10 Mandopop Songs You Will Know If You Grew Up In The 90s

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I must admit, this post is inspired by Flora's 20 Signs You Grew Up In The 90s... and also, I was in the car last week, singing to songs after songs on the radio. So I turned around and told the husband:

Me: "Wow can you believe it?! 933 has improved with their music! No more weird Chinese songs that I don't even know!"

Turns out, we were listening to 97.2fm!!!

I refuse to believe it. How can I be enjoying the songs from 97.2fm?! I'm only 29!!! 97.2fm is a station for aunties! Remember how 东方比利 used to share all those health tips and then all the aunties will rush to NTUC to buy green lime and drink them neat every morning to detox!??

Anyway, the fact is that I really did enjoy their music the entire hour I was in the car. Those songs they played were so familiar, I could sing it even before the singer started! Here are 10 Chinese songs that you must know if you grew up in the 90s.

1. 陈晓东 -心有独钟

Daniel Chan was probably every girl's idol when I was in secondary school wtf. And this song? Probably the most sung song in KBOX.

2. 杜德伟 - 把你藏起来

As you can see, the style in the 1990s is the centre-parting, high-arc fringe that both Daniel Chan and Alex To sports. Even when I look at him now, my heart still skips a beat. The white singlet, earring on the left lobe, tattoo on his right arm... AND THAT DIMPLES. Definitely the first bad boy I gave my heart to.

3. F4 - 流星雨

F4 came much later in my years of growing up, in 2001. (And that has been 13 years already!) Regardless, F4 took my school by storm. Everyone was watching Meteor Garden and most of my classmates loved Zai Zai. I used to think Vanness look like shit, but now....... he's probably the hottest one among the four of them.

4. 草蜢 - 寶貝對不起

The Grasshoppers are probably the first Mandopop group I like, they have these songs that will make you want to groove with them! This is my favourite and I believe all of you MUST have heard it in some point in time. I don't know who else can sing a break-up song with so much wackiness and jive LOL.

5. 林子祥 -男儿当自强

In the 90s, George Lam is known for two things - the Guiness Stout ad with him going.... "你怕黑吗?黑,有什么好怕。" AND THIS. YOU MUST KNOW THIS because this is where all the boys learned their Shadowless Kick in school from!!!!

6. 叶倩文 -潇洒走一回

How can anyone not know this song and its ardugen dance moves????

7. 吴宗宪 + 小黑 + 刘德华 - 笨小孩

I don't know how this came about but the chorus is too damn addictive I swear.

8. 阿牛 - 对面的女孩看过来

This song was also another hit when I was in secondary school. So much so, we used to sing this song during our campfire wtf.

9. 中國娃娃-單眼皮女孩

I don't know why they are China Dolls when I *think* they are Thai (because of the 'Sawadeeka' lyrics in this song lah ahahaha). 大错特错不要来,侮辱我的美~~~ *jumps around and calls it a music video*

10. 郭富城 -对你爱不完

And of course... the best for the last.


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