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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's mid January already?! I really dunno where all the time went, and I honestly think I've been busy with absolutely nothing!

Ok don't be too exaggerating lah. I don't want people to think that being a SAHM is really a very shiok thing to do ok. I've been... selling things that we don't need on Carousell a lot these days. I sold my hair curler, flat iron, clothes, bags, appliances... and I was amazed on the amount of cash I got back.

It kinda justifies for my other rounds of shopping, you know? :p (Side note: The buyers on Carousell though..... I think I can write my own version of #Carouhell LOL)

And then I've been cooking, reading, exploring new teaching techniques for the kids, picking up some new handicraft skills and hopefully, starting another small scale business this year. It is still very raw though, we may end up not doing it at all, but the thought of it excites me quite a bit!

Other than that, I've been hosting, as usual, and working from home, still. Everything's pretty much the same I suppose? Chinese New Year is coming so it is another round of shopping again (yay!) - we've settled all of our outfits since last year (KIASU OR WHAT HAHAHA), so with only about 5 weeks more to go, it is down to sprucing up the house for the festival.

New table cloth, check!
Angbaos, check!
New cuddly cushions, check!
New bedsheets, check!
Tidy the house, check!
Paint the house, check!

That's right. After we've painted Dylan and Alexis' bedroom & installed wallpaper in their toy room, we are down to giving the rest of our house a new coat of paint and to seal those annoying hairline cracks.

Most of our walls are in beige right now, but I am thinking of using Dulux's Apple White because Dy & A's room look so bright now after the painting! The ceiling will also be painted with their Mouldguard... I can't wait for a brighter looking red feature wall this CNY. I'm very thankful that Dulux has continued to extend their generosity to us, despite the campaign has ended. More on this in my next posts when we confirm the colours and the type of paint we are using!


Ok to my post proper, my friends, kids and I went Madame Tussauds recently. If you don't already know, Mdm Tussauds is the latest place of interest that has opened in Singapore since October in Sentosa.

Hello!!! Poor hubby has to work, so it is just my happy friends and us. It is a nightmare travelling from north to south on the public transport though! To reach Vivocity at 11AM, Dylan, Alexis and I had to:

- wake up at 7AM
- breakfast at 8.30AM
- pack EVERYTHING (diapers, milk, nursing cover, extra clothes, comfort pillows, wet wipes, water bottles, thermal flask, blankets, toys & storybooks to keep Dylan busy while on the train...)
- leave home by 9.15AM
- push mega pram & walk to the station to ensure that we take the 9.45AM train latest, so that we can reach Vivocity some 1 hour 15 mins later & change of 3 whopping trains (Red line towards Jurong East + Green Line down Outram Park + Purple Line to Harbourfront )

By then, you might as well say that I've fully worked out and am done for the day wtf.

Thankfully, my friend Laien got us a really comfortable room at Hotel Michael for us to rest, wash up etc after a day out, before we adjourned to Intercontinental Hotel for Elfaine & Kingsley's wedding. The kids were officially exhausted that day, hahaha! But that is story for another day.

BACK TO MADAME TUSSAUDS omg I'm really an auntie leh, so good at digressing!

Obviously all of our tickets are from Hello Lobang, and so, our tickets gave us a good deal of visiting Images of Singapore Alive AND Madame Tussauds. No pictures for Images of Singapore because photography and videography was not allowed, but we were all impressed at how interactive it is!

Images of Singapore is a trail that started off Singapore in 1800s, in an office of a merchant. Actors will come out and act right in front of you, and then usher you from one room to another with each room a different era of Singapore.

We went through a sit-down movie, talking about Four Winds that blew to Singapore... then we were ushered to the times where the Orang Laut were living, and witnessed Stanford Raffles signing the treaty with the Temmengong, then Singapore Chinatown in the 50s, followed by the Singapore now.

In short, it is our history of Singapore coming alive, but in a more interesting and engaging way! Even Dylan, who had no clue of what was going on, enjoyed himself lol.

The entire trail took us about 50 minutes, and Madame Tussauds took us 2 hours to complete.

It is separated to many different sections, such as the politicians section where we saw Obama, our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, ex-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi.

The next section was sports, where we had a game with Yao Ming, hugged Christiano Ronaldo, laid on David Beckham's shoulders, boxed with Mohammed Ali and played golf with Tiger Woods.

Then we have the local celebrity section where we saw Phua Chu Kang, Zoe Tay, Jack Neo etc.

Followed by music section where we saw Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, Taylor Swift...

There were so many wax figures and all of them so life-like! We started off by taking photos will ALL the waxed figures in a particular section, but there were so many of them... by the third section we were just looking at them and picking whoever we like more to take a photo with us LOL.

(I know Laien is damn puke inducing up there hahahahaha)

Moved on to the popular celebrities section and by then, ALL of us were impatient for it to end already! We kept peering towards the exit by the 4th section, only to realise there is another section, and then peer through again, only to find ANOTHER section! Your money is definitely worth it.

This is probably all of our favourite section - Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise, Andy Lau, Johnny Depp, Bragelina... so many and they look as real as can be!

Just look at Andy Lau. Look at his intense stare. And then look at Alexis and I. Do I look like his wife? HAHAHAHAHA

Kidding ok Nian. Kidding. :p

This entry is gonna end abruptly here because it is time for me to prepare dinner wtf. Good bye!

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