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Monday, December 15, 2014

When it comes to shopping, my biggest weakness is never clothes or jewellery or shoes.

It is always bags.

The quirkier the bags are, the more unique it is, the more I love it. Of course, I also like simple, easy-to-pair pieces for days when I really have no inspiration or time to think! When Here & There store started, I almost went crazy because some bags are really too cute!

This is my first bag from Here & There store:

The I Set Airport Fashion Trends bag that is roomy and spacious. I used this as my maternity bag, so you can imagine how much stuff it can take!

The firm PU leather also helps to retain the shape really well. I can stuff a gazillion things in it, it will still look classy. Such a lovely piece!

My second purchase from Here and There store is this My Pearl Cuff is Better Than Yours in silver.

Another classy item from them that does not tarnish nor rust with regular usage. This is one of my staple wrist candies because it can go with so many different outfits, even on days when I dress down. I love it!

Here are another two bags that I swoon over and cannot wait to make it mine - the "Hermes" and the "Chanel".

This is the Hokay It's Spongebob bag, which is a playful twist to the otherwise classy Hermes Birkins.... which I may never afford LOL. There are also many other playful Birkins interpretations available on Here and There store, such as their Hokay It's Not Hermes and Hokay It's Bugs and Karl bag.

The I'll Make You Jelly With My Bag is a brilliantly funny interpretation of Chanel's signature Boy bag. I personally love it in gold, but they have black, grey, blue, pink and silver available on backorders as well.

Oh yes! There is also a Not Too Hot For A Leather Jacket Clutch that looks almost like the Moschino one that made me roll off the floor laughing at it.

Here and There Store X'mas Sale - 50% OFF past collections!

I just checked out this new baby at their 2014 X'mas sale... everything is going at 50% OFF (except current collection & backorders) and this only costs $24! Usual price was $50, so I am really ecstatic that I grabbed a deal. It is now officially out of stock heeheehee

Items are flying off their virtual shelves really quickly, so I'd really advice you to grab them while it lasts! $24 for such a pretty bag yet not burning your wallet, indeed makes a wonderful X'mas present.

Website: Here And There Store
Instagram: @hereandtherestore
Facebook: Here And There Store Singapore

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