People I meet when I'm out with a baby

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's amazing how many people I end up talking to when I bring Dylan/Alexis out, as compared to me being out on my own. Sometimes, I walk away feeling very happy whereas other times, I feel so defensive, it annoys the hell out of me.

There are generally 5 types of people we meet when we bring Alexis out:

1. The normal people

These people are considered 'normal' because this is what I'd be doing if I see someone with a really young baby LOL.

Generally, they will look at the baby from a distance - not too close, because they know how to respect personal space. They will then smile at the parents and then turn to their friends/husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends and say, "so cute hor?"

Not much effort is required to handle the normal people. Usually just a smile and a nod and we get on with our lives, which is great!

2. The storyteller

The storytellers are usually women in their mid 30s to early 40s, where most of their peers are married and have children because them seeing other babies will trigger their memory of either:

1) a horrifying story about a terrible mother and a suffering baby, or
2) someone going through a difficult pregnancy or
3) someone trying really hard to get pregnant and is finally so

We were at Watami a couple of days back for dinner when a group of patrons, in their late 30s or early 40s, were seated beside us. As soon as the lady saw Alexis, she started her story on "Amy".

Who's Amy? Well, she is a horrible mother who wouldnt even care for her kids. She is always out fooling around, and her child is as young as Alexis. I totally didn't eavesdrop on the story, it was so loud, it was like she was sharing with us too.

Met another lady at the market when she turned around promptly after seeing Alexis and complained loudly to her friend that her daughter-in-law is not capable because she cannot take care of a baby at all. Urm, okay.

3. The lets-point-and-talk-about-the-baby-like-the-parents-are-deaf

We usually attract these people when we stop to purchase something, especially so in the market. Some aunties will stop in their tracks and look at Alexis and start to point at her and say things among themselves like:

"Wa sleep until so soundly hor?"
"Wa this baby no hair one."
"Wa this baby yellow leh. Have jaundice you know." (what nonsense lor, Alexis is cleared of jaundice already pls)
"Wa this one boy or girl ah? Looks like girl leh..."

And then when they finally look up at me, they will smile and ask, "Your baby ah?"

Why the hell will my hands be on the stroller, attempting to push her off from their eyes if it is not my baby??????!

But I took a deep breath, smile politely and nod my head, trying not to roll my eyes.

4. The educator

These are similar to type 3, but instead of gossiping among themselves, they try to educate the parents.

We were at the coffeeshop one evening eating tze char when a woman in her 50s came up to me, pointed at Alexis' arms and asked, "You dont want to cover her? She will feel cold u know."

Helloooo we are in a coffeeshop. It is f***ing hot please! Cannot see Alexis is already perspiring away???? Besides, I've already covered her legs and it is just 2 tiny arms with mittens some more sticking out.

So I smiled and asked her, "What about u? Are u cold?"

Then she said, "Babies will catch a cold easily."

I replied, "So do old people."

Sorry, I know I'm very bitchy. Some more the auntie isn't very old lol but I said it because I wanted to be offensive. I know... I can be so evil at times.. so be glad when I don't say any bitchy stuff to you when you piss me off! It's not like I cannot come up with a sarcastic retort in a second, it's cuz I don't want only okay lol.

5. Fellow parents!

My favourite type of people!! Unless they are super competitive and start asking me all sorts of "Can your son count to twenty" kinda question, or the super slack parents who let their kids run around in the MRT and then bang into me/my kids, or breastfeeding evangelists, then I don't like them.

Generally, fellow parents are more empathising because all of us has been through the same shit very recently, so we don't judge each other, I suppose?

But right now, my ultimate favourite kind of people are the uncles. Seriously. They are the only group of people who don't give a hoot on who or what is in my pram. They don't turn their heads and look into the pram, they don't try to make small talks with me. To them, pushing a baby or not doesn't make any difference, and I really appreciate that!

We women really should be less kaypoh and focus more on what we're doing, instead of getting distracted by babies.

What kinda people do you usually meet when you bring your baby out? And most importantly.... WHICH GROUP DO U BELONG TO?

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