Goodbye confinement!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Well technically yesterday was the end of my confinement, if we play cheat a bit and follow the 28-days "programme", but because I am a little kiasu, I'm doing a 30-days confinement, which means I can get out of the house to have fun tomorrow!

Confinement, however, will only officially end at the 40-day mark. It kinda means that while I can go out and havoc, I have to stick to a diet where I cannot drink cold drinks, eat cooling or 'poisonous' food.

That means no bubble tea, no sotong, no prawns, no ice-cold coke in this bloody hot weather, no pineapples, no oranges, definitely no coconuts, no coconut milk, no curry because it has coconut milk, no kaya because it is made of coconuts, no sambal stingray, no rojak because the black sauce is some prawn sauce & prawns are considered 'poisonous'...

I can go on and probably name 100 items that I can drool over, but cannot eat.

We Chinese have the most rules when it comes to childbirth and confinement, I tell u. 😒😒 But I still follow anyway because I don't want to bear the wrath of my ignorance & stubbornness. 😕

By the way, Alexis has been wanting to suckle so much! For the past 2 days, she has been crying for milk like she has been starving for dayssss but after two consecutive feeds, she will puke the milk out because it is really too overwhelming for her tiny tummy. Yesterday, milk even came out from her nose wtf. I was really worried she might choke or something. Thank goodness she didn't.

After every feed, u can actually see her tummy super round, while she will have a super satisfied expression on her face. 😌😌

Long story short, to satisfy her suckling desires while not overloading her with milk, I've introduced the pacifier to her yesterday.

Okayyyy don't look at me like I'm the worst mother in the world. I know parents pride themselves when their kids don't take pacifiers & parents who allow their children to, are considered useless.

Whatever lah okay. I can attach my boobs to her mouth the entire day, no problem, but seeing her puking out the milk makes my heart wrench.

You know how terrible it feels to puke? I know, because I've been puking for the past 10 months so trust me when I tell u that it feels like shit, and I don't want my daughter to be puking on a daily basis.

She isn't reliant on the pacifier at all though, sometimes she takes it, sometimes she spits it out. Kinda like telling me, "Mom, u think I don't know the difference? What is this rubber nonsense!?"

Hai, time is indeed flying. I was looking at Dylan last night while he was sound asleep, & I thought we had gone such a long way with him. He was such a tiny little dumpling 2 years ago and now, he can make up silly little songs out of nowhere.

The most rewarding thing about having children is probably watching them grow and bloom.

Grow well, my kids. Grow healthy and strong and happy. That is all I ask for. :)

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