My most exciting week of Sept wtf

Saturday, September 20, 2014

This is probably the most exciting week of September for me, given that I stay at home most of the time LOL.

Started the week with bringing our little girl for her second dose of Hepatitis B immunization. The nurse there said that Alexis is growing well; she gained 1.5kg in a month, putting her at 3.8kg at the moment, which is quite an average weight among her peers.

Very thankful that even though she was rather small at birth, she managed to catch up quickly. :)

In fact, I think this is the amazing thing about newborns. They learn and grow so quickly, they are entirely different from who they were just one week later! Alexis is now attempting to hold her bottle when her father bottle-feeds her, tries to turn over... I only experienced this with Dy when he was about 3 to 4 months?

Kids born every year certainly differ a lot too.

Picked up our new car after the immunization LOL.

Just kidding, we won an opportunity to drive the Ferarri with SuperDrive a couple of months back. We never found time to head down to MBS until we finally gave birth and completed our confinement.

I was pretty stoked to sit in the Ferrari because this is probably the most expensive car I've ever sat in wtf. Nfian had the honour of bringing it out for a drive though!

His verdict was that it is not worth it to buy a supercar in singapore because as according to him, he meets with red lights as soon as he starts picking up, so his speed was just fluctuating between 0 to 120kph at maximum LOL.

I actually gave Nian a list of food I wanna eat after confinement, so he is taking the opp to bring me around to fulfill them as much as he can...

At MBS, we thought we can head to Au Chocolat for their truffle fries (yay craving fulfilled!!!), only to find out that they moved out since July -_-

Why liddattttt.

So we ended up at TCC for a simple, but rather delicious late lunch. It's really the company that counts..

We don't even remember when was the last time we can sit down, eat slowly and talk about nothing, since we are always fussing over either one child or another most of the time now.. So I really appreciate it!

Headed back home to pick the older boy from his toddler care and we decided to buy him a new bag!

We used to let him use the dirty brown Thomon Medical bag.. When we bought the Skip Hop diaper bag, we thought we would let him use that for school, but we eventually used it for family outings.

As you can see, he is looking positively pleased with his Mickey bag. Our boy likes Mickey!

And of course, the other highlight of my week is that I am finally back to host again, after a 2 months hiatus.

It was great to be back and not be broke anymore, definitely!!

Alright, it's me against the 2 kids today while Nian works. Gotta burn off Dy's extra energy at the playground now, then nap time, read some books and probably catch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before their daddy comes home.

I hope I get to nap too!!!

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