Thirty-freakin-six weeks!

Friday, August 01, 2014

It's August and that means the countdown has officially begun!

Morning sickness is still on, nothing surprising about that. My weight gain has been fluctuating between 3 to 4kg, with Alexis taking more than half of this weight at 2.5kg. Dylan was only 2.7kg at 39 weeks when I gave birth to him so at this rate Alexis is growing, she will hit 3kg easily in the next 3 weeks! For this last trimester, I've experienced so much Braxton Hicks I am actually worried.

Initially, I didn't know that the hardening of the tummy is known as Braxton Hicks, I thought it had to come with pain, so I conveniently assumed it to be an "expansion" of my tummy, which it certainly feels so. Budden my friends told me that THAT hardening is Braxton Hicks and I should take note of it because it may be a sign of pre-labour (omg!).

Truthfully, I really cannot wait for the weeks to pass so that I can deliver Alexis. These weeks have been painfully heavy for me and my tired level is all time high. In fact, I can be so tired that my whole body buzzes.. like I'm losing my senses and I MUST sleep, or else I may just fall asleep sitting/standing.

Sitting is difficult for me now because it presses on my diaphragm, making me breathless. My ribs are also hurting from the on and off BH. Standing, don't even need to say. I get pins and needles from standing too long and if I have to walk, oh good lord. It takes me 30 minutes to walk 1.2km.

I try to keep up with my "exercise" schedule, if you count walking 2.4km daily as exercises lol, but since two weeks ago, I've officially cut it to 1.2km every alternate days. Even that, kills me.

My mood wise though, has been pretty positive. I feel happy and contented, even though physically I really feel like shit. I guess this is how hormones make you feel funny lol.


For the past few months, Nian and I have been busy preparing for the arrival of little Alexis, from setting up a playroom to getting Dylan to get used to sleeping on a mattress and buying all sorts of things we think we may need.

Thankfully, we have had quite a bit of hand-me-downs for Alexis, so we didn't need to worry a lot about clothes, bottles and such. In fact, here are the only pieces of clothings we bought for the little girl:

HOWEVER, that being said, we spent quite a bit on other stuff, such as...

1. Infant car seat canopy + new nursing cover

Ok, granted that we actually got this for free and paid only for shipping from US, it still costs us $30 in all.

2. Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag

This costs us about SGD$67 and I had to trouble my cousin to bring it back for me from the States because Amazon doesn't ship this to Singapore and the ones I see in SG sells for about $100 +/-. Finally something that is big enough for two kids and I like it that I can attach it to our pram! No more using Thomson Medical's free diaper bag, it has since been used to death LOL.

3. City Select Double Pram

We got this at a deal from Omigo because Nian has Citibank credit card and while it is already retailing at a more affordable $900+ (original price we last checked was $1099 for single + $380 for the extra seat + adapter), we got a further 14% discount and only paid $800 for a brand new set.

I was telling Nian that I'm not quite sure if we will actually need a double stroller, since our existing one is still functioning. I was actually thinking of putting Dylan in the seat while I carry Alexis with the carrier but I think the Best Husband In The World is considering the fact that I may have to bring the two kids out alone and it will definitely be easier for me to push both than to carry one and push the other. :)

Topped up another $54 to get a belly bar and a child tray as well from Amazon and got my cuzzie to bring it back for us. Third biggest item we've spent! (First one being confinement meals and second being the playroom)

4. Mother Garden Deluxe Kitchen Set

Actually, this is not a clear cut let's-buy-for-Alexis because Dylan's birthday is coming as well and upon seriously weighing the possibilities of having Dylan riding around on his bike versus playing with the kitchen set, we thought he will utilize the kitchen set more.

Oh, we were actually toying with the idea of buying him a FirstBike, but dropped it subsequently because we figured that we will be overwhelmed with Alexis and without our own transport, it will be quite troublesome to take the public transport with a pram + bicycle in tow. And that means the bike will be under utilized.

We could have bought him something more.... unisex. Less pastel, more green and yellow.. In fact, Mother Garden has a Safari set that will fit Dylan perfectly but then we thought it may be too boyish for Alexis. Long story short, we can't find anything in between and we really wanted to get them a MG because it is really good quality and beautiful workmanship! So.. this is the best and we make do lah. Most importantly, we truly believe that the two kids will enjoy playing together! We spent $230 on the set, also topped up $40 for a cashier for them hehehe.

5. Thermos Flasks

Bought these Thermos bottles from a couple of weeks ago at $36 each. is actually a multi store (currently they have two stores - Agape Babies and Sunshine Kids at the moment, but they are looking at expansion in the meantime) that carries a huuuuge range of baby products.

Range of brands work with

Some of the products you can find are the usual bath essentials (bath mats, bubble baths, essential oils etc), feeding essentials (milk powder, baby wipes, jams, cereals etc), diaper care (diaper cream, range of diapers, potty, reusable nappies etc), gears and carriers, books, toys, diaper bags, skincare products for mothers etc. They are very extensive and if you are a fan of California Babies, you will also be thrilled because that is the very brand they specialize in.

I also appreciate the packing and the delivery of the Thermos - it was couriered to me immediately the next day, all nicely packed and wrapped up. You get to enjoy free courier delivery with every $80 spent and a Disney stationery set with every $120 spent.

All in all, the shopping experience at is really fuss-free and I got my payment and all done within 5 minutes? It's definitely a fresh breather after dealing with orders from Amazon. Seriously. If you want to try shopping on, you can use this discount code - HELLOMRSTAN - to get 5% off from now until the end of August. The discount is not applicable to milk powder, diapers and milk pumps.

6. Wet Bags

Bought a couple of these wet bags to go with my new diaper bag because I've been using Ziplocs for the past two years and I think they spoil too easily. Besides, these wet bags look so pretty and quite stylish (as compared to those Ziploc) so I think it is a good purchase.

Spent $12 each on it and paid $3.50 for postage. I think the postage is a bit expensive, no?


Maternity Bag

I've also finally finished packing my maternity bag! This time, my bag is significantly smaller than the first time we went to deliver Dylan, hehe. Mummy here has grown more experienced and probably more fashionable. My maternity bag is from Hereandtherestore I Set Airport Fashion Trends Bag simply because it is very roomy and quite fashionable... even though I'm quite sure I'll be admitting into the hospital without a hint of make-up LOL.

Last time, I used a really huge backpack and I packed everything unnecessary and conveniently forgot about my breastpads omg. :O Anyway, if that happens to you, you can actually request for (loads of) wire gauze from the nurses to "hang in there". Thomson Medical Center actually charges you for breast pads so I guess you're better off buying/begging from other new mothers.

Here's a flat lay of my maternity bag at the moment:

When the time comes, I'll have to throw in the last minute stuff like...
- handphone charger
- my spectacles
- handphone & wallet (IC especially!)

Did I miss out anything? I hope not!

I previously even brought books but even though I had a bloody long labour, the pain puts me in a difficult situation to read so this time, I'm not gonna bother. Besides, I'm secretly hoping that I can deliver Alexis quickly and naturally in about 4 hours. Hehehe.


Confinement meals

Previously when I gave birth to Dylan, we engaged a confinement nanny to help out. She charged us at about $2500 for a month but eventually, she got injured and she left just second week into my confinement. During the remaining three weeks, my mother-in-law and mother came by to cook for me while I did other chores such as washing and bathing Dylan myself and I thought it was rather manageable.

So this time, we decided to go without a nanny, partially also because we thought it is not worth paying so much for help when all she really did was to cook, wash and bathe the baby. I know, I sound very judgmental here but Nian will be clearing his leaves as well to help out, so I believe with our powers combined..... *cues Captain Planet song*

I surfed around forums and all, hoping to find a good confinement tingkat service but none of them really stood out. When there are a couple of good reviews on them for good portion size and variety of food, another two will pop up saying that some of their dishes turned bad before dinner. :O

Thankfully, many of my friends are very nice and recommended me Natal Essentials. It is not cheap though, it costs $1700 for a month's worth of food, including lunch and dinner but I heard that they have huge serving portions and they use threadfin fish, which is the best quality fish you can find! They also have servings of Longan Red Date tea so it will save me the hassle of cooking it myself.

I shall do up a review on this after my confinement! Please remind me hahaha thank you. :p


Post-natal Massage

Personally, I feel that post-natal massage is very important because it not only gives me a quiet moment to myself while I rest and relax and the experienced auntie kneads my 10-months worth of pain away, it is also one of the contributing factors that I kind of got back my pre-pregnancy figure.

Granted that I'm not exceptionally skinny before pregnancy, you will be surprised that I gained 7kg while expecting Dylan and with a combination of breastfeeding + massage, I actually lost 9kg after birth, by the 2nd month. I don't sport a baby belly by the second week of birth cuz the auntie really "pushed" all the wind, water and blood out, I feel.

Nian says at the rate I'm going, I may go below 50kg by our fourth kid hehehe. I certainly hope so!

There are people who would call me fat pre-pregnancy so can you imagine the more kids I give birth to, the slimmer I become...? That will so be stuffing their words in their faces, especially when the opposite (which is a more normal situation) happening to them.

But of course, this is just my usual fat dreams hahahaha. :p

So with that, I was quite surprised that I actually didn't write much about my postnatal massage back then, but nevertheless, I'm just gonna recap whatever I remember. We took up a 7-days package from Baby Bellies. I don't remember how much is it already, only remembered it is between $400 - $500 but the results were pretty good.

This time, I'm hoping to secure a masseur that is both affordable and good. I won't say "cheap", because massaging, especially post natal massages is a skill and I wouldn't want someone "cheap" to work on me. My good friend recommended a lady called Cik Sabariah, whom sounded pretty nice over the phone, so I've decided to place my booking with her.

She charges $30/hour, with a minimum of 2 hours per session. Since I took a 7-day package previously (which actually translated to 7 hours only lol), I booked her for 3 days straight for a total of 6 hours.

I may consider adding one more day if needed.

I'll share more on Cik Sabariah after my sessions with her, my good friend says that she is very good, except that she is very strong so every time she has a session with her she feels like crying lol.


I still have a couple of outstanding things to do before the actual day comes. (Like going for a Brazilian wax!) Funny how this is my second pregnancy but it somehow still feels like the first one because there are so many things I no longer remember much!

To be honest, I was just thinking about breastfeeding Alexis a couple of days ago and I felt a pang of worry. Dylan stopped breastfeeding when he hit 13 months so I haven't been latching on for the past year. I'm kinda worried I don't know how to breastfeed anymore wtf.

We will also need to take out the baby bathtub, fill the tub with warm water and then gently bathe the baby. This is something I haven't done since Dylan turned 6 months old? Ever since he could sit, I'd make him sit in his bath tub and bathe him with a shower head lol so this bathing-a-newborn thingy is making me a bit nervous.

It feels like... starting all over again, this time with a slightly higher difficulty because apart from taking care of Alexis, we still have Dylan to consider. I'm also honestly worried that we may neglect him while we try to catch up with the hustle and bustle of having a new baby. I know that Dylan loves his meimei as much as we do, and being a very generous boy, I believe he will help us to take care of the little girl but you know, he's still a young boy afterall. I really don't want him to feel lonely.

Looks like it's time for mummy and daddy to power up!

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  1. Hi Jac,

    Wasn't sure if my previous comments went through.. heh. How was your post natal massage with Cik Sabariah? Im currently looking for a post natal massage lady and any info or recommendations will be greatly appreciated! :)


    1. Hey Hazel! Congratulations on your new baby! Cik Sabariah is ok, her massage skills are good and strong, but one thing I cannot tahan is that she talks a leeeeetle bit too much. So I ended up talking to her through my entire two hours instead of catching up on my rest. Oops.

      But other than that, she is very accommodating. She doesn't cheat on the timing and if baby needs to latch within the two hours, she will let you latch lying down, and then she massages other parts of your body. I really like her for that! If you need Cik Sabariah's number, drop me an email, I can pass it to you. :D


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