The worst week of the year

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I know I sound incredibly chirpy for such a dreadful title but yes, I think I just went through my worst week of the year since last Saturday. I'm hoping all these lousy happenings will end by this week, which is... today!

Last week, I had an event to host at Resorts World Sentosa. Sentosa has never been my favourite place to work because

1) it is crossing the entire island, literally, from North to South
2) I have to pay an admission fee to work, wtf and
3) If I drive, the admission fee will be almost doubled at $7 AND I'll still have to bear the stupid jam at Harbourfront AND pay for hefty carpark because I don't get complimentary parking slips all the time.

I don't understand why I didn't mind travelling into Sentosa every weekend when I was younger. Well, we all do things that we don't understand when we were young, don't we?

Anyway, because of the long travelling distance, I left home 2 hours before my event started to ensure that I will reach at least 30 minutes earlier.

"Aiya Singapore so small, you won't need anything more than 1.5 hours to go anywhere!"

Each trip to Sentosa will prove me wrong, over and over.

Last week, I took a grand total of 2 hours to finally arrive my destination. While I was not late for my event, I was not exactly early and I put my client into this frenzy mode, which was due to my bad time management.

The next thing that was not going my way was their sound system. Because of budget constrains, my client decided to not engage a sound system specially for their event, choosing to use whatever RWS has. Previous site recee didn't allow us to test the sound, so we didn't know how it will be like until the very day.

Turns out, it was not going in my favour.

Usually when we do events, we use two-way speakers at the minimum. These speakers come in various powers so the bigger the power you have, the louder you can go without having the emcee screaming his throat off.

An example of a two-way speaker
Attached to these speakers will be the mixer, where a DJ will control the sound quality - the pitch, the base, the clarity, echo, feedback... it's a lot of technicalities.

However, last week at RWS, we don't have a two-way speaker. Instead, their in-built speakers were on the ceiling and confined within each conference room. We had to combine 3 rooms to accommodate 30 tables. As such, tables that are placed in between two conference rooms will not have speakers directly above them and that means they won't be able to hear me clearly.

If that is not bad enough, they have some sort of weird sound controlling machine that can't seem to adjust the base deep enough and when we try to tune the volume a little too high, we get the freaking banshee-shriek sound all of us hate.

What amazed me the most was that there were absolutely no AV assistants available on site to teach us or to assist us at all.. and they have the world's hardest-to-use Sennheiser microphones. It took 3 grown adults to figure out how to mute the microphone wtf 

Long story short, because the sound system couldn't project my voice well, I ended up shouting for a good 4 hours and... I developed laryngitis and started coughing hopelessly on Sunday.

Afterwhich, I started to feel feverish and I ran a high fever from Monday through Thursday, hitting as high as 39.6 degrees celsius.

The last time I fell so sick was exactly one year ago... all the raging fever that no amount of Peppermint essential oil can bring down, no number of Paracetamol is enough to curb. It was like a wild fire in my head, burning savagely.

I coughed until I had no more voice, I coughed until I started panting... and I coughed until I really thought I was going to vomit blood. It was scary! In just one week, I lost a whopping 3kg when I usually gain weight when I fall sick wtf.

Finally when Friday came along, I felt slightly better. I no longer needed to sponge myself, I don't wake up shivering like a leaf while my body temperature was a burning 39 degrees. Nian couldn't decide whether to give me a heat pack to warm up my numbed fingers or to give me an ice pack to cool my body down. I was still running a low grade fever though, ranging around 37 to 38 degrees celsius.

Really needing to get well by today, I finally relented and went to see a doctor. Given 3 days' dose of antibiotics and cough syrup, my cough is still.... there. Not so much until I was gonna die, but there like an annoying pimple on the forehead. Fever has long subsided and I have not one, but TWO events back to back.

Dear God, I pray that I get to keep my voice and my fever and cough will not relapse. I also pray that my larynx can tahan a bit and give me a best voice as possible. I still sound like a man, unfortunately. :(

I also pray that Dylan and Alexis will be fully cooperative with my three part-time babysitters (who are actually our friends lol) so that it makes all of our lives easier. There are a lot of things depending on prayers today!

But like what everyone says. Let go and let God.

+++++++++++++++++ POSITIVITY. +++++++++++++++++++

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