"How's life with two kids?"

Monday, September 15, 2014

The golden question of the month, ladies and gentlemen.

Well, life is definitely more hectic when both kids are at home lol. Dylan is in his Terrible Twos now, which kinda involves a lot of testing waters and deliberate misbehaviours which he never used to do.

For example, he has been playing with his saliva these days. -___- I don't even know where he learned that from! What I'm angry with is not just him playing with his saliva. I can clean him up, provided that he listens and doesn't do it again.

Thing is, the more I tell him not to do it, the more he will try to do it. He will keep doing it until I smack his hands, and then he will cry and stop.

I hate to make him cry. :(

Apart from playing with his saliva, he has also been trying to be a monkey.
Apart from climbing up his new pram, he also climbs the gate, up the table, up into Alexis' cot, which can be VERY SCARY because he may squash meimei if he falls, right!? So I spend all my time to make sure that he doesn't get anywhere close to Alexis without my supervision.

As for Alexis, she is growing well! She was a bit small at 2.3kg at birth and the doctors kept fussing that she has to be supplemented with milk formula blah blah blah but she gained 1.2kg in these 5 weeks, putting her at 3.5kg now. When I carry her in my arms, I've full of admiration for mothers who give birth to babies that are 3.5kg and above. How the hell do they push them out? She is so big now as compared to the scrawny her one month back 

Hello, little girl! <3 (Dylan stuck a sticker on her forehead while she was sleeping yesterday. I took this picture because I found it so hilarious! I also had a cupcake sticker on my cheek for the entire evening. Thanks, Dylan!)

It's always nice to have a newborn in the house... they have this special ability to brighten up anyone's day (sans the night feeds and changing diapers at 3am wtf). At 5 weeks now, she will cry to suckle and/or cuddle. I do cuddle her but I actually limit it because I don't want her to be always demanding to be carried.

Of course, there are different school of thoughts - some mothers think that children are not as manipulative as we think. They cry, they want a cuddle, we give them a cuddle, they feel safe and they grow up confident. Others think that the more you give in to the children, the more they will ask from you.

As for myself, I am not as extreme as both school of thoughts. If my kid cries for a cuddle, I will give them a cuddle, or whatever else they need, BUT I will not indulge them. For example, when Alexis cries, I will leave her be for a couple of minutes to let her try to soothe herself. When she can't, and her crying gets louder, I will pick her up and console her. After she is calmed down for a while, I will put her down and get back to whatever I was doing.

It worked well for Dylan, so I hope it works for Alexis. I love my children but I really don't want to produce sticky kids who always want me to carry cuz I won't be able to do other things (or care for other children) otherwise!

Apart from having an extra child to take care of and getting used (all over again) to the intermittent sleep I get every single night, life has pretty much returned to normal.. even more so from this week onwards.

Nian is back to work full-force (he was clearing his leave most of the days last month to help me with confinement), I'm back to preparing breakfasts and sending Dylan to school (goodbye, sleep in mornings), going to the market to buy groceries & preparing dinner, washing and cleaning up etc.

I'm secretly thankful that I am still young & hence having more energy because sometimes... I really don't know how I did it. (Especially waking up every 2 to 3 hours for the past month, and it will continue for the next year. #WelcomeToMotherhoodAgain)


We headed to Ikea to buy this a mesh rack that I've been wanting to get.

I don't know how others usually do, but my laundry routine will be:

Wash clothes > send to dryer > collect from dryer > dump on the guest bed > fold the clothes > leave the folded clothes on the guest bed because it is more convenient to leave it out, like Nian's uniforms, where he needs it in the morning. Dylan sleeps in front of the wardrobe, so he won't be able to get his clothes when he is asleep.

As such, our guest bed is always filled with laundry wtf. And it looks so bloody messy it annoys the OCD-monster in me.

With this new rack, we can then put them away without piling it on the bed. It is also easier when we need to change the bedsheets!

Apart from that, I've also:

  • decluttered our wardrobe, clearing out old and unwanted clothes to donate/sell/swap. Also re-folded at least 100 pieces of t-shirts/shorts. #achievementunlocked
  • decluttered the kitchen - recycled a huge bag of glassware & plastic items, threw away expired items and rearranged my drawers

I feel like the Housewife-God has possessed me, given that I don't even do a single bit of housework before I got married and staying on our own. :x

So in conclusion, how's life like with two kids?

I feel powerful. 

Although sometimes I wish I have an extra pair of hands growing on me, especially when I need to prepare Dylan's milk with Alexis in my arms, or carry Dylan down from his high chair while breastfeeding Alexis, bringing the two of them out to run errands alone..

But still, I wouldn't trade this for anything else. Not that seat in the office.

Do you know that Zalora carries SK-II too? I didn't know until now and I am really thrilled about it! I  used to head down to the counters itself to buy my SK-II stash and now with two kids in tow, I really dread making trips down to town, squeezing in the train with a twin pram and all.

Shopping for SK-II at Zalora is so much more convenient and fuss-free. It carries most of SK-II's best-sellers and most importantly, it ships all the way to my doorstep! No need to pack my diaper bags and lug the children in tow whenever I need to stock up my skincare!

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