Revamping the kids' room with Dulux Part 3 - THE REVEAL!

Sunday, December 07, 2014


If you don't already know, we started on our Project Kids' Room some one month ago to attempt to change the existing guest room (or more lovingly known as my laundry room) into a conducive room for the kids to sleep in, so that the hubby and I can have some quiet time together.

BEFORE: The bare room with a guest bed and some storage boxes

If you're planning to have a room makeover too, here are some tips I've learned throughout our project:

1. Surf for ideas!

In this age where we have the Internet, looking for inspiration is really fast and easy. I surfed around Pinterest (you can check out Dulux' Pinterest Page or my Pinterest pins for home inspirations!) mostly, and then come up with mood boards that suits our colour preferences.

For the kids' room, we not only settled our colour scheme, which is in GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW, we've also set a theme for them! Let's see if you can guess it along the way ok? 

2. Understanding the room & colours

Deciding on where to paint and what to paint is definitely not an easy decision because depending on your choices, your room will end up looking taller, wider, narrower, brighter or even darker!

Here's what I've learned from our Dulux colour experts on WHERE to paint:

Image from Singapore Mom Blogs

Depending on what you need for your room, the COLOURS of your room also play a huge part. For example, do you know that you can get more sleep when your room is painted blue as compared to purple?

It will also be helpful if you understand different colour schemes, such as the complimentary colour scheme, analogous colour scheme, monochromatic colour scheme etc... which you can learn more in this video: (P.S. You can watch my interview in there too!)

Otherwise, you can also pick up Dulux's colour book to spot the latest colour trend or use the FREE Dulux Visualizer app (downloadable from Play Store or iTunes) to visualise how the paint will look like before you paint it.

Of course, if you're too busy or still cannot make up your mind, fret not because when you engage Dulux's painting services, you will get free colour consultation, onsite inspection and even warranty on the paint job as part of the package.

3. Choose the right guys to do the job!

I'm not sure if you guys have read my horror renovation stories (links on the left if you're interested!), but my key takeaway from the horror episode is that whatever I do to my house, I should always find the professionals to do it.

With Dulux's painting package, I didn't even need to shift my furniture or do any preparation in advance! The professional painters came in and got everything settled very systematically and smoothly.

Before the actual painting commences, the professional painters will shift the furnitures and cover up whatever that cannot be shifted, such as build-in wardrobes etc. After which, they will assess the wall and do any rectification works.

I'm particularly impressed with how the painters patched my wall cracks - they didn't just paint a new coat of paint to cover the cracks. Instead, they dug out the old paint, sealed the cracks, sandpaper the sealant to smoothen it... and then started painting.

You gotta agree with me that it IS a lot of hard work, and I'm really glad the professional painters took so much pride in their work.

4. Some DIY never hurt

Both my hubby and I love some form of handiwork, even though the both of us are hardly good at it. You'd be surprised how much a DIY item can personalise the room, no matter how small it is!

This project, I took up sewing - something which I was never good at. We poured through Youtube videos, Pinterest, secret training from my mother-in-law... and I made the kids little hot air balloons!

We made five little balloons altogether, and guess how long it took me?


Hahahaha as you can see, I'm really pretty hopeless at it but I'm very glad that I have an opportunity like this to make something for the kids!

Here's how it looks like after completion. The 'basket' is made from cupcake cups and the balloons are entirely hand-stitched. I'm so proud of this!

Have you guessed what is our theme of the room yet?

We also printed, laminated and cut out alphabets to decorate the door.

Let me give you guys the most obvious clue of all:

Hand-made bunting with little circus animals balancing on it!

If you haven't guessed it, our theme for their bedroom is THE CIRCUS!

Are you ready for our room tour? If so.... Click PLAY and let our little tour guide bring you around his room, and also for the very first look at the completed feature wall + how the hot air balloons look after we hung them up... and a close up on the door and bunting decorations!


It is really amazing how a simple paint job can give a room so much life, isn't it? Most importantly, I am relieved that I never had to be stressed over or deal with anything remotely worrying throughout the entire painting process... And Dylan LOVES it! What else can I ask for, really!?

Using these three colours - Blue Topaz, Celery Green and Lemon Ice, we've successfully created a playful feel, yet the muted colours can 'grow up' with the kids, making it a timeless colour that can last us for many years.

Since Chinese New Year is coming, take this chance to make use of Dulux painting services special promotion - specially for hellomrstan's readers!

You can also experience a wonderful house make-over yourself... stress-free and worry-free!

Alternatively, if you like our room transformation and are impressed with my lacklustre sewing skills () you can VOTE FOR US at [this site].

10 lucky voters will stand a chance to win up to $600 worth of painting and home decoration vouchers each!

I promise I will top up with hand-sewn hot air balloons for your new house if you vote for me. Hehe. #seriously #notjoking #openbribery

Thank you so much, Dulux. You made our children fall in love with their new room with just a flick of the paintbrush. Yay!

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