Revamping The Kids' Room with Dulux Singapore Part 1 - INSPIRATIONS

Friday, October 31, 2014

(This post is brought to you by Dulux)

When we first moved into Tan's Residence, it was a bit of a hurry because I was gonna pop anytime back then. As such, our renovation is kept to the minimal because we wanted to move in as soon as possible and we also thought of slowly sprucing it up as we live along.

We started our very first project early this year - converting our messy study into a cosy playroom for the kids and I honestly think that it is one of the best things we've done to the house! As Dylan and Alexis grow older, we are hoping to move them to their own room so that the two of us can have some quiet time together....

You know, like sexy time.

Currently, the kids' room is a little bare. It is used as my laundry room where I'll harvest all my clothes from the yard and conveniently dump them on the bed until the kids sleep.... then I'll sit on the very bed and fold/iron the clothes and arrange them nicely in the Ikea wire racks you see. The chair on the right is actually a spare chair where we dump our worn-once-but-gonna-wear-again clothes.

The objective of revamping the room is simple - make the room so beautiful, the kids volunteer to sleep in there!

To do that, of course we needed some splashes of colours. Previously when we first moved in, our geomancer calculated that red and green are our lucky colours and we should try to stick to these colours as much as possible. As such, our bedroom, living room and kitchen sport a red + white theme, while the playroom sports a green + white theme. I guess you can roughly imagine how our house looks like - a mixture of red and green everywhere!

In this case, choosing a wall colour is pretty straightforward for us - it will be another green room! But how will it be like exactly? Is it gonna be entirely green, or will there be some red details, or what?

Initially, when I heard about the colours from our geomancer, I was like...

But last week, after attending a Dulux event, I realised that complimentary colours are actually high in contrast and can attract a lot of attention! If done correctly, our house has the potential of attracting a lot of attention you know!

WAIT WAIT WAIT. What are complimentary colours?

Ok, colour wheel please. This gets a bit technical when we talk about colours but once you grasp this, you can officially be an interior-designer guru. (Ok, I'm probably exaggerating a little, but your colour schemes at home will rock!)

Complimentary colours are colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel. When you design a house/room based on this scheme, here's what you get:

So lovely! I wished I saw this inspiration when we were buying our furnitures. The red and green provided great contrast for the living room, making it full of life and energy!


For the less adventurous, you can choose the Analogous colour scheme because the colours blend into one another more naturally. It basically takes two other colours beside the actual colour you'd like. For example, if my theme is RED and I opt for an analogous colour scheme, Dy and Alexis' room will look something like this:

Making use of purple, oranges and just a little bit of red. 
OR if I choose to have a green theme in the analogous colour scheme, it will involve yellow and blue and it will turn out something like this:

Definitely something I'd consider for their room. Green, blue and yellow - so bright and cheery!

The safest option of all. If you are worried about awkward colour clashes, then the monochromatic scheme is the option for you. Think about the beautiful ombre walls and gradual colour changes. I'd think this is the most popular choice among many people!

Here's an inspiration of a red monochromatic scheme:

A room done up in hues of red - red, brown, pink
And another in green monochromatic scheme:

If you're not as superstitious as us and generally have no colour limitations to your house, then I'd congratulate you for having so many colours to choose from!!! Uh, that can be a problem too, right?

I was browsing through the Dulux Inspiration 2015 booklet (CLICK to download PDF version) when I realised they had very thoughtfully identified some of Singapore's favourite colours to paint their homes:

Sorry ah, the Fountain Mist is torn because... it will be torn when you have a two-year-old at home fighting to choose his room colour with you.
If you are someone who would like to 'play safe', these colours are tried and tested and loved by everybody. So you can choose and definitely won't regret! If you want to be out of the ordinary, you can also use this as a guide to avoid these colours so that your house will look unique and extraordinary.

If you still cannot make up your mind based on Singapore's favourite (like that Tiffany blue that everyone has, or the lighter blue that has a Maldives feel to it?), you can request for a colour consultation service from Dulux.

Two simple steps and you get to see your room in your selected colours! Now you can visualise and compare easily, no? Btw, the email address to send to is

OTHERWISE, you can also download their super cool app - Dulux Visualizer. You won't believe how clever this app is until you watch the video!

Basically, this app allows you to visualise, literally, how your house will look like with the particular paint you've chosen. Just hold up your phone/iPad at a distance and tap the wall with your chosen colour. You can also take a photo of it and then compare them with different colours before making your final decision.

This way, you can choose any colours you like, picture it before you paint it. Then you don't have to worry about bad colour choices and you don't have to play it safe anymore!

If you're going through renovations or room transformation like us, I've prepared some resources for you:

- Dulux website
- Dulux Facebook Page: You get to see various colours inspirations and take part in contests!
- Dulux Instagram
- Dulux Singapore Pinterest: My most favourite resource because they have different boards for different colour schemes and all of them are so beautiful!
- My own Pinterest inspiration board

How would the room look like at the end of the 1.5 months? I CANNOT WAIT!

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