你好,香港!Part 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

After spending a good 5 days in Taipei, we flew via Eva Air's Hello Kitty air to Hong Kong!

The last time I went Hong Kong was probably 10 to 15 years ago. Back then, I didn't have a good impression with Hong Kong because I couldn't speak a single word of Cantonese, and I thought the Hong Kongers were really aggressive and things were very expensive.

Fast forward 15 years later, Hong Kong has certainly changed. More people spoke in Mandarin and English, but they still live a same old hurried lifestyle, things are still very expensive and there are more PRCs than ever.

Despite that, we are determined to make the best out of our trip! Afterall Hong Kong is well-known for their delicious food, so we will eat all the yummy goodies.

We started our first day at the Australian Dairy Company savouring their very delicious Almond Milk Steamed Eggs and their Steamed Milk and Egg White. They cost HKD23 each, which works out to be slightly over SG$4.

Ordered their breakfast set, which included macaroni with ham, their legendary scrambled eggs and a simple toast. The scrambled eggs were to die for and many would be very happy to pay HKD$15 just for them!

My boys, very excited about breakfast.

Visiting The Peak was on our itinerary for Hong Kong and OH BOY HOW BLOODY LONG THE QUEUE IS!

For one, none of us expected the queue to be snaking long until we had to cross the road and queue under the overhead bridge wtf. We were supposed to reach The Peak at 4PM, so we arrived at the Lower Tram Terminus at 3.45PM, thinking that we will reach there about time.

(We also didn't think that we had to take an almost 10-minute up-slope walk from the MTR station to the tram terminus omg)

We queued for a good whole 1.5 hours, only to reach The Peak at 5.20PM instead ohmygawd. The unsupervised queueing at the end where we were supposed to board the tram doesn't help, especially when the both of us are bringing a child each.

Basically, throughout the entire boarding, I was shouting at the top of my voice to everyone:

(Don't push me! I'm carrying a baby!)

Luckily most people are pretty civil to not shove me around. The rest who didn't care about Alexis got a nudge in their ribs each with my elbow. *eh-hem*

All for Madame Tussauds Wax Museum because my hubba didn't manage to visit the Singapore one when we went previously.


So much effort and time to get to The Peak, oh gosh.

Also tried Mak's Noodles which everyone swore by but what the hell, it was not only expensive, it was not delicious at all. :(

Kam Wah was spectacular though! So spectacular we had it two days consecutively lol.

Just like Singapore, Hong Kong was literally BURSTING with life at 8AM in the morning. There were people with stores already opened, some doing Taiji in the park, most rushing for work and ordering takeaways... It was actually pretty fun watching the crowd zoom by, except that most of them have zero patience for anything LOL.

Walked around the Goldfish Street, Flower Market and Fa Yuen Street after breakfast because it is so close to our hotel! Dylan had a great time looking at the fishes for sale while he sings along to "All The Fishes"

I personally like Flower Market the most because, well, I love flowers and there were sooooooo many flowers there! Most of the florists cultivate and sell orchids at the Flower Market, but I also spot roses and many other festive flowers for sale.

Fa Yuen Street was a little boring because they sell mostly roadside clothes and fruits etc. Not my type of shopping. Skipped Women's Street totally and didn't bother visiting Argyle Street as well, even though it boasts very cheap wholesale clothings. Somehow, apart from Bangkok, I don't really buy clothes when I'm overseas.

Took an MTR to Admiralty and then changed a bus to Ocean Park after our post-breakfast walk and arrived just slightly after they opened! I honestly cannot decide which I like more - Ocean Park or Disneyland. In my opinion, both places are great to visit!

As Dylan is slightly older now, he meets the height limit for most kiddy rides so he had a ball of fun with his daddy too. It makes me so happy to know that he enjoyed all these places we went, because honestly, most of these are planned for him more than for us.

That's the two of them on the carousel! There were two carousels in the park and he took them both, plus a little choo-choo train that went around a small garden. He even took a mini plunging ride and while everyone squealed as the G-force pushed their hearts into their throat, this brave boy started looking at his father and laughing when the ride dips downwards.

Okay.. he does look a little sick in this picture LOL. But honestly, he was not afraid!

Dylan beating the drums... just like how he hears them during the lion dance.

Our little rickshaw man!

The entire area is dressed up in this mid-60s style with loads of old posters and stalls... so nice!

When the kids fell asleep out of sheer tiredness, it is time for the hubby to go for all those adrenalin-pumping rides. "Which is the most exciting one?" he asked.

I pointed to the gigantic freaky clown and said, "Go. That roller coaster, 3 loops. You confirm shiok!"

And poof! Off he went. 30 minutes later, I see him coming down the steps, beaming from ear to ear. "This one is awesome! Now MORE thrilling ones please."


We then settled for The Flash, which was certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Have you taken the local thrill ride, Top Gun, before? It used to be suuuuuper popular when we had Vikings in fun fair. Just like Top Gun, The Flash swings like a pendulum until it reaches right at the top, dangling everyone upside down for a good whole 1 to 2 seconds to ensure that all your blood rushes to your brain.

After which, it lets momentum take over and well, it basically swings back to rest. However, it is definitely not as simple for the people on the ride because this ride is like Top Gun + Viking + the seats rotate 360 degrees laterally as well so you're basically turning horizontally and vertically, simultaneously!

A lot of -ly in one sentence wtf lol.

Nian missed out The Abyss, but I took it before and... honestly? I think I almost fainted on the way down LOL.

The exciting part about The Abyss is the ride up. It is slow and steady, and cold. And you get to see the islands around Hong Kong. So beautiful, so breathtaking. And then you are up there for about 15 seconds?

Just long enough to wonder why the hell you are not falling yet.

And without further warning, VOOOOOM! OFF YOU GO!

I was literally flying off my seat, so you can say that I'm thankful for my seatbelt for keeping me in place!! Remember the plunging ride Dylan took earlier on? That was the baby version, and this is the I-am-not-afraid-to-die version.

Do not ride with a full bladder. You'd regret.

As the night creeps in, we then left the park and queued for the cable car back to the entrance. Like the trip up to The Peak, we took a neat 1 hour queue before we hurled our kids + stroller up into the cable car and finally heaved a sigh of relief as we took a casual 5 minutes ride back.


Took an MTR to Sha Tin for dinner for our last night in Kowloon area as we are going to Lantau Island next. DISNEYLANDDDDDDD!

Having spent 2 days at Disneyland, I'm gonna dedicate the entire next post to Mickey Mouse and friends. Till then!

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