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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It has been a long time since Nian and I went on a nice, quiet lunch together. Previously when I was still on maternity leave after giving birth to Dylan, Nian and I had more time to explore different places to eat and connect with one another. Now with little Alexis, travelling is a bit more inconvenient since we cannot ride on his trusty bike anymore but I'm glad it didn't stop us anyway!

This time, we finally went to Grub. I've seen so many Instagram uploads from my friends - their mega fish fillet burger, mentaiko fries and their churros! Grub has been on my to-try list for a very long time despite being pretty near to our place.

Obligatory shots while waiting for our food to arrive


Grub is quite out of the way for us, despite it being at Bishan Park, which is really pretty near to our place. It's just that we don't drive, and anywhere that is not along the MRT line or requires changing of bus is considered as inconvenient lol.

Nian has been looking around for a car since forever, but these days, cars are really very, very expensive. $800/month after a $20K downpayment? It may seem reasonable for some of you, but I honestly think that I can take a cab anywhere for the month and it probably won't come up to $800/month. *sigh*

So anyway! Even if you drive, it is still quite a distant to walk from the car park. I'd suggest going in the evening because when we went at 1.30PM... it was really VERY hot.

Mentaiko Fries, which was delicious. Actually, anything mentaiko is yummy to me.


Personally, I enjoyed my lunch at Grub! The Mentaiko Fries came first and I thought it made an excellent appetiser simply because it is quite salty (ok, savoury). I love how crispy the fries were and the seaweed + mentaiko mayo combination is DA BOMB. I'd have another serving of this anytime!

The husband enjoying his glass of Root Beer Float while Alexis sleeps contentedly in his chest
You can never go wrong with Root Beer Floats because it is basically Root Beer + ice-cream wtf. However, we were impressed that they gave us the remaining Root Beer opened from the can. Not many establishments actually do that, y'know?

Cheeseburger for me and Chicken Thigh burger for the man
The cheeseburger is very ordinary for me, the patty is a bit too dry even. But Nian's chicken thigh burger was good! It tasted a little Thai... like it has lemongrass in it or something. It's a pretty interesting taste. I'd try their mega fish fillet burger the next time I go!

The churros did not make the mark, unfortunately. It was tasteless and floury, so we had to send it back. We were the second patron to complain about it, so they had it waived off from our bill. I still hope to try their churros the next time we go back!


I've nothing but praises for the service at Grub, especially because the big macho boy who served us was so thoughtful! I was telling Nian if I ever open a food joint, I will hire all the handsome young chaps with good bodies because it will attract ALL the girls. 

Since girls Instagram/Facebook/Tweet/Blog about their yet-another cafe hangout, my establishment will confirm + chop become very popular hehehe.

So anyway, this thoughtful, handsome, young boy was indeed very thoughtful because when we ordered our burgers, they actually come with fries but he noticed that we've ordered Mentaiko Fries for appetisers, so he took the initiative to check with us if we'd like to change our side into salad instead so that we don't get overloaded with fries.

Then when I asked for warm water (because I'm still nursing a cough I got a fortnight ago wtf), Thoughtful Boy constantly made sure that my glass was filled. Got another macho boy to top up for me when Thoughtful Boy was busy, he immediately got it wrong and gave me iced water instead. You see lah!

As though that was not enough, when I complained about the churros, Thoughtful Boy asked if he could get it exchanged for us. We thought it probably would't make a difference because the problem lies in the batter... and we didn't think they will change their batter, so we turned it down. When the bill came, we realised that Thoughtful Boy has thoughtfully waived the churros off because we were not the only one who complained about it!

Then finally, as we were about to leave, Alexis woke up and wanted milk, so I had to nurse her. It was about 2.45PM by then and they were closing at 3PM, so we asked if we could sit outside to feed her and all. While we were baking in the heat, guess what?

Thoughtful Boy came with two glasses of iced water for us! Granted that I would very much prefer warm water because of my cough, on regular days iced water in such a hot day will definitely be God-sent. THIS BOY IS TOO THOUGHTFUL. So thoughtful until I told Nian that if Dylan is as sweet as him, I'd be very happy.

Looks like I've passed the stage where I see hunks and I drool wtf. Now, I see them and wonder how will Dylan look like when he grows up. Of course I hope he will look like a hunk like his dad! You know, all the nice bod, lean and muscular, sharp nose, charming, kind, nice and thoughtful. It will be good if he is good at some sports and can play a piano too wtf hahahaha!

I dunno why I'm going there now but back to the service, it was really commendable and I was really blown away by it. To the Thoughtful Boy, thumbs up. Auntie here is very impressed with you! I'd totally allow Alexis to date boys like that I think.

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