My Essential Oils & I : A review on Young Living Essential Oils

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

My essential collection!

So roughly 2 months ago, I jumped onto the essential oils bandwagon after reading how some of my friends used it to 'balance the body' & using it to get rid of chronic problems in the body.

Personally, I don't have any chronic problems, but our apartment has - the store room is always moist and mouldy, and it has a really strong stench that we can't seem to get rid of. We've used a variety of methods: using Thirsty Hippo to absorb the excess moisture, opening the store to air regularly and constantly wiping down the mouldy surfaces with soap and dettol. None seem to work well and the mould always come back after a short while.

In fact, the problem was so bad that it ruined our pre-wedding and ROM pictures!

Coincidentally, I have a few friends who were in an essential oils discussion group and whenever they post something on the group, it will appear on my timeline. After a couple of weeks of intensive reading up, I thought essential oils could possibly be a solution to our smelly store because...

Mould hates essential oils. Particularly Clove, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Rosemary.

Perhaps I should explain why I end up buying these 7 essential oils (singles and blends) before I go on talking about me against the moulds at home. You see, each of these Young Living essential oils that I bought are really not cheap, so I was hoping to buy a more multi-purpose oil to make the money spent more worthwhile.

Apart from that, I also had a list of essential oils that are unsafe for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding, so those are struck out of my to-buy list... so these 7 are the ones that I've picked out.

Generously shared with me by @mistylavender
1. Lavender ($37.50) - I bought this because it is the most versatile of the lot. When Gentle Baby fails on me to calm the kids down, I will whip Lavender out and it generally works better than Gentle Baby, at a cheaper price! It is also good for superficial burns, get rid of the stale laundry smell when you dry them indoors and as moisturiser. I also had plans to make organic diaper cream for the kids, but I haven't got around to buy pure coconut oil yet.

2. Gentle Baby ($69.50) - Most expensive of the lot. I bought this specially for Dylan because he is very, very active before bedtime and it is very difficult to calm him down and settle him for bed without a lot of threats and scolding. Gentle Baby is supposed to calm emotions and to quiet babies down, but honestly, I don't think this works at all for both Dylan and Alexis. Dylan is still as active as ever before bedtime, so I am looking at purchasing Peace & Calming soon. It is also cheaper at $52!

3. Eucalyptus Radiata ($29.50) - This is possibly my most reliable essential oil among the seven because it really works very fast and very well for Dylan. I usually use it when Dy has a cough and it works like a charm! Normally with just one single drop on his chest and a nice, good rub, he will ease his cough in about 10 minutes and will not cough for the entire night. Recently, he had a very phlegmy cough and even though this Eucalyptus didn't dissolve the phlegm as it normally would, he threw up instead, dispelling all the phlegm in his throat in just one day. I'm largely impressed by this oil.

4. Thieves ($54) - This is another blend that many oilers swear by, especially people with young children as when applied to the soles, it 'boosts' immunity by killing bacteria that the child is in contact with. It is also useful as an overall sanitiser, kinda like Dettol, except that it has no chemicals involved. During this hazy season, I diffuse this indoors to 'kill' bacteria. Not so sure if it helps to remove those fine particles from the burning though. I'd like to try Purification ($30) next! As you can see, I'm hoping to find a cheaper alternative to those that I use frequently, leaving these expensive oils to more problematic situations.

5. Peppermint ($34) - This is another oil that I love to use during cleaning. Remember I mentioned about my perpetually moist store with a weird stench? I'm happy to say that the smell reduced greatly after the first time I got my part-time helper to wipe down with it. I went through another round of cleaning a fortnight later and I was pretty surprised as the cupboards will usually be filled with mildew within 2 weeks, but it didn't! The store is also slowly losing the stench, making it more bearable while sorting out our stuff inside.

When using it to break a fever though, it was a little slow when I dripped on just the soles. Perhaps I should try dropping it on the spine and the neck as well, as instructed above. Dylan was running a fever and I eventually gave in and gave him paracetamol because the temperature was lowered very slightly by 0.5 degrees celcius in 30 minutes, but shot up to 39 degrees the next hour. I'll be sure to layer it with Thieves this time and I'll report the results!

6. Lemon ($18) - A good replacement for Thieves or Purification during the hazy days, lemon essential oil has anti-oxidant that is supposedly good for the body. I use it to stop my runny nose sometimes by applying them neat behind my ears. I plan to use it on Dylan on days he has constipation too, I heard it is very useful. The only con is that I've to make sure that the bottle is away from direct sunlight (which includes myself staying out if it if I apply them) as it is photosensitive.

7. Deep Relief ($34.50) - Nian likes this roll-on blend because it works very well for his aching muscles! There was once he stopped doing push-ups for a couple of months, and when he resumed his daily work-outs, he had this dull muscle cramp the next day. I rolled on Deep Relief for him before he slept and he was immediately better the following morning. I also bought this during times when we have migraine/headaches.

So there! I think I've eliminated the use of chemicals as much as possible with these essential oils. We no longer use bleach for clothes, I replace it with lemon. When we wash the toilets, I drop a few drops of Peppermint and it got rid of the mildew. Eucalyptus when we cough, lemon when we have runny nose... you guys get the gist.

However, despite using these oils regularly, I've not signed up for a membership with Young Living as yet because they will require me to clock 100PV every month, which is equivalent to about $120 worth of essential oil + products every. single. month.

I cannot take this kind of commitment! Besides, each 15ml bottle can last us for a couple of months. Even Lavender and Gentle Baby, which we used daily, can last us 2 months and more. I guess I can live with riding orders with my YL-member friends and help them to clock their 100PV whenever necessary.

To those who are interested in essential oils, Young Living is a MLM-company with uplines and downlines. I'm not exactly sure how it works and how you can earn money through this scheme, but one thing to note is that your upline is committed to help you with answering any questions you have regarding the essential oils. As for me, I'm thankful for a handful of friends who willingly share their knowledge with me (like Mistylavender, who first sent me the catalogue and price list so that I could look into YL; Lyana and Lava who helped me to buy my first batches of oils and Belinda who acted like my upline, giving me a lot of advice despite knowing my disinterest in signing up as a member. I'm truly thankful!).

I'll continue to review new essential oils whenever I acquire them too. It's actually the one thing I read up a lot these days. Hehehe.

There are a lot of resources online too, like the below essentials:
- Young Living essential oils price list
- Listing of Young Living's essential oils
- And my kiasu list of essential oils and their uses

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  1. In Canada, you don't need to do 100 PV every month. You are only required to do 50 PV annually to stay as an active wholesale member. 100 PV monthly is for essential rewards and any commissions.


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