Tans Go Taipei Part 2

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm still missing Taiwan as I am typing this. No wonder my friends can make repeated trips to Taiwan, it's simply because the people are really too friendly, the food is too delicious and the pace of life is really generally slower than what we experience in Singapore.

Talking about very delicious food, we continued our escapade the next day by meeting our friend, YC, who was working in Tai Chung. By some stroke of luck, YC had a company dinner in Taipei the night before, so he could meet and catch up with us over generous servings of sashimi and seafood hotpot at Addiction Aquatic Development.

Quoted from Lonely Planet:

Addiction Aquatic Development is housed across from the Taipei Fish Market under a single roof is this collection of chic eateries serving the freshest seafood imaginable. There's a stand-up sushi bar, a seafood bar (with wine available), hot pot, an outdoor grill, a wholesale area for take-home seafood and a lifestyle boutique.

The boys had a great time catching up. Thanks for making so much effort to meet us, YC!

A generous serving of seafood for our hotpot - lala, hairy crabs, fish, mussels... I cannot imagine what else can be a better lunch in a 15 degrees celcius weather.

Checked out of our hotel in and went up further north to 新北投, where our hot spring is waiting for us! 刚才喝汤,现在泡汤!

It is our first time at 新北投 and we really had our breaths taken away by the sheer number of luxury spa and hot spring hotels sprouting around the area. Most hotels allow you to book their rooms for a couple of hours for a private hot spring bath, but we chose to book a hotel overnight so that we can spend more time soaking.. and also explore Dan Shui, which is also around the area, without having to rush back into Taipei.

Explored the area at 新北投, visited their library, hot spring museum and Hell's Valley. Nian was nursing a bout of runny nose that day and surprisingly, after a brief soak in our en-suite hot spring bath, his runny nose stopped.

Behind us is one of the three mini waterfalls that 新北投 has. So tiny, you would probably not notice it, haha! But I sure love the wonderful greenery and scenery. :)

Headed to the nearby Dan Shui after that and promptly ate the super tall soft-serve! Personally, 淡水老街 is my favourite street to shop so far because they have TOO MANY yummy food. We had two servings of calamari and subsequently wolfed down 阿给, 福州鱼丸 and another bowl of 卤肉饭. I can have 卤肉饭 everyday I think wtf.

Oh yah! Forgot to post this super cute picture we took at Shilin Night Market. The store owner is really talented, with just a candy floss machine and a stick, she could actually whip out cutesy cotton candy ducklings like these wtf.

You can also see that it says no photo-taking is allowed but seriously, she should allow it! People like us will swoon over it and then post it up on our blogs. Ta-daaaaa, free publicity!

Bidded Taipei good bye and flew to Hong Kong for our second leg of Tan's family trip because Nian booked us tickets on Eva Air's Hello Kitty flight!

As you can see, the word 'excitement' is underrated for me. I was seriously thrilled. :D

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