg pancakes, 骰子牛肉, oyster omelette, oyster mee sua, my favourite 臭豆腐 (whacked 3 pieces at one go LOL), 芒果冰 and Nian's 2nd piece of 豪大大鸡扒!!

Overall, Taipei has been wonderful to us. Our kids had a great time, both Nian and I get to spend time together dating (albeit with 2 adorable lightbulbs lol). Gotta go for breakfast now before we check out!

If you would have realised, I had to write and stop constantly and by the time I am concluding this, it is already morning!

These days, you can never finish a blog post in one sitting anymore hahaha.


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