5 Places We Bring Our Kids To

Sunday, November 09, 2014

When we were dating, Nian and I always complain that there are nothing much we can do in Singapore. Back then, there were very little cafes, so we couldn't cafe-hop like most couples do now... Most of the time our dating is limited to movies, strolling around shopping centres, netball and soccer.

Now that we have two kids, I suddenly feel that there are so many places to go and so many things to see, so I thought of sharing with you mummies and daddies. Here are five places that we've brought the kids to recently that is pretty interesting and fun!

Jurong Frog Farm

Apart from the zoo & River Safari that I've blogged about previously, another place Dylan went recently was Jurong Frog Farm. I like how the tour is, even though the guide was not trained to guide really young children like Dylan & friends, there were a lot of interactions, such as touching the frogs, feeding them with fish pellets and looking at the life cycles of the bullfrogs.

Check out the girl's expression when looking at the huuuuge tadpoles LOL

Even though I've gone through Primary School education myself & understand a frog's life cycle, it was still an eye-opening experience to look at tadpoles, then those with tiny hind legs and those with both front and hind legs but still hasn't lost their tails entirely yet. It was very cool!

We ended the tour with an educational video on how bullfrogs in the wild survive, followed by buying some of their very overpriced souvenirs. 

All in all, I think the frog farm is a really nice place to visit. Such a shame that the government is chasing them away in the next 2 years. As such, we are planning a staycation at D'Kranji as we speak! I hope we have a chance to bring the kids to Bollywood Vege and some fish farms over these 2 months. I also hope that they are able to move to somewhere else and not be forced to close completely. I'd definitely wanna bring the rest of our kids on these educational trips again.

Art Jamming at Arteastiq

I'm not very sure if kids can actually go into the art jamming studio at Arteastiq, but Dylan was very lucky because we were invited there by Dulux so he had a chance to churn out his artistic talents on the canvas. Just look at how concentrated he was while painting. He was the one who chose all the colours too!

Personally, I think it will be a really nice place to bring your kids to for a day of drawing and painting while the adults can relax over a cup of tea and small bites. I like how peaceful the whole activity is.... If they are not trying to paint your hair or face

Polliwogs Indoor Playground

On a sidenote, I bought Nian the 1999 Man Utd jersey - the priceless one when Man Utd won the treble and he was so happy. Happy husband = happy me. He now owns a grand total of 3? or 4 Man Utd jerseys so please do not be alarmed if you always see him in red LOL.

We don't usually bring our kids to indoor playgrounds because most of them are awfully expensive and I don't really believe in expensive play so indoor playgrounds are really a treat for them, Dylan especially, since Alexis is too young to play anyway.

We visited Polliwogs for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I like that place pretty much! We paid $20 for unlimited play on a Thursday, but we only managed to play for about 2 hours before all of us were drained.

I love how spacious the place is, like Cool De Sac and Hokey Pokey, except that it has this toddler section that is really fun! It has got three slides and a bouncy castle which Dylan was slightly afraid of initially, but got over it when his daddy went in and bounced along with him.

It also has a in-house cafe which serves pretty good truffle fries and this slushie... Oreo mudslide or something. It was SO good.

We will definitely be back again even though it won't be so soon, but I am glad that we have found a replacement for Hokey Pokey, which is by far the most expensive indoor playground we have visited. I also think that Hokey Pokey is more suitable for younger kids. Now that Dy is 2 years old, I think the activities there are not as fun as being able to climb up and down.

Gardens By The Bay Children's Garden

Whenever we go to the beach and I see those Malay families sitting down, eating their homecooked food and having the entire family there, I feel a little envious of them.

I love how close knitted they are and I hope to develop such ties within our family too. Thankfully, our cousin & my sis-in-law are also receptive of this idea and we have been organising outings and picnics as much as we can.

This is our third outing together and despite poor weather, all of us enjoyed ourselves very much! Best thing was each of us brought a little food & drinks and mat... And for the next hour or two we were just chatting, laughing and all. It was very nice. I love it.

Best of all, the children's garden is free of charge so it is open to public. Free play is best play!

Port of Lost Wonder

Today, we had our virgin trip to the Port of Lost Wonders in Sentosa. I think Dylan will always be super excited over water play hehe.

It was a celebration for one of my nephew's birthday, so it was CRAZY fun with all our cousins' children!

My cousin also booked bubble play for the kids, which is exclusively for the boys and girls at the party.

For $10 (weekdays) or $15 (weekends), i think it is a great place to head to for serious water play. Their slides and water shooting ranges, oh my god. No wonder Dylan forgot his name then!

And that's hip scooping up an arm full of foam. This party is TOO FUN!

Where else can we bring these two little bubs to? Please share them with me! :)


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  1. These are great places for me to take my 2 kids... I wanna try Polliwogs and Port of Lost Wonder. I been to Gardens by the Bay but never explored the Children's Garden. Not sure if I wanna go to the Frog Farm. Dont like fogs hehe

  2. Very interesting! Been wanting to bring my kids to Port of Lost Wonder till date haven't. Gotta move my butt and bring them there. Looks so fun!

  3. I love POLW.... but, that frog farm!! I just can't. so scary!!

  4. Art jamming looks great. There is only one week left before school reopens. Will try to go to one of the places.

  5. Been wanting to visit the frog farm! That's the one where the owner's young Daughter is helming the biz :) Time to plan a trip.. Hehe

  6. Since it is June holidays, there are loads of activities and places for kids to go to. POLW is indeed very fun.

  7. Art jamming sounds good, will try that with bubba.

  8. I agree 100%, with the kids around, there are so many corners to explore in Singapore! We did a staycation recently, and the Haji-lane, Kampong-glam area are gems!

    cheers, Andy

  9. Port of lost wonder and polliwogs look really awesome. Supposed to be the grown adult but I'm feeling pretty pumped abt jumping in myself!


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