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Friday, December 05, 2014

Did you just say you've got NO TIME for gym?

I used to go to the gym very often before I got pregnant with Alexis, but during the pregnancy, I slowly cut down on my gym visits and now, I don't get to go at all because I would usually need to dedicate 1.5 to 2 hours for my sessions and I really cannot afford it, given that Alexis still nurses very often.

When Contours Express offered me some trial sessions to go to, I was sold because all I needed was 29 minutes for my workout!

Who is Contours Express?

Contours Express is an international franchise gym exclusively for women with 12 outlets spread all over North, South, East, West and North-East areas of Singapore.

For my trial sessions, I went to their Jurong East outlet, which is located just opposite Jurong East MRT Station. With all the big shopping malls at the area, I left Dylan in the childcare and Alexis with her father to shop around.

29 minutes is really great for me because I get to work out and Nian doesn't get too stressed looking after her while I am away. It is also a good time frame because I wouldn't need to worry that it might coincide with her nursing time, should I decide to add on a couple more exercises before I call it a day.

First Impressions

Most Contours Express outlets are not situated in shopping centres, but in residential or commercial blocks. I like it that it is quieter, yet not losing its convenience.

One thing to mention though, I really love the entire atmosphere at Contours Express! Usually when I visit gyms, most ladies do their own things, but at Contours Express, it feels like a gym for friends. Because it is very intimate, everyone talks to everyone and there were jokes passed around amidst the 29 minutes when we work out together.

Our personal trainer, Thiba, and I

We also have a personal trainer on duty at all times. When I first went in, Thiba, the personal trainer on duty, went around introducing me to the other members. Their friendly demeanour also breaks the ice among awkward new members like myself and very soon, I was laughing and cracking jokes with the rest of the members.

With Thiba around, she had a walk-through with me before I started proper. She asked about my pregnancy, checked my abdomen area to see if I've fully recovered before coming up with a routine for me. As I've just given birth to Alexis 3 months ago, my abdominal area is still not ready for strenuous exercises like crunches and sit ups, so Thiba got me doing other exercises to train up my deteriorated core muscles.

She also did a height and weight check and body composition analysis on me. If I head down to the gym on a regular basis, she will take my height, weight and body fats every 4 to 6 weeks to track my weight-loss progress.


Started off with a 5-minute warm up on the spinning machine. While watching other ladies working on it, I thought it would be a breeze for me. Turns out, my lack of exercise for the past year has caught up with me and I was panting by the 3rd minute!

Once warmed-up, I started on my circuit. The circuit involves the use of machines and cardio exercises, alternating from one to another. The machine builds lean muscles and tones the body, while the cardio portion burns fats.

Each station is 45 seconds, so we have to go two rounds of about 16 stations. Even though 45 seconds seems to be a rather short time, it really feels like eternity while working on the machines. I can feel my body working really hard and perspiration was dripping down my sideburns!

Jumping Jac's. Literally.
All of my cardio exercises are specially curated for me and each station is different from another. I've done side stretches, knee raises, back kicks, jumping jacks etc. You can also choose to follow an instructional video that is playing on the TV. These instructional videos are changed regularly and have different themes for different months!

It was Retro for November, I think, and we did so many fun moves like jiving, side steps.. basically all the retro dance moves that you can think of!

I ended off my circuit training with my "favourite" planks session. *laughs and cries simultaneously*

Why choose Contours Express

Here are a few reasons why I'd revisit Contours Express:

- All ladies gym

Which probably means that you can concentrate on working out instead of checking out muscular men. 

Jokes aside, I've always preferred a ladies-only gym because I can work out with a peace of mind without worrying that I may be accidentally flashing at someone while bouncing around. Also, the gym equipments are specially acquired for ladies.

- Intimate settings

Like I mentioned previously, the gym is very intimate. Everyone knows everyone and I really like it that it is so friendly! It makes me look forward to make a date with them so that everyone can work out together and motivate one another.

- Passionate personal trainers at no additional charges

I always cannot remember how to use certain machines because I don't go to the gym often enough. Most of the time at other gyms, I will skip it entirely because there are too many users waiting for me to be done and most trainers will be occupied with their clients to actually help me with the machines. At Contours Express, the trainers will roam around the exercise area, giving all of us equal help.

- Convenient locations

Of course, with 12 outlets spread across Singapore, I can choose whichever that is nearest to my place! Even at the most remote part of Yishun/Woodlands, they have two locations nearby so I can pick and choose whichever that is more convenient for me.

- 29 minutes: short exercise time, but huge effects

Only requiring 29 minutes a day, it is definitely the biggest pull for me and for mummies who really don't have anymore spare time for gym. Contours Express at Jurong East also allowed me to bring Alexis along and park her at a quiet area while I work out and she naps. I am really touched by their gesture because most gyms would have rejected me at the door!

Of course, I try to avoid peak periods like lunch time and evenings because I really don't want our huge pram to be in the way of other users. Instead, we go really early in the morning since they open as early as 8AM so by 9AM we will be done!

Complimentary sessions up for grabs!
Redeem your 1 x complimentary circuit session with Contours Express at Sample Store [CLICK HERE!] and write a review on your experience, like what I've just done. The top three reviews will win 15 sessions of circuit training worth $299!

a          Instructions:
i.               Upon receiving your complimentary voucher (valid till 31 January 2015), call Contours Express at 1800-2668687 and choose your preferred center to book an appointment.
ii.              Present the voucher when you arrive for your appointment.
iii.            Post a selfie of yourself working out and a review of your free trial experience at Contours Express at
iv.             In your review, tell us why you deserve to win 15 sessions of circuit training at Contours Express worth S$299!
v.              Closing date for contest is until 31 December 2014 so hurry and redeem your complimentary voucher and book your appointment before 31 December 2014 to participate in this contest!
vi.             Contest winners will be announced on 5 January 2015 via email.

P.S Fret not if you didn’t manage to book your appointment before 31 December 2014 to participate in this contest, your complimentary voucher is still valid till 31 January 2015 so you can still book your appointment before then!

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