Our 6th anniversary celebration... with 2 lightbulbs!

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's our dating anniversary today! But can I just say that it is really very, very tiring to be bringing out two kids?! Not that it is impossible, but between running a 10km and bringing two kids out, I think the former is easier.... simply because the nightmare is over in 1.5 hours max.

We didn't actually plan on a celebration because our schedules are really hectic, but I decide to surprise him and try to plan for one anyway because he has really been a great husband and my perfect soulmate these 6 years. Surely he deserves a break!

So I booked us a staycation at Changi Village Hotel, as usual. This is like our third time we went back, after our ROM ceremony, and I still love the place very much for its tranquility and amazing service.

Our Thursday started bright and early for breakfast and even though we were supposed to be there at 1.30pm, I started packing at 10am. And then I realised that there are really A LOT of stuff to pack.

In the past, we will just need to bring an extra set of clothes + under garments and we are set for our staycation. 6 years later, we not only need to bring our kids' clothes, we have to pack milk powder, milk bottle, wet wipes, diapers, baby wash, comfort pillows, blankets... you guys get the gist. We really looked like we were moving house by the time we were ready to leave!

Thankfully, by the time we got to CVH after a hectic cab ride (think all the loading & unloading), it was time for the kids' naps so we managed to have an uninterrupted lunch! Just the two of us with the kids sleeping in their pram, we gave ourselves a treat by ordering whatever we liked without looking at the prices LOL.

We were contemplating on having their calamari for appetiser but the waitress recommended their special for the week - prawns in white wine sauce and we KNEW we had to get it!

No regrets. I don't know how much this costs, but the prawns were super fresh and it was made with crunchy, juicy cherry tomatoes (another of my favourite) and a generous serving of garlic! I actually love garlic in my dishes.. especially when I eat lor mee!

Ordered Lobster Bisque as our starter and even though it tasted different from what we had expected as theirs was slightly spicy, the lobster was superb! Paired with second servings of their house bread, I was quite a happy woman even before my mains were served. :)

Nian went for their Beef Tenderloin this time. That's the thing between Nian and I, when I discover something nice from a particular restaurant, unless I go there often,  I will always, always eat the same dish whenever I go there.

For Nian, he will always be trying out other dishes - even though it may suck and we won't visit there until some two years later. When we visited in 2012, he ordered a Seafood Aglio Olio, which was not bad, but the Crabmeat Linguine was better.

This year, his Tenderloin was not bad, but the first plate served to him was too well-done, so we had to send it back. Thankfully, the second plate was closer to what we had ordered, so overall we still had a great experience.

The unadventurous me always stuck by my Crabmeat Linguine because I'm loyal like that LOL.

It's still as good as I first had it in 2010! Huge, fresh chunks of crabmeat with the perfectly al dente linguine.... oh my god. I'm hungry as I am typing.

Ended the wonderful dining experience with their signature Chocolate Lava Cake this time round and it was perfect too! I honestly think lava cakes can never go wrong, especially when they are paired with a scoop of decadent ice-cream. It always, always works!

Unless the chocolate lava didn't flow out.... unlike its name. Then it would really suck.

Dylan woke up just as we were footing our bill, so we promptly went back to our room, got him changed and headed to the infinity pool!

Did I mention that the staff upgraded us to a Junior Suite for free when she heard that we were celebrating our anniversary? It's the 2nd time we got upgraded in three stays so like I said, it is always nice to go back there whenever we can. :)

Me just standing guard beside our princess while the boys frolic around in the pool. I love the poolside. So quiet and nice, we can even see low-flying jumbo jets flying over our heads from time to time! You bet Dylan got overly excited over the sheer number of planes flying past.


Started the day slightly later today, but we had a great breakfast at the Saltwater Cafe and we took the opportunity to bring the kids around the place where we exchanged our vows. :)

I don't think Dylan understood the meaning of "getting married" though hahaha.

Took a Happy Family polaroid at "our place" before we headed out for a cycling session!

CVH offers guests an hour of complimentary cycling, just request a slip from the front desk and collect the bike at a nearby bike shop and you can go just about anywhere you like for the next hour! We decided to head to Changi Beach since it is the nearest destination to our hotel.

Afterwhich, it is another hectic session of packing up and shoving the kids into the cab and get back home.... completely exhausted LOL.

Nevertheless, we managed to spend good alone time together, intermittently, without our lightbulbs.

Us, when the two kids are sound asleep. We laid a mat in the room, grabbed our tidbits and spent two quiet hours watching a movie from our iPad.

At that moment, we belonged to the two of us and no one else. :)

Happy anniversary, and more meaningful years to come.

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