Revamping The Kids' Room with Dulux Singapore Part 2 - Choosing The Right Paint!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Mom's foreword:
This is a guest post written by my 2-year-old, Dylan. Everyone, please give him a round of applause. Do note that his opinions are entirely his own and I will try my best to not be responsible of it. 

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Hi everyone!! Do you like blue? Blue and green are my favourite colours so I want to write this post in my favourite colour. Mama is so boring, all of her posts are in black. I like blue so today the whole post will be in blue colour!

For those who don't know me yet, my name is Dylan. I am two years old and I don't have a girlfriend. Everyone asks me if I have a girlfriend in school but when I say no, nobody believes me!

I have a meimei. Her name is Alexis. She used to sleep inside Mama's tummy, but she woke up and came out near my birthday. Mama always tells me that she is my birthday present. I love my meimei. 

Every morning, we will sit down together and I will give her a kiss on her head, her hand and her foot. She is very cute. I love to tickle her too.

There are many things I like to do with meimei. I like to sing and dance to her, I like to read storybooks with her, I like to swim too, but Mama says that meimei is too young to swim with me. However, our favourite activity is to do colouring! And drawing!

Daddy will print me a lot of pictures to colour and Mama will give me rough papers to draw on, but sometimes, I get to draw on important things, like making a birthday card for Daddy! I had so much fun drawing aeroplanes.

See? See?? Can you see???

Nice? Is my colouring nice? Papa says it is VERY nice so I am very happy!

Some other days, Mama and I will colour apples. She will also set mahjong paper on the floor for me to draw. What is mahjong anyway? Why does she call it 'mahjong paper'? I call it BIG PAPER because it is very big! It is BIGGER than me and meimei together.

After drawing, Mama will stick the big paper up on the wall for Grandma, Papa and everyone who came to our house to see. She calls me a Peecoso. No? Peesaso? No? I don't know why she calls me that. My name is Dylan but she always gives me a whole lot of other nicknames.

Sometimes she calls me Sunshine Boy, other times she calls me Smelly Backside.

I tell you a secret. Sometimes, I get confused.

Mama and Papa always tell me that I can only draw on papers, but isn't storybooks made of paper? Mama got so angry when she realised I drew on my storybook last week. :(

Then you know when I get very excited about drawing and I see our BIG WHITE walls, I forgot that I can only draw on paper!

I drew these green balloons on the wall and Mama had to smack my hands so hard because she cannot clean it away anymore. :( But Mama, balloons are nice! I wish you hadn't smacked me so hard. I don't like to cry. :(

Another time I forgot that I can only draw on paper... This was a finger-painting art! Almost got my hand chopped off for this. 

Mama kept telling me, "Dylan, don't draw on the wall! I cannot clean it away and it will look very ugly!"

Papa always tell us, when we live together, we must accommodate to each other. So I asked Mama if she will let me draw on the walls... if she can clean it away easily. She said ok! That is if I can find a paint that can be easily cleaned!

Just as I was having a headache, wondering where can I find the magic paint that can let Mama clean away my masterpieces easily, meimei and I were invited to Dulux's inspiration event! It was a superb event because I got to eat all the yummy sandwiches and drink tea with the other aunties and jiejie...

Also, a very handsome korkor showed us this incredible paint that can repel tough stains! 

Mama said that this paint is called Dulux Wash & Wear and it has a KidProof Technology to prevent children like us from making permanent stains to the wall. It's like this magic paint as a unique protective film across the paint such that my mistakes can be corrected easily without Mummy faint from cleaning the walls.

I am not sure if this is a piece of good news for me though....

Looks like I have to stick to colouring on BIG paper to preserve my artwork so that my meimei can admire it when she is older.

But then again, this means that Mama will forgive me more easily now if I do forget and colour on the walls again! She said I can draw on the walls if she can clean away easily right? Heeheehee.

Mama also said that the Dulux Wash & Wear can repel soya sauce, ketchup, ice-cream and fruit juices... as if I was going to throw them on the wall! Sometimes, parents don't really get it, do they? They think we kids are gonna hurl everything on the wall... it's not like that, mum.

I just get carried away when the artistic bug kicks in. I don't do these purposely. I'm a good boy!

Oh. I just heard Mama on the phone with Dulux. Some uncles are coming over to our house to inspect my room and to talk about the new paint!

Flashing you my most attractive smile! Wouldn't it be great if we can have the WHOLE house painted with Dulux Wash & Wear? That will just mean...... heeheehee.

Okay! I got to go now, aunties, uncles, jiejie and korkors. It is my pleasure guest-posting on Mama's blog. Thank you for reading! Mama made Fish & Chips for dinner tonight so I need to get ready! Please pray that I don't accidentally dirty the walls with ketchup. She. Will. Kill. Me. 

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